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KiraKnightfall chapter 1 . 1/15/2013
Euticas chapter 1 . 10/29/2012
I like where you're going with it, it just has a few grammatical errors, other then that keep going.
Chargone chapter 2 . 1/3/2012
It occurs to me, though it's been a long time since i played the game, so i may be wrong, that rather than 'the Samurai' being listed with Wei, Wu, and Shu, it would be more correct to speak of 'the Oda'. at least, if they're still under Nobunaga. the Samurai weren't really a cohesive force in the games, some of them joining up with Wei, some Wu, some Shu, and some Orochi, while Nobunaga picked up a number of Wei, Wu, Shu, and otherwise-aligned dynasty warriors characters (some of whom, admittedly, i believe returned to their original factions in between games.)
Chargone chapter 1 . 1/3/2012
those 'brush like things' are called tassels, btw.

also... we really didn't need that much detail regarding his Clothing. i've never understood why so many authors will have a description of a character's cloths as the single largest paragraph in the entire fic when there is absolutely nothing plot relevant about them. far more useful would be the impression it gives to the view point character. does he look like a noble? a bandit? outlandish? normal? we only really need the most noticeable and distinctive features which distinguish him from everyone else. (especially if you're reduced to such lines as "Kind of like the ones you see hanging off some furniture or the rope on the side of flags." in your attempt to describe them.)

i mean, if he's a half way normal person, he's going to change his clothes from time to time, no? and it's not like he's going to suffer from the issue game and cartoon characters have of 'it uses massively less resources to only have one character model, and thus one set of cloths, plus or minus pallet swaps'.

basically, the majority of the paragraph on the clothing was a large quantity of detail that didn't add anything meaningful to the story. (that said, it Should have been sitting around in your notes for reference and consistency's sake, and so it was available if someone wanted to draw him... it's a decent description.)

now, the above makes this look like a major disaster. it's not. it's a minor annoyance. it's just that a minor annoyance multiplied by a thousand authors and bad fanfics becomes something of a pet hate and rant :)

(the number of bad fics which start with a character, often an OC, spending five paragraphs Getting Dressed, going into Epic Detail about their cloths for the day and then Never Mentioning Them Again (or worse, very little happens before you get to 'the next day', at which point the author either makes you suffer through that Again, or they just proceed to Ignore them from then on...) is... ... insane.)

that aside, not a whole heck of a lot happens here yet, so meaningful reviews about my opinion of the fic will probably only appear once i get done reading it :)
ReinaBlaka chapter 29 . 12/2/2011
Oh, my...such a fitting ending to an epic story!

Pànduàn finally gets to reunite with his family for the first time in sixteen years, even if it is only for a brief moment. That scene was just so emotional and special! *sniff* But it seems that Kirshun's essence isn't entirely destroyed, and he'll be coming back. But Pànduàn is ready to kick his ass for the third time, and now that he is a Master, I'd say it will be a lot more easier!

Himiko finally gets to prove to Pànduàn her love for him, and they share the ultimate kiss-not a prank kiss caused by silly Sun Ce, but a real, passionate one! How romantic!

And now our hero and heroine are deciding to go out into the world, to be with each other forever. That part where Sun Shang Xiang reminds her husband that he's asked Pànduàn if he was going to leave six times was really funny, though I think that is part of Liu Bei's nature. He always gets kinda emotional when someone great leaves him~

Anyways, congratulations, Teddy, congratulations! After all these months, you've finally made it to the end! Congratulations to you! :D

I'll be looking forward to sequels~ especially the Shinobi of Fire, the crossover with Naruto!
The3Ryans chapter 29 . 12/1/2011
Aww a great ending! I can't wait for a sequal!
The3ryans too lazy to log in chapter 27 . 11/27/2011
Naze Feir chapter 27 . 11/26/2011
Why do I keep missing the epicness? I've got to work on time management so that I can keep up with this, but I guess life is more important, huh?

Anyway, good update! I can't wait to see the finale!
ReinaBlaka chapter 26 . 11/18/2011

H-H-Himiko...I-Is she...dead...?

*freaks out*

OMG, NOOOOOO! No, Himiko! Y-You can't die! You can't! Pànduàn needs you! It can't end this way! NOOOOO!


No, Himiko...just no...please... *sniff*

...Ok, skipping my initial grief...*sniff*...This. Chapter. Is. EPIC! I can't believe Kirshun would be that evil! *sniff* setting an Ikiryo on Pànduàn and beating everyone up...*sniff*...not to say killing Himiko like that! *sobs* Oh,, Teddy, this can't end as a*sniff* looks like all the rage and shock Pànduàn had experienced in his entire life-losing his family, seeing the land suffer, seeing his lover executed before his eyes-has been concentrated and released upon Himiko's (alleged) death! He's become a REAL Master! Something's snapped inside of him, and now he is going to take revenge for everything Kirshun has done-killing his family, destroying his home, taking away his soulmate-EVERYTHING! That ****ing monster doesn't stand a chance now! Go, Pànduàn, go! Send that d*** Kirshun to the Ninth Ring of Hell! Make sure he NEVER comes back!

Ok, sorry for my rage...*starts snivelling again*...I can only hope everything ends good with redemption...*sniff*...No, Himiko...*sniff*...please, don't die...*sniff*...I don't want Pànduàn to spend the rest of his life without someone to love...*sniff*...Please...listen to me...Noooo...


The3Ryans chapter 25 . 11/10/2011
Figh fight fight!

Updates asap! And I hope there's a admitting of feelings between Panduan and Himiko.
ReinaBlaka chapter 25 . 11/9/2011
So the final battle has started...and I am barely at the start of my own! God, I can't believe the power Pànduàn had in that flashback...if he had that much energy...I'm sure he can destroy Kirshun now, once and for all!

I can't wait for the final chapter. God, I really do have to catch up now! Really!

Keep it up, Teddy!

ReinaBlaka chapter 24 . 11/7/2011
OMG, I hate myself so much for being so inactive as of late and missing TWO WHOLE CHAPTERS of your awesome story, Teddy. I am so sorry...looking at the epicness of your story only reminds me of how much far I've fallen behind. :( I do hope you forgive me for that.

Anyways, skipping my lament, I find this chapter to be just as intriguing as all the others! Our heroes are chasing Kirshun's escape path north. They come into a mysterious and beautiful cave(I secretly wish I could go there), and then emerge into the ashen ruins of a once-magnificent city. Everybody becomes stricken with sadness at all the destruction, but then Pànduàn seems to recognize this place and he is much more sorrowful than all the others. He then confirms that this was the ruins of his home: Cūnzhǔ.

I really love how you managed to make the cheerful feeling of Liu Bei and Pànduàn's chat at the beginning of the chapter melt into the wonder in the cave, and then into the sadness in the ruins of Cūnzhǔ. Before you confirmed it, I had been wondering about the place our heroes have gotten into myself. And, based on what it looks like, it must've been one hell of a city. Truly a fitting place for a final showdown!

I can't believe that WO: DoJ is reaching its end so quickly. And I am barely done with the start of my own story! *punches myself* anyways, regarding the previous chapter, it was one hell of an epic battle. Thanks to Zhuge Liang's plto to take the enemy camp and the bravery of all our heroic warriors, the Odigan Army is almost eradicated from existance! Yay! Also, Liu Bei and SSX rescuing Himiko was a favorite scene of mine. Now Liu has finally and truly repaid the debt he owes Pànduàn for saving his life. I am looking forward intently on the final chapter, and I hope I catch up with my own stories soon!

The3Ryans chapter 24 . 11/6/2011
A fitting place for a final showdown! The story is nearing it's end :(

But there's gonna be sequals! :D

Update soon!
Naze Feir chapter 23 . 10/30/2011
Wow I've been off for awhile. I missed the entire Nagasaki battle. Good job and boy that is one long chapter. Well, longer than your norm that is. Keep up the good work!
ReinaBlaka chapter 22 . 10/29/2011
Yet more excitement, suspense and epicness! I can't believe the integrity of the story at this point~

The Berserkers seem to be warriors controlled by Kirshun's power, driven only for the intent to wonder Shingen almost got scared to death by them. Now these are interesting additions to the Odigan forces...kind of like zombies, right? :D

Also, the Shu forces have finally arrived, and Tou Yang has finally gotten out of sight. Here comes another favorite quote of mine: Liu Bei's description of Kirshun! "Kirshun has the mind of Da Ji, the power of Orochi, and the cruelty of Kiyomori. He shouldn't be underestimated." That summarizes that Souless monster in one shot! Truly one of the most epic of quotes in this story!

Meanwhile, the mighty Wu fleet is sailing the seas towards Nagasaki. Pànduàn reveals to Sun Jian that Kirshun had once been a friend to his father. I was really surprised by this, really. But then there's the deadly sin of pride, and he decides to betray the Pànduàn family. I guess that explains him, and I wonder if Pànduàn will bring that up during his upcoming fight with Kirshun!

And you have left us with another cliffhanger, Teddy! Himiko is seperated from her friends and now Kirshun is cornering her! Will she survive? Will Pànduàn come out of nowhere again to save her? I can't wait to see what happens next!

Keep up with the epicness, Teddy!
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