Reviews for Harry amidst the Vaults of Stone
ClaMiAl chapter 28 . 3/21
Cool story! It was really interesting to get an insight into how goblins live and think and what their culture is like. And especially, to see that culture come into contact with the wizarding culture now that Harry is at Hogwarts. I look forward to reading more.
IloveHeat chapter 28 . 3/13
Depressed you quit. And on this chapter. Really wanted to see the revenge on Draco. Sigh. Thank you though for sharing a great story however unfinished.
IloveHeat chapter 18 . 3/13
These kids are perfect! I love this story!
Loony-bin Escapee chapter 2 . 2/21
I am so sorry.
"Hey you gonna go to that Shindig tonight?"
"Nah. I got some Sirius business to take care of."
"Aw, that's Badluk. What kinda business?"
"The Harry kind. Wife needs her back waxed. I'm thinking about giving it a Buzkut instead."
"At least you don't have to deal with that Bidpruk of a brother-in-law."
"That's only because he's in the hospital with a case of Bladlungs."
But in all siriusness this is a great fic. I love your execution of a fairly popular but poorly plotted idea. This is probably one of the best "Harry was raised by goblins fic" I've read. The details you create make it much more interesting to read. I realize this review might be a little outdated with 26 more chapters after this, but the puns couldn't wait. For that you have my deapest condolences.
Guest chapter 28 . 2/8
This story could have been great, but it is sadly incomplete. I am sad now.
GodricGeoffreyGryffindor chapter 14 . 1/30
The title of the Wizengamot leader is Chief Warlock, not Head Warlock.
GodricGeoffreyGryffindor chapter 2 . 1/29
Brotherhood of Goblins is certainly not canon. It's never mentioned in the books, and that's what's canon. JKR remarks made in Daily Prophet Newsletters are not canon. And besides, the BoG that's mentioned is an advocacy group little better than a mob, not any official group representative of the entire goblin nation.
GodricGeoffreyGryffindor chapter 1 . 1/29
Discrete and discreet are two different words. You need to be discreet to hold a secret. Something is discrete when it is easily separable from everything else. You get it wrong with Albus Dumbledore but right with Badluk. Go figure.

Remus Lupin's wand can't be oak with a spun quartz core because Ollivander doesn't use inert substances as cores, and spinning crystalline substances is not a technology available to 20th century British wizarding culture.

Lily should have had friends and former Gryffindor roommates as well, and they should have been prospective guardians listed in the will. But of course they were likely to be killed in the war as well. More importantly, Petunia's name should not be listed in the will since neither Lily nor James would have wanted her to ever be considered. On the contrary, the will should explicitly state that she is not a suitable guardian.
kaisonsheart chapter 15 . 1/1
O.O holy carp.
anger at physics defying magiks, a superiorly spooky break in, a whisper of mer, to be swept away and all together in a vague sense of both urgency and anxiety. Man I wish I could read this as you came up with it. But that would spoil the surprise. Good work :)
Andrius chapter 28 . 12/2/2015
This story got really good once it reached Hogwarts. Your characterization of Harry is excellent, I love his odd little mannerisms and such.
Guest chapter 27 . 10/28/2015
Even unfinished this is worth reading it is very well written

Story rec
Harry Crow By: robst story id: 8186071 What will happen when a goblin-raised Harry arrives at Hogwarts.

You got there first well done (goblins raised Harry) and it is a great pity that it now look like the story that you written will not be finished I do hope you update one day in the future becuse letting this become a lost fan-fiction would be a shame for it has the potential to grow into an out-stand story.

Best wish and thank you for what you have written and with Favs: 3,295 - Follows: 4,001 I am not the only person who would like an update one day
neveryears chapter 18 . 9/22/2015
Why would Harry conclude Quidditch is only played by burly men? Moreover, why is he suddenly intent on attacking Ron with sly implications of homosexuality? This chapter is so baffling in many ways (let's not mention the OCs) after such a wonderful start to this story. But the amount of tripe being shoveled in this chapter really kicked me out of my immersion.

Thanks for writing. And thanks for sharing.
EmptyTranscendant chapter 27 . 9/13/2015
Just read this. So far a great story. It's a shame you stopped writing, would love to read more.
nightwing27 chapter 2 . 8/3/2015
it look like this story is part of the 2011 cruse almost every single story from year that started was never finish and quit on
Lohoydo chapter 28 . 7/16/2015
much as Id like to see this continue, I get the feeling it won't. the idea of Harry raised by trolls is one I've not seen before so Id also enjoy seeing it continue.
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