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leann15 chapter 1 . 3/30/2011
Words cannot express how much this story punched me in the soul, heart, mind, and right in the stomach.

My grandfather was in the Coastguard. Served for a faithful 20 something years. He didn't die in the war, thank goodness. I lost him when I was 8. He was one of the closest people to my heart. To this day, I cannot go through the milatary song "Taps" without bawling my eyes out.

So, naturally, this story made me bawl my eyes out. The way you told it through James' point-of-view, made the story that much wonderful. I especially loved the way you write. So amazing.

Logan getting to say the last goodbye, WOW. This brung out even more tears.

This was an amazing story from beginning to end. I loved the message that this story sent.

Thank you to the men and women who selflessy served or serves or country.

Peace And Love,


reg chapter 1 . 3/28/2011
Oh my goodness. I absolutely loved this story. I feel like you were able to capture all of the boy's individual qualities that we the fans have come to know and love.

The way that you captured the emotion in this story was breath taking, quite literally...I cried for most of this story. It was beautifully written and I'm just in awe.
Fish Stick Friday chapter 1 . 3/22/2011 yeah...I don't know what the heck just happened. just decided to randomly submit my totally unfinished review, so now I have to finish reviewing while reviewing anonymously.

Aww! I really like how James wants to have a purpose too. He wants to do something worthwhile. Something that matters.

That's not true. So long as you leave a musical footprint, you will always be remembered in the music industry even if you no longer have a career in it.

Wow! Kendall was the one to give in first. I would've bet on either Logan or Carlos.

Haha, when you said that James couldn't even get drunk legally, I thought of Logan. He's probably like the alcohol police. Well, him and Carlos both. Logan would be like "This is a bad idea, James." Whereas Carlos would be like, "You're not old enough to drink! That's against the law!" :)

I liked how James asked Kendall to take care of Logan and Carlos, the "babies" of the group.

I LOVED the Cargan hug! OMG!

Logan's going to be last to say goodbye to James. Why do I have a feeling his goodbye will be the saddest?

Hey! Once Carlos mentioned it, I realized that James joining the army is selfless. Which is ironic because the reason people who don't like James don't like James is probably because he can come off as selfish.

Aww! I liked how Logan nearly knocked James over.

Nice way of sort of using the puzzle analogy again to describe their friendship, except you know, not using the puzzle analogy. Well, it's still like the puzzle analogy, just a variation on it. Lol.

I like how even though James told them to let him talk, Logan keeps interrupting him with comments. :)

Aww! Logan called James "Jay."

I liked how Kendall stood in between Carlos and Logan wrapping one arm around each of them.

Haha. I love how James was all, "You can send it yourself."

"...but I know it's too late for me." No, James! Don't say that! Don't even think that! You can't die!

James wasn't hallucinating! That's really Logan! *squee* Does "squee" even HAVE two "e"s? Lol.

That's so sad how James was all, "Everybody dies, Logan."

Oh. . You killed James? How could you? He's your favorite! I thought Logan was going to save him!

They're three again? I thought you hated the number three?

What really got me was when you mentioned James' favorite movie, Miracle. yeah this was really sad. Like REALLY sad. But SO good! Like AMAZINGLY good!
Fish Stick Friday chapter 1 . 3/22/2011
I liked how Logan was all, "You can tell us, James." Then, Carlos is all, "Just...tell us."

That was so cute how you said that Logan's voice rose in pitch like it does when he's scared "or something." Lol.

Oh! So that is James' secret! My brother used to be in the army reserves. My niece's husband has been on tours to Iraq. My sister's boyfriend used to be in the Army too.

Logan's already a seriously pale guy. How can he get any paler?

I liked how you had James make a big deal about Kendall being at a loss for words.

See? I have a tremendous amount of respect for all of the men and women in the armed forces. Having said that, I could never do that myself. I wouldn't survive basic training. I mean maybe if I had an athletic build, which I don't, then maybe.
burning brighter than the sun chapter 1 . 3/13/2011
This is the only time a fanfiction, book, or movie has ever made me cry.
Scattered Dreams 2015 chapter 1 . 3/12/2011
Dude I'm in tears. This made me cry and feel such emotion. You are a AWESOME writer. I liked that. It was... Nice.


- You Could Be My Hero
fall into your sunlight chapter 1 . 3/5/2011
wow... this was really incredible. im at a loss for words right now. fantastic job :)
greenandred124 chapter 1 . 2/28/2011
Like always, I found myself bawling. You. Amaze. Me. x3

Fang lover23 chapter 1 . 2/27/2011
I bawled my eyes out! That was SOOOOO sad! DX

But when Logan was the one taking care if James, that made me cry even harder because he joined the military for him! Jagan angst/fluff/friendship never ceases to tear at my heart. Especially when you write it. In a good way. :)

Other than that, it was beautiful, as always. The song is sad as well, but was perfect for this. :')
JustBecauseImAwesome chapter 1 . 2/26/2011
You did it justice. Trust me. I've never known you to be one to write from James's POV, but you did, and totally freaking KILLED IT. Literally. You killed James. *cue psychic iTunes right when I type that* Anyway, there were lots of things not totally explained, but I liked it in spite of this. The fact that its a bit farther into the future than most everything you right, means it feels different to me, but in a good way. Not much else to say.
valentine142 chapter 1 . 2/26/2011

There are no words to describe this.

I need some soup.

And some tissues.

And some sleep, but that's beside the point.

It does not help that I am listening to my lovely new BTR album and Oh Yeah just came on. Which just made me cry all the more.

This is was so beautiful that it hurt, and when James died in Logan's arms a little part of me died inside with him.

Right- I really need some soup now.

In fact, I'm going to go find some soup and then sit in my weeping corner and cry for a week.
Falling to Fly chapter 1 . 2/24/2011
Um... I honestly don't know what to say for what feels like the millionth time. You probably hate me for all the lame reviews I've been leaving lately, but it's like... The angst. It's just leaving me speechless. So I'll try to leave a decent review because this deserves it more than anything. But I make no promises.

So. James joined the army. I feel so torn because I'm proud of him for wanting to serve his country, but I don't want him to leave his friends and risk... dying.

Yes I cried. Of course I did. My chest was just kind of aching in the beginning because I've been listening to Say Goodbye nonstop since yesterday and I thought I was prepared. But I wasn't. I think the first tear fell when Kendall asked why he had to take care of the others. And then James left and my heart just split.

James and his selflessness. I hope Mark survives and lives to tell everyone he ever meets what an amazing person James was. Because it was so... I can't even think of a word to fully describe it. It just proves that right up until he died, James was always there to help people.

Logan. I started crying really hard there because Logan was there and James didn't have to die alone and god. I lost it. Heart shattered.

I'm happy that at least the others are sort of okay and that they're sad but dealing and they have each other.

I'm really sorry for this review. It probably sounds depressing, right? I just... the angst. But it was fantastic and once again you stun me with your writing. I LOVE YOU!
abbyli chapter 1 . 2/24/2011
Just a little confused. How was Logan able to be with James when he died?
xBleepblapbloopx chapter 1 . 2/24/2011
I know everyone is saying i, but you had me tears, I'm serious my Mam came in and asked if i was ok it was that bad.

I must said this in all my reviews but your talent is just...amzing.
purplerocks13 chapter 1 . 2/24/2011
omg miss fenway! every review said they were in tears! and now im adding mine to the list! you have true skill to make every one of your readers break down into sobs! AND IM ONE OF THEM! i love this story so so much! i follow your other stories as well such as september,head on collision, and how to save a life because i love them so much too! im pretty sure im following 11 fics on big time rush and i think im starting to get plots for other stories jumbled up... lol oh well *wipes tear-stained face* goodness you have such a great talent as ive told one man writing games... did one man writing games tell you the marvelous review i left for her and you for her story inhuman yesterday? if she didnt she probably hasnt read it yet...

oh listen to me run my mouth like an old hag talking about her childhood... (haha) to make an incredibly long story short, you inspire me to make an account and write my own fics! yeah i said it. when i do get my own account,ill let you know lol

well im tired so im gonna cut it off here.

your new friend,


(just my anonymous name for now)
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