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mIsS-vIcToRy96 chapter 1 . 2/23/2011
You always know just the right things to write to make me break down and cry! It's just so beautiful- the bond between friends.

James. For some reason he never struck me as the type to enlist. Kendall, maybe. Carlos, eh.. Logan as the medic? Pretty much. Anyways: regardless of whether or not I expected it to be James enlisting or not, you wrote this with enough emotion that now it makes perfect sense!

Have I ranted about how much I love your writing before? Probably... Whenever I see that you wrote something, I know I need to go find some tissues. I can never say enough how much I love this. 3
2 kool 2 spell 'kool' right chapter 1 . 2/23/2011
Not to sound wierd, but I like how most of the characters in your stories die. No, Im not sick. Just because its like the angstiest thing ever. Especailly the way you portray it. So angsty.

Kendall broke down. When that happened, I didnt think it could get any angstier. But it did!

Dude, Logans like..a ninja. Hes just..there. Like, he joined two months ago, sure,but he was just here when James was dying. James died in his arms. ANGST!

So, this was overal amazing, just like all your stories. I like how alot of your stories deal with real life situations. Death, brain injuries, joining the army, bullying, abortion, ect. Your writting is not only fantastic with great emotion, but it puts the word out there, too.

Great job! Loved it :) Fantastic!
WyszLo chapter 1 . 2/23/2011
Oh my God. It's been a while since you've made me cry this hard, Laura. I told you this would get me. I gave myself a headache from sobbing, my face is throbbing... it's been a little bit since I've left you a review in this state, huh? Wow. I'm still trying to calm myself down here. Ok, let's do it:

1. "I drop my gaze because after fifteen years of friendship with these guys, I'm actually a little scared that Carlos will be able to read my mind and know what I'm thinking about." Their bond... I don't have to explain why I loved this.

2. "Concern leaps into Carlos' dark eyes and he trades glances with Kendall and Logan before speaking again. "Just. . . tell us." He suggests quietly." Bunny... this was so HIM. I can hear him saying this...

3. "James," Kendall says before I can work up the courage. "Did we do or say something?" Oh Kenny, ever the protector :) Always the first one to hold them together and make things right, even if nothing's wrong. His hyper-senstitivity to his friends is too precious.

4. "Well then?" Logan asks, his voice rising slightly in pitch like it does when he's scared of something. His brown eyes don't move as he stares at me. "Are you. . . are you sick?" First off, the bit about Logan's voice was adorable. Second, I love how Logie is the one to immediately jump to illness. Silly Logie-Bear, you're the only one who gets sick for Laura.

5. I swear to God I had already picked out the previous three points before I read this: "I almost laugh because in the past two minutes, all three of my friends have displayed the trademark behavior that I've come to love over the years. Carlos with his bluntness, Kendall with his undeserved self-guilt, and Logan, the future doctor, asking me if I'm sick." I mean Laura, it's getting freaky. SOUL MATES :)

6. "Carlos isn't silent but his voice is a choked whisper and his eyes have filled with tears." If anything I'm consistent. Bunny cried, I cried. It's like a guarantee. And Laura, I was just downhill from here.

7. Bunny again: "The words coming from anyone else but Carlos would sound harsh. He simply sounds hurt and scared." My favorite things about Carlos. His innocence, naivety, and his unconditional love for his friends... because that's why he was hurt and scared, because he loves James and the war is threatening that.

8. Ok. So first I read this: "Kendall, you're in the minors" and immediately copied and pasted it and was like, "aw yay Kendall baby you're in the minors!" I was like a proud mom. And then I kept reading and Carlos was in the police academy and Logan was in med school and Laura, I screamed. You had warned me but I forgot. I was like, "Oh my God! Oh God! MY BOYS ARE ALL GROWN UP!" It just made me cry, again. I was thoroughly distracted by that for a good while.

9. "I want to do something to help others." Awwww JAMIE! I told you this would finally get me with James. Too sweet... just too sweet. Hearts for Jamie :)

10. So I can't copy and paste it, because it would be too long, but my heart that was already breaking was temporarily healed when Kendall, Carlos, and Logan were telling James how PROUD they were of him. I was so proud of all four of them. (Just as a sidenote, when I read this: "We're here for you and I promise that we'll support any decision you make." there was like a neon flashing sign in my head going, "BETRAYAL. IRONY. BETRAYAL." I told you that story still haunts me. I love it to death.) But yes, I loved how proud they were of James. I was proud, too.

11. And then the goodbyes started... And Kenny went first. He has mastered the Carlos affect, Laura. As soon as Kendall started crying I was GONE. I absolutely lost it: "James," We're all close to tears but it surprises me that Kendall is the first to give in. He steps forward and envelopes in a crushing hug that takes the breath from my lungs. It hurts like to crazy to see Kendall so broken and know that I'm the cause for his tears. It's frightening to see our strong leader so weak and helpless and. . . scared. Kendall is scared." You know I love it when Kendall cries. This one was particularly incredible.

12. But then, what I loved even more than Kendall crying, was this: "Take care of these two like you always have." I loved that entire part, down to "Okay, I promise. For you." it's just too long to paste the whole thing. Laura, it was protective Kendall, Kendall tears, and angst rolled into one and I LOVED it. What a beautiful, honderful moment :) One of your best. FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE.

13. Naturally, as soon as I pulled myself together and stopped crying long enough from Kendall to keep on reading, Carlos made me cry all over again: "Still it's obvious as Carlos steps away from Logan and closer to me that I may be the only one ready for this. "Carlos," I murmur, holding him as he clings to me tightly, crying. "Don't cry, buddy." Even the fact that James called him "Buddy." It just pulled at my heart, Laura. And the picture in my mind of Bunny CLINGING to James like that... it was too much. My heart. It's broken.

14. And THEN, Logie went and did this: "Before I can say anything else to Carlos, I'm nearly knocked over by Logan who can no longer bear to watch Kendall and Carlos fall apart. His smaller frame shakes with sudden sobs and I turn my attention to him. "Logie," I whisper, my throat growing tight all over again. "Just come back." He begs even though he knows it's impossible for me to promise. "Please, James. Come. . . come back." He might have been the most terrtastic! I can't decide... they were all just so moving and beautiful and such a testament to their bond. But Logie-Bear really got to me. First of all, he was sobbing, which made me just start to cry even HARDER, and then when he said "Just come back," I was like, "LOGAN!" Really. I was a mess.

15. "Don't think that." Carlos says reading my mind." This requires no explanation.

16. "I'll miss you, Jay. We all will." JAY! Love :)

17. "When Kendall and I break apart, he steps backwards in between Carlos and Logan, and wraps an arm over each of their shoulders. I smile at the sight, realize that he's already keeping his promise." This got a "KINDELL!" from me, which means it's pretty freaking fantastic. So much bromance and bonding and angst and three... you get it.

18. And now we're to James' death. If I started copying and pasting the best parts, I would literally copy everything from when Logan got to James to when James died. Just imagine I did that. Laura, I SOBBED. Like, body shaking, chest heaving, made me squeak SOBS. It was ridiculous. James has never made me cry this hard, Congrats Jay and Laura, you finally got me. I feel like I'm not giving his death justice, but I'm not exaggerating when I say if I start pointing things out I'll just repeat the entire scene. I LOVED IT. EVERY BIT OF IT. SO SO SO SO MUCH.

19. James' birthday... I started sobbing harder when I read "Miracle." That movie is just so symbolic now. Anyway, I can't describe how much I ADORE that they celebrated James' birthday the same way they always have since they were kids. It was just PERFECT. Heartbreaking, but perfect. I loved it. So bittersweet, it was terrtastic.

20. "I nod and we all turn to face the pond, remembering with fondness the day the four of us met, and speak as one.

"Goodbye, James."

Chills. And I'm crying again. I love you, I loved this, and I love James. And now I'm going to cry myself to sleep.

OMWG chapter 1 . 2/23/2011
I am very sorry that my review is so late. D: I've been doing homework all day and it's STILL not all done. I'm really tired too. Have you ever gotten that feeling when you're super tired and your muscles ache and you just need to stretch? That's how I feel right now. But enough about me.

So you've done it. You've killed all of the boys. I've got three out of four. I don't really have the heart to kill Carlos, though I think I'll kill him in a 100 Themes Challenge or something. You know. Whenevr the hell I get this story started.

But let's pretend that I don't know that James is going to die. Let's disregard the summary and everything else and the fact that I already read this.

Was this your first attempt at first person? I wouldn't know seeing as I'm so behind on everything. I'll catch up one day. In the summer probably. After I get back from my twelve day cruise and finish my AP work. -sob- Anyway. Um. I liked the whole first person thing. It was lovely.

I also like how long it took for James to finally spit out that he was joining the army. And then the boys were all like, "SOB" because I mean. That's what I would do.

And then there was the scene at the airport. And James tlaked about how the month went by so quickly and how they matured so much in thirty days. And then Kendall was crying and he nad James were hugging and my Kames heart swelled. And then they all said their goodbyes and I'm like, "DON'T SAY GOODBYE FOR GOOD. JAMES WILL COME BACK! In a coffin." And then they started crying and beat me up and James was like, "WOAH DON'T TOUCH THE HAI-OH WAIT I SHAVED IT OFF LOL" and then the boys stopped beating me up and started crying MORE and then James was like, "Well I have to go! See you never!" And then he left and the boys exploded. Okay so the last few sentences never happened but still. There was a lot of angst there.

AND THEN THE BOMB. ICABOD. ALDKJASKDLAJAOIDJASLKDXAMJ I DEFINITELY THOUGHT YOU WERE GOING TO BLOW JAMES UP. But then he only got fatally injured and not blown up so I was happy. But that was short-lived because he died in Logan's arms. Stupid Logan. He WOULD go out and be a medic. That little shit! No just kidding I love him right now and that scene was heartbreaking (even though I definitely wished it were Kendall holding James when he died. And then my imagination ran away from me and Kendall healed James with his bandages made of rainbows and love and then they passionately kissed after confessing their undying love. Yeah, I need therapy...[I'M A WALKING TRAVESTYYYYYYYYYYY BUT I'M SMILING AT EVERYTHING THERAPPPYYYY YOU WERE NEVER A FRIEND TO MEEEEE AND YOU CAN /CHOKE/ ON YOUR MISERY. When I sing that song I'm like, "And you can CHOKE on your misery." Like I just want it to die LOL I GOT SO OFF TRACK I'M SORRY ICABOD])

Um. And then it was (smelly) (lol not really I'm sure he smells like rainbows and love and sex and boy which is wonderous and whimsical and other w words that are great. Think of some!) Logan's point of view and they were at the pond and it was James' birthday and I was like, "LSKAJDLKASDJAIODCJAOSIDCJALK ASLKDJASLKCAS ADLJASLKDJA AJSDKLAJD!" And yes, that was English thank you very much. Because that killed me.

Oh, and then I finished reading the story and then I got up to talk to myself in the mirror. Have I ever told you about that? Yeah, when something angsty happen or I get angry, or am feeling angry, or angstry (NEW WORD YES) I alsways get up and talk to myself in the mirror so I feel like I'm not alone. Because if I talked to someone about this they'd think I was crazy. Mirror Laura thinks I'm crazy too but that's okay. Anyway. I looked in the mirror and I was like, "So." And she was like, "So." And I was like, "James-" And she was like, "James-" And I'me like, "Bitch stop copying me!" And she's like, "Bitch stop copying me!" Lol no. Anyway. I was like, "So James is dead." And then I was just chillin for a second and then I was like, "OHMYGOD JAMES IS DEAD." And then I started crying. A little bit. Not sobbing like I did when Logan died in LH. But little baby cerying. Crying nonetheless.

Um anyway. Icabod this was fantastic and I'm sorry I didn't review sooner and the box is jumping and my eyes hurt and so does my left upper arm and make it stopppppppppppp

Sincerely, Laura
Unstoppable naley chapter 1 . 2/23/2011
This was amazing. It was so powerful and sad. I'm trying to write this with the tears still falling down my face. You did an incredible job with just every detai. I love this I cant describe what this story made me feel but you did an amazing job.
Serendipulous chapter 1 . 2/23/2011
This story...

I have no words for it.

Just amazing.

and beautiful :)


thats the only problem with music - it heightens a certain mood, this one being depressing.

But like i said, this is amazing.
TinyHandz chapter 1 . 2/23/2011
yeah... you had to...i knew it! you actually made record in the time lapse of making me cry but i think this was the hardest i cried my dad was like... WHY are YOU crying and i was like I love you don't ever leave me and i gave him a hug cuz i can't imagine a life like that knowing that my dad, brother or friends died and i wasn't there so yeah! it was really deep i gine it a % star in angst! *****
BeastBoyfangirl chapter 1 . 2/23/2011
Mannnnnnnnnn... You made me feel so terrible! I LOVE this story! My heart feels kinda empty you know? Just watching this happened really blew me away. I really liked how all the guys reacted. And well this story is beautiful! James was so young and Logan showing up in the end was pretty epic. I'm so glad James didn't die alone. You will become an awesome author! And I'll be one your first fans.

Really great James angst!

MyHeroRaven chapter 1 . 2/23/2011
I've always loved Skillet and this was beautifully written.

It makes me sad not just because James died but because

He had people that would actually miss him. I'm happy

He was loved by so many, it just kind of hurts because

I would die alone and no one would care.

You did a really great job with this, I'm proud of you.

fortheweightofus chapter 1 . 2/23/2011
Wow. This story is so...I can't even describe it. It's a really original idea and a great one, too...but just...God, I really want to cry right now. So sad but beautiful and I don't know what to say. Amazing.
Saxophones chapter 1 . 2/23/2011
This was both heartbreaking and amazing at the same time.

Heartbreaking because James died and it made me cry.

Awesome because not only do I love soldier fics about BTR, but it was incredibly well written. And Logan was there? I practically died of shock. After I stopped crying.

Thanks for writing another amazing story.
Allison chapter 1 . 2/23/2011
Oh man.I can't even see the screen hardly because I'm crying so bad!My eyes are fogged up... oh my gosh that was the SADDEST thing I've ever why James!It could've been Kendall!Or Carlos!Anyone but James!That sounds so terrible that I said that but...but he's my favorite ad he here I am thinking"Oh he'll be fine!Logan will take him back to base and he'll get all fixed up!He's just being over dramatic!..." but I did really love it!I love horrible stories for some reason and I'm glad he atleast died in Logie's arm!Safe.:)
Smart-Person-18 chapter 1 . 2/23/2011
*Starts crying* Awww. James' died... That makes... Me... Soooooo sad. *Burst into tears* I hate... Being such a... Crybaby!
SmileCauseItsWorthIt chapter 1 . 2/23/2011
So many things:

1) I have LOVED this song for so long and I'm so glad that you did this fic to it.

2) This fic is soo Sad, but sooo good at the same time. I love that James wasn't alone when he died, even if he did have to die... When he was dying I was all like "No James, let Dr. Logan save you!" I honestly thought you would pull a prank on us and make him live in the end, just to fool us. But obviously, that is not Miss Fenway's way.

3) If you like Skillet like me, look up Monster (with Growl... its just epic, you'll see) and Awake and Alive. Their amazingly awesome.

StillLovely chapter 1 . 2/23/2011
Oh wow, I wish I knew what to say. This... I can't even find the words to describe how much this story affected me. It was so... so bittersweet. It broke my heart to pieces that James died, but at least he wasn't alone. I'm so glad he had Logan there. I just. I really loved this, as much as it made me sob. You always manage to blow me away with your words. Congrats on another amazing story.
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