Reviews for Colors of a Mind
scathecraw chapter 27 . 6/23
This is really one of the most well-paced stories I've read for a very long time. The cadence of the words is appropriate to all the situations and feels right to read. The characters are well within the bounds laid out by the original media, and the interactions are believable and well written.

In short:
Characters - check
Pacing - check
Technical skills - check

A great story overall. I hope to see more from you, wither here or on Ao3.
Guest chapter 27 . 5/26
That was extremely good please keep writing
RPGPersona chapter 27 . 5/8
I nice fluffy epilogue. I am happy to see that the bonds that Raven forged while disguised remain strong. She deserves to have more people to call friend.

Double dating with Starfire and Robin, I feel sorry for Raven already.

It is nice seeing both of them make an effort to understand each others hobbies and interests.

I see that feeling green has become Raven's and Beast Boy's code word for wanting physical affection.

I really enjoyed this story. While I wait for the epilogue of spy vs. spy, there are still a couple of your teen Titan stories to check out.
RPGPersona chapter 26 . 5/8
Way to go Beast Boy. You managed to save Raven.

Not surprised to see Raven pissed at Beast Boy almost getting himself killed trying to save her.

How cute, they confessed their feeling for each other. Of course Beast Boy referenced the cloak color of Raven's emotion. I nice fully end tot he chapter.
RPGPersona chapter 25 . 5/8
Raven is in rough shape. Luckily, it looks like Beast Boy can act as a focus for Raven's power. Now they just need to lure the creatures together and hope for the best.
RPGPersona chapter 24 . 5/8
Here we go, a plan. Let's hope it works.
RPGPersona chapter 23 . 5/8
That was a scare. Good on Starfire to give Raven a jump start.

It was nice to see the tribute to Raven from fans, and the friends she made come to see her.

No more hesitation. Beast Boy is going to help Raven even if he doesn't stand a chance, and regardless of what Robin ordered.
RPGPersona chapter 22 . 5/8
I see, Raven was able to use some of her remaining power, to give a final message to Beast Boy. It was an sweet gesture, showing Beast Boy the emotions she always had to hold back.

It must be hard on Beast Boy to be able to do nothing. It least Slade won't be able hurt them anymore.

That ending. Definately a sad way to end it.
RPGPersona chapter 21 . 5/8
Oh Dear, Raven was forced to take drastic measure to protect everyone.

Slade is running away, will Robin be able catch him. I think it is a good idea for Beast Boy to stay with Raven. Maybe he can reach out to her and help somehow.
RPGPersona chapter 20 . 5/8
Oh dear, both Raven and Beast Boy have been captured. How did Slade sneak in so many Slade bots without the others noticing?

Beast Boy put up a good fight, but there were just too many enemies.

Terra and Devin got away, hopefully they inform the others about what happened.

I feel like Slade isn't thinking his plan through at this point.
RPGPersona chapter 19 . 5/8
Of course Slade would have to come to ruin the date. Things looked like they were going do well to.

Since they ducked, hopefully Slade is aware of their preside location.
RPGPersona chapter 18 . 5/8
Oh Beast Boy, thinking you could be sneaky around Raven after she demonstrated how easy she can find him. It was an amusing exchange.

First Cinderblock, and now Overload. Poor Beast Boy is really taking a beating being the first on the scene with no backup. No way this is a coincidence, especially since it is happening so close to them. Does Slade think Raven will be forced to show herself if he keeps this up? Is he trying to wear out Beast Boy?

I am getting worried that something is going to go terribly wrong. Plasmus would be next, and out of the three, Beast Boy might have the hardest time with him. Not to mention Raven has the convenient method of dealing with him.
RPGPersona chapter 17 . 5/8
Thank god Salde didn't show up. I was really worried something bad was going to happen.

Silly Beast Boy, you can't out stubborn Raven, she is the master of it.

Raven really is in tune with Beast Boy. Able touch up on his energy with no problem and find him easily.

Aw, Beast Boy telling Raven he likes her real appearance the best. Going for the full on kiss, how bold. Looks like they were both nervous about it. Raven being able to feel Beast Boy's nervousness made her feel a less nervous.

It was so cute how they reassured each other when they were feeling insecure about what happened. I guess they are officially a couple now.
RPGPersona chapter 16 . 5/8
They were so adorable waking up like that. It looks like Raven has really opened up to Beast Boy. She had no issues waking up curled up to him. She even pranced him awake and joked around with him.

Cinder lock attacking near the school. I wonder. Was it trap set by Slade? Was he expecting Raven to make an appearance? It seemed like he found a way to delay the other Titans. With some nice stealth, Beast Boy makes his way to the battlefield without even Raven noticing. He was able to prevent anyone from getting hurt, but he himself took some damage from the fight.

Beast Boy didn't seem happy with Robin. What did they argue about. Raven going after Beast Boy might be a problem if Slade shows up.
RPGPersona chapter 15 . 5/7
Another call to Robin about what happened. At least Raven has a date that she is able to return to the tower. She seems happy with that news.

Haha, busted by the room mates. It looks like Beast Boy is joining Raven for dinner. This can only be hilarious and embarrassing for tooth Raven and Beast Boy.

Beast Boy lucked out with Mary cooking pasta. His luck ran out when he was the focus of embarrassing questions about his intentions and feelings towards Raven. Lucky Mary cut off the questions before the pair overheated from embarrassment. Of course, she was paying careful attention to the pair and could tell how much they care for each other.

We got a really cute moment when Beast Boy took his 'leave'. He ended up giving Raven a cute peck on the cheek. Of course all of Raven's room mates spied the whole time and commented on how cute the exchange was. Poor Raven.

Looks like Raven has a date with Beast Boy. I am looking forward seeing the date. The fact that it is a double date with Terra and Devin makes it more interesting.

Another nightmare involving Slade when he was serving Trigon. This time Beast Boy was there to give Raven some emotional support.
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