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Forestpool chapter 200 . 5/9
One of your best stories. Loved it.
Beloved1 chapter 196 . 7/12/2017
If you could post this on archive of our own I would be infinitely grateful. Its been a while since I read it which was when you were still in the process of writing it lol I don't usually have the patience to wait for weekly updates but it was soooooooo worth it! But yeah archive of our own is just simpler somehow even though it has a lot more going on with it. If that makes any sense. It's weird how actually loading each chapter feels archaic instead of just reading whatever off my kindle lol I've been spoiled Lol well if you can post it over there you have one fan who will be eager to read it again. Anyways have a good day! I've rambled off, sorry. I hope to read more of your works soon! Or just keep rereading this one. It really is a Gem Bye bye!
elle chapter 200 . 12/12/2016
Oh my god. I read the story in 3 days and it's hard to sleep knowing next chapter is here and available. I'd read it since it was just a series of oneshots... for relaxation. God how I was wrong. I'm into deep.
I cringed at the age difference at first, but you got me at first chapters. I was like I'm going to hell for this fic. And I can hear Tamaki telling he'd see me there. God you're good. It was a monster of a fic and still you manage to make everything relevant. Everything made sense in all those 200 chapters.
Can you see? I need to sleep but why I am rereading? I have a board exam to pass too. And why I'm considering law school. This fic is fucking me up, I swear.
MistyNocturne chapter 159 . 9/25/2016
Lol. Spent a grand total of 6 hours to comb through 157 chapters to get here. Yep. FINALLY. Quite worth it, though the potential for more dominant and in-control Suzaku is there. Ahh well. Practice makes perfect, right?
marliniu chapter 1 . 8/7/2016
When I first started reading this fanfic, it was back in 2011. I made it all the way to the nexus arc before life got busy and I stopped reading.

5 years later and it's 2016 and I returned to this fanfic. I read everything from the beginning because I forgot so much that happened.

Coming back to finish reading this fanfic was sooooo worth it so thank you so much for taking some time from your life to post this SuzaLulu masterpiece! (this fic also inspired me to check out your profile and to read your other fics :3)
Wragziez chapter 200 . 8/5/2016
Really enjoyed reading this, thank you very much for sharing such a wonderful story!
GOT S5 chapter 200 . 7/15/2016
This is my favorite Code Geass fanfiction of ALL TIME. Beautiful character development, beautiful plot, beautiful SuzaLulu moments (even the smut is beautiful). I literally cried when I read the last chapter, but then I thought, "Hey, this seems familiar..." then I reread chapter 1 again and compared the first and last chapters and I cried even harder. It's perfect (for me anyway). Thanks for posting such an awesome fanfic. 3 3 3
PinklyNoted chapter 54 . 6/11/2016
I am so delighted this isn't just a sappy romance fic, and avidly conducts to the main code geass (still slightly au...) universe. So delightful.
Karen chapter 200 . 2/23/2016
I read this entire thing over 2 days and have been re-reading my favorite parts over the last 2 days. Thank you for making me ignore EVERYTHING ELSE in my life for such a great story! :) Some technical points. Your writing is magnificent. Perfect form and mildly peppered w/ elevated vocab. Your character development, FANTASTIC... story progression, amazing. I literally aww-ed and laughed and... other things at chap. 157-160-ish LOL (Aptly named btw, it made me LAUGH like NO OTHER). I almost steered away after seeing the word count and amount of chapters but this type of story demands that length and good on you for not giving in early to more or more intense sexual stuff, it builds tension and makes those last 50-ish chapters great, although one thing I would have liked, is more sex description towards the end. Wait, I also would have enjoyed reading the actual conversation where Lelouch hears about Gino's 2nd proposal and tries not to get jealous then is relieved Suzaku's refusal (ps one of my fav. scene descriptions being the following bathtub ordeal). You know you're a good writer when I want to read more scenes in such a long story!
Also, it was never explicitly mentioned but I like to imagine that Schneizel planned pushing Lelouch to some resolution with the hearing, probably hoping for what ended up happening but preparing for other alternatives...? Anyways, great fic!
Angel3687 chapter 88 . 1/30/2016
Could you... y'know write a separate story with Old!Suzaku and young!Lelouch? Just because this made me curious about how their dynamic might be xDD
Please think it through!

- Angel
Sedinette Michaelis chapter 200 . 8/29/2015
Hiiii ! I just finish to read your fanfic and it's just brillant ! I loved reading it, I read all this week (I began last week on Saturday), and I can't believe it's finish... I think I wanted to hit you at one moment xD but it's a happy ending so... 3

Thank you for this incredible fanfiction :D one of my first Code Geass' fanfic in english 3 I hope I will read one of your fanfics again

Guest chapter 200 . 6/23/2015
Dearest Author-san

I spent four days reading this entire fic and I'd like to thank you for the wonderful journey.

The whole idea of the nexus was breathtakingly refreshing. I loved it.
Waitingforagame chapter 151 . 6/9/2015
Wonderful chapter! But can I just say that the hakama and gi in kendo are not very comfortable. Sure, they're loose, but the hakama are tied tightly on the waist and are not comfortable to sit in. The material of the gi is generally a sort of stiff material that doesn't breathe.
Overall not something I'd wear for fun :P
NeverEndingStoryTeller chapter 200 . 5/18/2015
GracieKuju chapter 95 . 2/16/2015
It sure was fun reading this again, I remember following it pretty closely maybe 2 - 3 years ago, definitely a different time of life for me personally. And much as I loved the story, I dropped off for some reason and never finished it. For some reason I thought about Code Geass for the first time in ever, and remembered this fic, which is one of the few Code Geass fics I ever read, and it was easily my favorite. So about one week ago I started reading it from the start all over again and it's been a blast. Those chapters are so quick I can read one (or more) in one of my classes once I sit down and be done before class even starts! (On my phone, of course, I would go up in flames of embarrassment if anybody ever saw me reading fanfiction on an easily viewable laptop screen, wow...)

One thing I remember very distinctly from the story (from my first reading a few years back, I mean) is when one of the other-dimension Suzakus tells Lelouch in a dream that they are soul mates which means "we have to be together, but not TOGETHER if that makes sense." And damn if that ain't my favorite definition for the phrase "soul mates", ever.

One minor complaint I have against it all is that I found Lelouch to be pretty damn accepting of cross-dimensional travel and other selves from other worlds, in this story-verse where reality is pretty grounded and there are no aliens, spellcasters, dragons, etc that would make people think other dimensions are just Yeah-Whatever. Less often, I wondered why Lelouch seemed to have no hobbies or small enjoyments of his own. I haven't watched Code Geass in ages, so maybe this is my own memory defaulting on what Lelouch is really like, but to me it seem weird that he seems to exist entirely on tasks and responsibilities and doesn't seem to LIKE to do anything, just finds some mundane tasks more fulfilling than others. Once in a while (NOT all the time, okay) he felt like a good representation or advertisement of an American housewife in the 40s or 50s, very concerned with homemaking tasks and keeping clean and doing right, but having no...thoughts or desires of one's own, no personal projects or possessions or goals. The brightest points in one's life are when you shake your head and laugh at small bits of TV-commercial-perfect humor in your neverending, house-tending hamster-wheel life. Once in a while I thought that.

But overall it's better to say that, mosto f the time I was confused at how a person like Lelouch could enjoy not having hobbies, basically. I spent a big paragraph trying to explain myself but that doesn't mean I didn't still immensely enjoy Lelouch or the story overall, because I did.

Last thing I want to mention is not a complaint but a...fear? Which is why I'm not logging in to review this. I've always thought the relationship between Suzaku and Lelouch here is really cute and sweet, I totally believe they care for each other more than anyone else, and my stupid fangirl heart is always looking forward to the day when Suzaku was "old enough". Yet here I sit also reading scenes like 12-year-old Suzaku gets his first "real kiss" and I'm totally chill with that, too, and underneath all my enjoyment of the story there's this undercurrent of fear that I'm actually a freak for liking those scenes. I did actually open this story in my laptop once while at school, I guess I thought I could read jsut one chapter that way, and got terrified that the university IT people would see that I clicked on this while using the campus internet and they'd think I was reading child porn and they'd come find me and accuse me. How paranoid is that. There's much worse in the anime and fanfiction and fandom communities on the whole, SO much worse, and yet this fic makes me nervous to enjoy it in any way besides on my phone. No real reason to write al lthis except to vent my worries and I guess I'm done.

I will keep reading the story, and get to the end this time, whatever it may be with all the cross dimensions and politics against Lelouch's father and such. I'll enjoy all the dialogue on the way, because I think that's one of your best points of writing, while in contrast the description of things is a bit lacking, and I wish there were more "hims" or "the Brittanian boy"s written in place of Lelouch and Suzaku's names, which seem to be written a helluva lot and starts to sound silly once you see they're there six times in one paragraph. Oh god, I complain so lengthily even though my real feelings are just "meh" against those bad things. I love this story, goddammit. I wanted to tell you that, above all. GK, out.
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