Reviews for The Grand Emperor
Lordie chapter 4 . 9/14
This is a very cool crossover idea.
1Fan chapter 6 . 8/20
I'm so sad! T_T 6 chapters! why? why? would you do this to me? its been what? 5 to 6 years? please give me some closure if you don't plan on updating anymore. give an announcement that this has been discontinued or something so I'll at least know not to expect anymore new chapters, i'm still hoping for updates but i know that i shouldn't get my hopes especially after the long please just give me some closure :(
FireDragonKingNatsu chapter 6 . 7/28
please update soon!
Pablo464 chapter 6 . 7/19
update please
shivram970 chapter 6 . 7/10
One hell of a fiction! Awesome!
L's Cappuccino chapter 6 . 6/21
Whoa! This is soo cool! More please!~
silvery crimson moon chapter 6 . 5/14
Amazing story! I really hope that you haven't abandoned it, it is very well put together in my opinion.
Dragoncyber22 chapter 6 . 5/7
continues the story
Esmereilda chapter 6 . 4/5
looks like Naruto wants aizen and his arrancar's heads for taking whats his I sincerely look forward to the continuation of this fic its awesome so plz continue it
Esmereilda chapter 5 . 4/5
poor yugito
Esmereilda chapter 4 . 4/4
the nine lords aren't going to side with aizen but they are going to battlefield into chaos I bet
Esmereilda chapter 3 . 4/4
I'm pretty sure Naruto isn't happy with what aizen did to his castle
Esmereilda chapter 1 . 4/3
nice start
ENAMOURED chapter 6 . 3/17
Samnamikaze23 chapter 6 . 3/18
I have to say im impressed... I cant wait for your next update... Definitely gonna be worth it... Ive read them all and i'm gonna say im hooked. Although i can guess what happened i would love to see what happened between them...

Good luck and keep on writing...
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