Reviews for Your Chance to Rewrite the Bible
the-cloud-whisperer chapter 1 . 5/15/2012
Oh my god. This made me smile.

No really. It makes me happy to see something serious written for this fandom, yet at the same time so free and spontaneous. Aoki's hair and Shiratori's dog, haha. And poor Kosugi, he sounded quite appropriately panicked. Shujin and Nanamine, kindred spirits? I never thought of it that way, but then I did. Both wanting more than anything to win, and doing anything to get there. And their mutual snark and bluntness... a match made in heaven? More like hell, I guess. But great, still. And the song. Yes, the song. I just listened to it about ten times and thought about Nanamine's freaking iPhone commercial smile (well, I thought maybe toothpaste commercial?) and everything else deceptive about him, while the song is playing and they're just staring at each other... wow, who knew this fairytale-like song would be for them?

If you can't tell, I really liked this. It may be a year late, but please keep writing beautifully :)
Azalee chapter 1 . 3/12/2011
Quite confusing indeed, but very enjoyable and inconspicuously hilarious at times. :D Love the rambly narration, the voices, the dialogues, and especially love how you portray Nanamine. Would read again *hearts*
Guest chapter 1 . 3/5/2011
Oh good, *someone* is writing Nanamine into anything. 3 Personally, I prefer Nanamine/Kosugi, but I was definitely impressed by this and beggars can't be choosers~ It's one of those less wordy romantic comedies, and I haven't read a good one of those in a while.

I wonder if Nanamine has ever met any of his other advisors in canon, and if he'd be any less willing to listen to them if he'd met them. o3o Greasy otakus from 2chan...