Reviews for Brother, Where Are You?
Shana Hager chapter 3 . 12/15/2015
"Nobody messes with my bro." Very nice touch.
The Cosmic Penguin chapter 4 . 8/3/2015
And the final chapter! Let's see it...

Again, I really like how you reference and tie in things like the ghosts' dialogue. I laughed when the Boo started introducing itself, and then Luigi started sucking it in. I liked his explanation to the Boo as well; it was very good and made me smile. That's a rather good explanation of it all.

That scene with the Toads...I wasn't expecting that, but it really adds to the story. That one toad from earlier realizing that, and explaining it to Luigi...I can't put into words why I liked it; there are several reasons, but it's wonderful. So heartwarming.

Then, the King Boo battle. Again, working his lines in was just wonderful, and I liked the added thoughts. Really, King Boo has no friends, just servants and enemies, and he doesn't seem to care about that.

Luigi's dialogue upon waking up in the painting...I loved that. And King Boo's response. It's just from your writing that I realize how good of a hero-villain combination Luigi is to King Boo. I could go on forever about how you wrote the battle, and each character's thoughts. I also liked how you showed in little details bits like how the Boos (or at least, King Boo) consider themselves above other beings. The thoughts and dialogue are really good. And, the part with Mario still being able to talk to Luigi in the painting was definitely a nice touch. Really, I forgot about him still being in the painting while they were fighting! I can imagine him struggling to speak with Luigi like, watching while his brother fights King Boo...

I laughed on the opening line when the Bowser suit put its head on backwards. I can imagine King Boo having a similar reaction. Even with all the drama here, King Boo's 'atrocious error' made me grin.

King Boo's defeat...I love the scene and its aftermath. Luigi's dialogue about how he did it really resonated. It was nice that Mario got to hear that. The ending of that scene was just so, so satisfying; more satisfying than the game, even.

As for the final scene, words cannot do justice. But, I did get Luigi's lines, and I also got the reference to E. Gadd's diesel marinade. Mario's final thoughts really rounded things out as well, and that final line really fits the story. Good pick.

Overall, wonderful! Top marks for making this; I thoroughly enjoyed it!
The Cosmic Penguin chapter 3 . 8/3/2015
As yes, I have the 3DS sequel! Next Level Games should definitely do more work for Nintendo. :) But, on to the story!

I love how you spend just enough time on things like the ghosts so that they aren't forgotten, but they aren't a huge distraction to the brothers' story. I liked that last bit with Madame Clairvoya, and the part about Bogmire as well. And, the way you described the battle with Boolossus really takes the cake! The way you led in, the description of the battlefield, their dialogue to him...that was pure gold especially (and the reference to the Telephone Room!) It was so serious, yet parts of it made me smile (I'm sure you can tell which parts!) And Luigi's response, and the battle itself...It's all such a great scene. Boolossus's dialogue especially made it, if I had to pick out any part; it's so, so, well-written. Even down to the last Boo, he still delivered a powerful verbal punch.

The scene where King Boo is talking to Mario, and using the Luigi illusion...Definitely memorable. I used a lot of praise on the Boolossus fight, but this is wonderful, too. Mario's responses, coupled with King Boo's taunts, just really made it powerful. And even with all the seriousness, you still capture King Boo's personality even in the writing. (The line where the Boo took a commemorative picture was genius!) It's fitting, because he's such a serious villain, but he treats everything so casually until he needs to get serious. The last conversation with the Toad, and the way it ended, also rounded it out well. It made me smile; it was so heartwarming, especially when the lights came back on. Not to mention the reference to Mario's cap. It was interesting how you tied that piece in.
The Cosmic Penguin chapter 2 . 8/3/2015
I love how you pointed out the irony of Mario being trapped in a painting! Its exact significance slipped my mind when I noticed it in the game, but when you mentioned it, I couldn't help but wonder about how those paintings worked. I don't believe we'll ever get an answer from Nintendo, but still, quite mysterious...

The Toad's conversation made me laugh. Quite a contrast between the darker scenes like King Boo's appearances (you capture his manner of speaking so well! He's definitely one of my favorite villains) and Mario's nightmare; most definitely Mario's nightmare. That's wonderful. So powerful. It makes me want to improve my writing; it's just so well-written. The drama and the feeling, King Boo's final line to Mario, and that ending all ties together so beautifully. I can't give you enough praise on that scene.

I also like how you catch those little details in the game, like the magic thorn barrier appearing and vanishing back and forth. I rarely see that done in stories, but it just shows how well you know the games and how much you care about the stories.

And the foreshadowing at the end with what was behind the definitely was something that I wouldn't expect near the end. It gave it a wonderful tint of danger, how you wrote it. And that last phrase...I love how you write Mario and Luigi's relationship.
The Cosmic Penguin chapter 1 . 8/3/2015
I love this story to pieces. :)

The detail, Luigi's interaction with the Toads and the ghosts, and the way you retold everything especially, plus all those nice little really makes the chapter feel complete. I can't pick out anything in particular I liked more than anything else, but Madame Clairvoya's conversation was very interesting, and that last line from the book about mysteries stood out to me especially. His conversation in the first room was also, and those dramatic lines throughout the thing...Even though it's just one piece of the story, it really feels complete. Great job!
Shana Hager chapter 4 . 4/8/2015
I did recognize the line. A good story, well told, from start to finish.
Shana Hager chapter 2 . 4/8/2015
That last sentence...I used Google Translate and... :')
hackeline83 chapter 4 . 4/6/2015
Ohhhh yeahhh dream team! Luigi is sooooo cuteee (dreamy Luigi )
Sherlock's 2nd Blogger chapter 4 . 2/12/2015
Aw! That was amazing! :D
I feel like this could use a sequel, though. They had to both have been traumatized by that, and it'd be fun to see Mario's reaction to the details of what Luigi went through. (Fanfictions bring out my sadistic side, too. *shrugs* whatcha gonna do? :) )
Anonymous chapter 4 . 9/12/2014
Shit that last line made me shed tears asdfghjkl
Words can't express how beautiful and epic this is... Way to to bro, keep up the good work
DarkFoxKit chapter 4 . 3/6/2014
This is such a sweet story. I love how you delved into Luigi and Mario's mind about worrying for each other and wondering if they'll see each other again. The whole story was just heartwarming and suspenseful. You did well, and I'm sort of glad you waited before finishing this, I loved those little lines you put into it from Dream Team! Great job!
Endivie11 chapter 4 . 8/11/2013
Thank you so much for continuing 3 It's awesome. I like how you included the shadow scene, although it would be a wasted opportunity if you didn't ;)
Anyway, great story, very heartwarming and emotional.
BlackRose56 chapter 4 . 8/9/2013
Brittany Bauer chapter 4 . 8/8/2013
I thought that this was really a good story. I loved the chapter where it was telling us how Mario was coping and hoping for Luigi's safety. Well done and God bless! _
999 the 9th chapter 4 . 8/7/2013
Beautiful! Just beautiful! Perfection! Bravo!
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