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VikkiAMML chapter 105 . 3/6
Finally caught up! Dat kiss thoooooo you have been holding it out on us for a long time Evan. Lol but these last few chapters r awesome! When is a the next update?
VikkiAMML chapter 100 . 3/6
WOOOOOOOT I am almost done catching up! This fic is AWESOMEEEEEE!
VikkiAMML chapter 68 . 3/5
I kinda just noticed he spelled Viridian wrong.
victreebellover88 chapter 1 . 1/30
Wow! That was an amazing chapter! I loved the way you showed conflict in Dawn's mind, as well as (personally) making the kiss scene believable. I know that others will disagree, but I felt like that scene was executed perfectly.
Can't wait for the next chapter!
Jpokeshipping chapter 105 . 1/29
I have been waiting for that kiss for…well…for as long as this story has been on.
Is it weird that I actually expected this scenario just with a little more…drama? I don't know.
Can't wait for the next update back at Pallet Town :)
KrazyKat101 chapter 105 . 1/28
Agh! Yay! New chapter! Too many exclamation points! Only 10-20 chapters left? I'm not sure whether to be excited for the conclusion or sad because it'll be over... This story has been going on for so long! D:

So first off... I have to comment on all the CavalierShipping! (Okay, so their hug was probably not intended to be interpreted as romantic, but oh well, a girl can dream :P)

I'll admit, when Butch and Cassidy came on and were like "it's not just us" I was hoping that we would finally get to see Jessie and James miraculously appear out of nowhere and they'd turn their backs on Team Rocket and the PTA would be able to escape! But alas, it was just a bunch of grunts... Meh.

I really liked Aleksi and Angel's little moment. Just... yeah. :P Also, I noticed Aleski called her ten instead of twelve, nice running gag there. :D

One note about grammar (ish), I noticed in the transition between Dawn's group and Ash's group you used likewise and however right next to each other in a sentence (it may have just been a typo though?), soooo don't do that.. it's as ridiculous as saying "blah blah, but, and, blah blah blah." Not the best example there, but you get my point.

Wooow, an actual decent length review! I'm making up for all the one/two sentence comments earlier!

AshK1980 chapter 105 . 1/28
Great update as always! Very much looking forward to seeing Ashley again. Keep up the great work with this great story!
Xtreme Gamer chapter 105 . 1/28
Man, things got heated towards the end. I'm glad Aleksi's back to normal, but I also hope that both she and Misty survive the battle.
Xtreme Gamer chapter 104 . 1/2
There's never a lack of excitement with this story, is there?

I will admit, things were looking bad for Ash and company for a while there, but it looks like they were able to get away in the end. The questions is, though, for how long?
AshK1980 chapter 104 . 1/2
Great work. Ashley hasn't been active lately, but that's okay you have a lot of characters to include. I still really like this story a lot! Keep up the great work! Looking forward to more and am hoping to see Ashley back in action soon, but that's up to you when and if you bring her back into action. It's your story after all! Great work as always!
Jpokeshipping chapter 104 . 1/2
"The instinct" hmm… didn't Prettygirl17 write a story with that name?:)
I can't wait till the next installment!Do you know how many chapters would this story have,or maybe an estimate of chapters before it's done?
James Dean y2k chapter 104 . 1/2
Wasn't it the nod to all the times where Ash stopped Team Rocket all those years ago?
victreebellover88 chapter 58 . 1/1
Loving the story Evan. Keep up the good work! Just to say you might want to say 'should have ' instead of 'should of.' hope this helps.
Keep writing!
loverofaaml chapter 103 . 12/18/2014
I LOVED THIS, REALLY GOOD and interesting concept so far. I've read this from beginning to end (chapter 1 to here.) and so far I'm so engrossed in the story I can't help but read it.
Hoping to read more soon :3
Guest chapter 103 . 11/29/2014
Hey evan don't worry i am loyally reading all your stories and and check your page each day. I would like though, if you made some more one shots. Maybe a Christmas one, or like a winter ice festival. (since pokemon is japanese, and japanese have ice festivals and stuff in the winter.) I love reading your stories!

Your Friend,
Colton, a fan of pokeshipping -aamlpokeshipping
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