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victreebellover88 chapter 1 . 1/30
Wow! That was an amazing chapter! I loved the way you showed conflict in Dawn's mind, as well as (personally) making the kiss scene believable. I know that others will disagree, but I felt like that scene was executed perfectly.
Can't wait for the next chapter!
Jpokeshipping chapter 105 . 1/29
I have been waiting for that kiss for…well…for as long as this story has been on.
Is it weird that I actually expected this scenario just with a little more…drama? I don't know.
Can't wait for the next update back at Pallet Town :)
KrazyKat101 chapter 105 . 1/28
Agh! Yay! New chapter! Too many exclamation points! Only 10-20 chapters left? I'm not sure whether to be excited for the conclusion or sad because it'll be over... This story has been going on for so long! D:

So first off... I have to comment on all the CavalierShipping! (Okay, so their hug was probably not intended to be interpreted as romantic, but oh well, a girl can dream :P)

I'll admit, when Butch and Cassidy came on and were like "it's not just us" I was hoping that we would finally get to see Jessie and James miraculously appear out of nowhere and they'd turn their backs on Team Rocket and the PTA would be able to escape! But alas, it was just a bunch of grunts... Meh.

I really liked Aleksi and Angel's little moment. Just... yeah. :P Also, I noticed Aleski called her ten instead of twelve, nice running gag there. :D

One note about grammar (ish), I noticed in the transition between Dawn's group and Ash's group you used likewise and however right next to each other in a sentence (it may have just been a typo though?), soooo don't do that.. it's as ridiculous as saying "blah blah, but, and, blah blah blah." Not the best example there, but you get my point.

Wooow, an actual decent length review! I'm making up for all the one/two sentence comments earlier!

AshK1980 chapter 105 . 1/28
Great update as always! Very much looking forward to seeing Ashley again. Keep up the great work with this great story!
Xtreme Gamer chapter 105 . 1/28
Man, things got heated towards the end. I'm glad Aleksi's back to normal, but I also hope that both she and Misty survive the battle.
Xtreme Gamer chapter 104 . 1/2
There's never a lack of excitement with this story, is there?

I will admit, things were looking bad for Ash and company for a while there, but it looks like they were able to get away in the end. The questions is, though, for how long?
AshK1980 chapter 104 . 1/2
Great work. Ashley hasn't been active lately, but that's okay you have a lot of characters to include. I still really like this story a lot! Keep up the great work! Looking forward to more and am hoping to see Ashley back in action soon, but that's up to you when and if you bring her back into action. It's your story after all! Great work as always!
Jpokeshipping chapter 104 . 1/2
"The instinct" hmm… didn't Prettygirl17 write a story with that name?:)
I can't wait till the next installment!Do you know how many chapters would this story have,or maybe an estimate of chapters before it's done?
James Dean y2k chapter 104 . 1/2
Wasn't it the nod to all the times where Ash stopped Team Rocket all those years ago?
victreebellover88 chapter 58 . 1/1
Loving the story Evan. Keep up the good work! Just to say you might want to say 'should have ' instead of 'should of.' hope this helps.
Keep writing!
loverofaaml chapter 103 . 12/18/2014
I LOVED THIS, REALLY GOOD and interesting concept so far. I've read this from beginning to end (chapter 1 to here.) and so far I'm so engrossed in the story I can't help but read it.
Hoping to read more soon :3
Guest chapter 103 . 11/29/2014
Hey evan don't worry i am loyally reading all your stories and and check your page each day. I would like though, if you made some more one shots. Maybe a Christmas one, or like a winter ice festival. (since pokemon is japanese, and japanese have ice festivals and stuff in the winter.) I love reading your stories!

Your Friend,
Colton, a fan of pokeshipping -aamlpokeshipping
prettygirl17 chapter 103 . 11/22/2014
Ah! I love this chapter! Yaaay!

But I have to start at the beginning. Darn it! Kay!

This one was so hard for me to read. I think the woman in me came out because reading Mathinza’s situation at the beginning made me want to cry. It’s just horrible and I wanted to close my eyes but that doesn’t work when you’re reading. I have a hard time reviewing regarding this scene because… I mean, yeah he’s not real, but I kind of like Mathinza for some reason, and I really want to hug him and cry… because this is so awful. Good writing but I’m just tearing up for him.

I felt… connected to Dawn in this chapter. I think a lot of it again comes down to being a woman. There are certain things we all understand, certain frustrations and emotions because we’re all forced to experience them or share in them at some point. I liked your writing directly after your descriptions of Mathinza to the reactions of Dawn. Her frustration was exactly how I would feel. It would be horrible to be helpless. And then you point out again that Mathinza threw the knife deliberately, to help her. An almost pointless action when the outcome might be inescapable anyway and I felt like crying again. That kind of selflessness is amazing. He didn’t know what would happen but that doesn’t change anything. I think that I would also blame myself, feel some sort of responsibility though in the situation. I would have thought like Dawn but my emotions would have been caught in my throat. Much like reading the scene did to me. That being said, now that I’m older I would be able to recognize a little more that it wouldn’t be my fault but the sick warden’s, but that guilt would be hard to dissuade from teen me, and even me now. It’s hard to say.

The small sentence showing the pity of the rocket who walked in showed so so much. It’s hard to narrow down, but I liked it very much. What a difference between him and the warden. And yet in the warden’s description of monsters I can’t help but wonder how much pain he had been forced to live through. What made him think that way? Evil man, but I still felt pain for him. It saddens me that anyone can become that way.

Dawn’s breath catching before the warden even turned seemed to signify something that I’m surprised that you would catch. It’s like the air in the room changed with the attitude of the warden and Dawn felt it before her mind quite caught up. It was a hard scene to read, but expertly written and I’m impressed and proud of you for that. I again connected with Dawn as she yelled at Max, because no question or gloating, I would definitely have done the same. She’s trying to save Max from a horrible taint to his mind, something that could have more consequences than people could realize. Of course people would assume you wouldn’t want something like that seen, but that’s not the motivation of that kind of desperation.

I’m used to closing my eyes during a movie if there’s a certain something I know I’ll have a hard time with, and I’ll admit it was hard for me not to block my mind a little bit when reading the words and intentions of the warden, I might’ve still done it a bit. It’s hard for me to handle reading the mindset of a man like that. I think it scares me a little. This actually reminds me very much of a scene in Sword Art Online, except the viewer was the love interest so his pain… kind of hard to comprehend. I’m not sure you’ll ever watch it so I won’t give it away, but I was just reminded of it (though it was sort of a disturbing scene). I had the same sort of experience watching that as I did reading this. Both of the girls in this situation tried to extend some sort of saving or comfort to whoever was forced to view it or be there, but that doesn’t take away how terrifying or humiliating it is. You wrote very well the reactions and mindset of Dawn. It was all extremely well done. Just… really good job. Hard for me to read, but heh! I just remembered. Like you said once in a review to me, that shows how well written it was. : )

Hard to move on from that but I will.

I loved what the grunt did. I loved that he stopped it and all of his follow up words. It added SO much to this story. Really really good things. It shows the situation of a lot of the rockets, it shows that realistically they aren’t just fighting ‘bad guys.’ It shows a human action within a horrible base of someone who it’s hard to say how long has been involved with Team Rocket. I also thought it was interesting that like the angry rebel pointed out (and his anger was valid) that the rocket didn’t step in the Mathinza’s screaming but finally just couldn’t sit by in the situation with Dawn. I liked it, because it spoke volumes. It shows real moral conscience. I thought that it was interesting and very cool in a way. It’s hard to word, but it’s something I think people understand reading it. It portrays the importance of something that is hard to word, private, and far more than physical. Really good job with it my love.

I’m not sure how much more room I have. Hehe. You deserve a long review after waiting so long. XD So I’m going to try to squeeze the end in here.

That ending.


I’m so happy! _ The war is far from over but that ending, those reinforcements and those characters was so so so exciting. It’s a great way to make us feel like it’s finally concluding too which is really exciting. It’s hard to say if it is or not, you’ve shocked us before. But it’s really relieving as a reader without being like “here’s a simple solution.” It’s an epic solution, a realistic addition. And like I’ve said a billion times… YES! I love it! : )

I also loved Darrel’s direction and the way he’s taking control. It’s his job here but I still love the way you’re writing it.

Okay! I’ll force myself to stop! Hopefully this all makes it into the review.

Amazing job! With both chapters! I really love it and I’m glad I finally read and reviewed! Sorry for the wait. : )

3… Hugs!
prettygirl17 chapter 102 . 11/21/2014
This chapter killed me as a reader and inspired me as an author.

Seriously! Dang!

Wow. I feel so bad for Trent but the way you wrote that. Pure genius, seriously. I loved it. I loved what it brought to the story. You’ve done a lot to present different view points and add different depths to this story, and each one makes it a bit more real, a bit more personal to different readers which really explains part of why this story is so well loved after 100 chapters. Just wow.

I really like your style. It’s so different than mine but so great. I think that’s part of why it pulls me in. We write so differently and I like reading a story, a serious adventure story in a way that I would and could never write it. You make me look at everything differently. While my writing is primarily in the minds of the characters, their viewpoints setting the reality of it all, you write it the way it is. As if we were really there as our own characters watching it in movie sequence. I love that. I love that we don’t have any foreshadowing in the moment of action to define it or give it away. It just is. Like the moment with Trent getting… guh, getting his arm cut off. Yeek. It just happens. The Rocket grabs his arm, and swings the sword and that’s it. The warning is the action itself and then we discover as Trent discovers, before we have time to process it, what has just happened. Trent’s in shock, though dulled by the experience, and I think that we as readers are in a bit of shock ourselves. It’s like, “Did that actually just happen?”

A great tool of a writer in a situation like this is to just write it like it is. It allows all of the readers to visualize and experience it in their own way rather than trying to adjust to the description of the author. I think that’s a really excellent tool you use maybe without even realizing it. It’s just kind of your style, always has been in my mind. Like you say, you play it like a movie, and that’s the way it reads. I often feel, and I never have while reading any other story, that I’m watching it on a time reel, the actions just flickering past like a movie screen rather than me sitting there thinking about it or trying to process it. It makes your action fantastic, something I have had a difficult time writing with in the past, and I’m still learning. I usually read action and kind of skip by it, and I think a lot of readers do in many stories. Because action is hard to write in a way that is easy to view in the mind of a reader and also exciting. If you have to sit there and try to work out what’s going on, it’s not fun. But when I read your action I’m hooked, and rather than pushing through those scenes I feel myself pulled along in your excellent writing till the scene is finished. I’m often amazed how long you can hold my interest while you write, this isn’t an easy feat. ;) I’m also amazed in the same instance by how long your action scenes can be and how well you can write them and keep it so fluid, never once slowing the process. It’s REALLY impressive. Don’t underestimate that talent. Wow.

I loved the whole ending scene. I think even knowing that they were dying, not many people would get up and make themselves a tourniquet, I don’t think many of them would manage to remain so confident throughout all of it either. And I loved that. It wasn’t unrealistic, just extremely rare, and it showed the TRUE character of Trent. He just became one of my instant favorite characters, and I hope that he lives because that kind of character deserves to be recognized, or at least to live on to inspire others. And it would, whether he tried to or not. It’s infectious and would show through.

I loved the scene where he stabbed the Rocket in the neck. I’m not a graphic person by any means, so I didn’t like the idea of the action itself or anything, rather it was a really awesome comeback. I was sure that he was about to die and I thought that was a horrible shame after all of the incredible fighting he had managed to pull off (and that was all really realistic and well written by the way). And then that character thing I mentioned before came out of him even after getting his arm cut off and he just owned. He made his way out of that impossible situation the same way he had been doing the entire scene. With the other rockets too. It wasn’t scratch free, but he did it. And that is amazing. I think it’s inspiring to read, I’m sure for other people too. I loved it!

His last thought only concreted all of my thoughts about his character up to that point. A really awesome person.

That all being said, I also was caught up in my own sort of sadness reading the scene as the rockets were killed. I couldn’t help but think about the fact that Trent was having to kill people and did those rockets even want to be in that situation? Were they anywhere near the mindset of the final rocket to die even? It’s hard to say and it’s a horrible and sad thing about war. I feel bad for all of them in that moment, and I sort of felt like for some reason that maybe you intended to show that a little bit, even though it wasn’t obviously stated. I’m unsure about that, but it was a thought I had.

But that all said, awesome writing :) You deserve all the good reviews you get and I wish I had given you the feedback you deserved right after it came out. I love it.

-PG17 ;)
KrazyKat101 chapter 103 . 11/21/2014
Finally got around to reading the last couple chapters. Woo! I admit, reading through, I was like "there's no way PTA's gonna win this" but they've got reinforcements! So that's a good thing I guess. (But a small part of me still hopes this isn't the end of the war because we haven't seen Jessie and James yet!)

-Krazy (:
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