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JuneDelph chapter 15 . 5/27
... Sooooo this "penultimate chapter" of anguish and doom was updated in 2012, I guess... I guess there not much hope for THE missing chapter, the resolution of this whole mess, to be lying around somewhere, written but unpublished and lying around forgotten in the depths of your hard drive ?

Not much hope indeed huh ?

My heart, Crazy Fool, my heart hurts so bad :' (
TwilightWakerofTime chapter 15 . 7/14/2014
Wait! What is this? Where's Chapter 16? You can't tell us that this is the "(possibly) penultimate chapter" and then not give us an ULTIMATE chapter for two years! That's just... horrible!

You evil genius.

Although it appears that you have left , I humbly ask that you consider providing some kind of closure to this lovely tale if you find the time. I have enjoyed it immensely and would really like to see how it ends.

I'm very new to Dr. Horrible, but I've read a ridiculous amount of fanfics for the section in the last few days. I'm a fan of longer stories, those that are novel-length with multiple chapters and capable of holding your attention for a long time. Unfortunately, this section appears to be somewhat lacking in that area. Thus, when I found this story, I was delighted. After reading the first chapter, I was even more excited. I absolutely loved your introduction of Captain Hammer and his meeting with Billy. It made me smile. You seemed to overlay drama with humor perfectly - and that trend continued throughout the story. When I looked at the 78,000 word count, I knew I was in for a treat.

And I was not disappointed! One of the first things I learned about this fandom is that there are a LOT of Penny resurrection fics. However, you pulled it off amazingly well. I liked how you didn't rush it, how Penny wasn't even formally revived until much later in the story. I've also seen a lot of stories in which Professor Normal is the main antagonist, so I was actually really surprised when he turned out to not be an entirely... bad guy, for lack of a better description. In fact, I kept expecting him to betray them at any moment, even when he started acting helpful... I totally expected those pills to be poison or something, especially when Penny got sick, haha. But it looks like he actually is helping, so far.

But I guess I can't know for sure until you post the last chapter, huh? And I suppose the chances of that happening aren't exactly in my favor. But come on. You only had one more chapter! Don't you want to feel relieved that you finished a project? You've come so far!

Anyway... Yes, this is one of my favorites that I've read so far. I don't add stories to my official favorites list very often anymore, but if I ever get bored one day and return to reread this - and I suspect I will - I probably will add it. I really loved the relationship between Hammer and Dr. Horrible so much. The humor and the drama were skillfully implemented and intertwined for the entire story. That section where Fake Thomas Jefferson quit made me laugh, especially when you mentioned replacing him with Lord Voldemort or Sarah Palin. (Although it makes me wonder why Fake Thomas Jefferson was still in the ELE in later chapters... Oh well!) My favorite chapter is still the one where Penny is finally revived and Dr. Horrible sends Hammer off to jail. Something about the whole scene is really vivid in my mind. I love how the police are oblivious and Horrible's plan is perfectly playing out, all while he's clutching a newly ressurected Penny. Very well done.

There's just so much I love about this story, yet so much more I'd like to know. How's Penny? Will she be able to live a normal life, or would she be better off dead? And is Dr. Horrible going to quit the league? What will happen with the ELE's plan for world domination?

You have such a creative, well-written story here; it's practically a crime to not complete it. I urge you to give us a conclusion! Thanks for sharing this with the world, though, and even if it's never completed, I'll keep it in mind as one of the most enjoyable fics I've read in a while.
Guest chapter 15 . 8/9/2013
Umm, I'm gonna take a shot in the dark here and say that we're not getting a final chapter are we... sniffles
Alexandra Knight chapter 15 . 12/16/2012
D'x poor Billy. Once again you have made magic on these pages. You are wonderful. :s You know something's wrong when Captian hammer is right about something... Just, try not to make Dr. Horrible suffer too much... ok?
drizzlydaze chapter 15 . 8/24/2012
Is that a wild update I spot? I like how the story is always progressing both in character and plot. What I'm most intrigued with is what will happen to Penny. Will she live her life like that? Will they find some way around it? Will her ultimate fate still be a premature death? And of course, I'm also looking forward to Dr Horrible's confession of his Death Ray. Captain Hammer made sense! It was an unexpected and shining bit of dialogue there. Although you could argue that Hammer's so much of a douche that he deserved all of that anyway. Wondering how you'll wrap all this up in just one chapter (possibly), so I'm looking forward to it.
Dance-Axel-Dance chapter 14 . 8/14/2012
akk! I Need the next chapter! Hurry up and update! Horrible Story! See wat did there? ;D
Madame Apathy chapter 1 . 5/24/2012
This is the first Dr. Horrible fanfiction I've read, and I'm actually quite surprised by the quality of it. Your characterisation is pretty good, though maybe Captain Hammer's stupidity is slightly exaggerated. But heck, it's funny so who cares?

I also think you've done a pretty good job of the plot and aftermath of Penny's death. It seems very like Captain Hammer that he wouldn't bother paying his psychiatrist, and you've illustrated the change in Dr. Horrible's character beautifully- you can tell he's lost any enthusiasm for the ELE. I can't wait to see how this goes.

drizzlydaze chapter 13 . 5/21/2012
You deserve more reviews, dammit. So glad you updated.

First things first, REDVINES! I assume that's an AVPM reference? If so, aaawesome. Now onto the actual plot... Dr Horrible's dilemma is realistic and well-done. I hope you flesh out Penny more as you go along. Captain Hammer is mucking up his works as usual, that prick. And is it wrong that this made me chuckle? "Horrible felt as though an entire chapter of his life had been orchestrated by some bored seventeen-year-old fan fiction writer that had nothing better to do than ruin his life using very bad prose and Microsoft Word 2010." Wonder how Penny will react to everything in the next chapter, especially with Hammer on the loose... I mean, Horrible is abetting murders even though he doesn't commit them himself, just by being in the ELE.
Alexandra Knight chapter 13 . 5/20/2012
:D Once again, you are amazing.
Alexandra Knight chapter 12 . 4/28/2012
Oh. My. God. You are my hero. you're... amazing. How could you even write something that incredible! No more be said. You are my hero.
morjean chapter 12 . 4/3/2012
I really love this ff and i cant wait for chapter 13, i hope you will update soon :D

but what do you mean with "perfection fades"? perfection cant fades, he got everything he ever! D:
StarlitWave10 chapter 12 . 2/11/2012
At first, when I was nearing the end, I thought that this was the end, cause Penny's back and everything's fine and dandy, but the last few lines caught me completely off guard! I'm so glad you're cotinuing this, I am loving this story! :D
Lady Mayflower chapter 12 . 2/11/2012
Perfection fades? NO! Perfection can't fade! Dr. Horrible finally got everything he ever! D:

God bless you, CrazyFool. This story is AWESOME. It's been a really long time since a fanfiction's had me as drawn in as this one does.

I really love your characterization - it really brings the story to life. Dr. Horrible's absolutely lovable, it's a beautiful balance between evil genius, lovestruck fool, and bumbling idiot. And Captain Hammer's POVs have been HILARIOUS...okay, Captain Hammer in general has been hilarious. XD Professor Normal's a scary, little thing, and I love all of the thought and detail in all of the science behind the Resurrect-Ohm-Meter (...and that little mishap with Johnny Snow.) Spot on!

I tip my hat to you. :) Thank you for this beautiful contribution, and I can't wait to see how this story wraps up!
gcpd582 chapter 2 . 2/2/2012
the only thing that went through the bowl of petunia's mind was "oh no. not again."
Martin Baker chapter 11 . 12/20/2011
WOW! This was really awesome. I love your attention to detail, from the twists and turns of the plot to the thoughts and feelings of the characters. I was hooked. I hope your new school is working out. If you can write like this you shouldn't have too many problems finding friends who think you're cool. You went to Africa? Neat! I always wantedto d that. Anyway, I hope to see the nex chapter soon.
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