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lovemya2000 chapter 1 . 12/17/2014
keep my issues drawn chapter 1 . 10/16/2011
I loved this! I nearly spat out my drink at "So, if I ever accidentally tell someone that you're a werewolf, you're entitled to spread that I have a third nipple to all the girls in the castle." and I laughed so much at "Who do we know who's a relative of the Marauders? I'll give you a clue. Thunderbolts and lightning very very frightening..."

Great, and very touching at the end! :')
Bittersweet x chapter 1 . 9/22/2011
Would it be strange if I said I'm glad you exist? Please say no because I am so glad that you exist! :D This story is so fantasticly fantastic! Thinking about the Marauders (despite the fact that I write about them every day..) always depresses me because THEY ALL DIED.


-Bittersweet x
Louey06 chapter 1 . 8/10/2011
This was fantastic I loved it so soo much!
I promised I'd review so hey chapter 1 . 8/10/2011
Aah! This was just brilliant, my friend, pure utter brilliance! Yes, it was quite long, but you kept each of them in character and never dragged out a scene- keeping us gripped through out.. Then the whole idea of the plot, going throughout Remus' Hogwart years to his end, I cannot thank you enough. I love you for writing it, I truly do. It was heartfelt, and, even though it may not be canon with Rowling, to me, it filled the gaps of Remus' and the rest of the marauders past... ]

My friend, I am jealous of your writing skills, imagination, and ability to update. Keep it up! And I'll see you soon ]
Scandalacious Intentions chapter 1 . 6/6/2011
Oooh. This is going to be a long one.

Okay. I'm going to start this review that I think is probably going to have the same word count as Homer's Odyssey, by saying that this was SO gripping. It's long, but it needed to be and, as a massive fangirl, this was certainly not a bad thing.

I like the idea of him hanging around with Lily and Severus and it being Sirius who invites him into the beginnings of the Marauders, you know? I also like that Remus introduces Peter. We have very similar ideas here and that alone made me smile.

"continues Remus in the same cheerful tone"

Just perfect. You've got him down to a fine art.

""Who pissed in your cheerios today?""

You do realise that I will steal this and use it on everyone who gets grumpy with me from now on? Love this line.

I REALLY like your take on them confronting him about his Lycanthropy. It was really original and I like the way that you acknowledge how hard it is for him to just carry on as though nothing happened. It's a trap a lot of people (even myself so I'm not pointing fingers) have fallen into and you not only didn't fall into it, you pissed in its Cheerios.

All right, I'll stop with the Cheerios references. Still a great line though.

"James has started talking a lot about his third nipple as if to just make the situation more comfortable for Remus"

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. This passage was so insanely good!

Also worth noting. "Longing doesn't quash his fury."

A really poignant and beautiful line.

Oh and Lupin forgiving Sirius? Also very much in line with the way I imagined it so you get even more props for that one.

""If he says 'ace' again and I accidentally throttle him, will you help me hide the body?" he asks Remus when he's making dinner one night."

This one earned me a sharp knocking on my door to shut up. I REALLY laughed at this because it was just so real. Everyone has said that. Well, maybe not about "ace", but you know...

Oh, and the passage describing Harry's first birthday was beautifully tragic. I also really like the way you signalled the beginning of the end with something so bright. It was very telling and wonderfully written.

"He doesn't want to betray Black like he betrayed Lily and James, like he betrayed Remus"

This was the line I wanted to comment on a lot so I'll keep it to a minimum. This was my favourite part of the whole story (and if you can't tell, I liked it all very much) because it deviates from how Remus describes this choice himself in PoA and yet it's so real and so plausible. I have never even thought of that aspect of the decision before. I also think that, not only is it plausible, but it's very in character with who Lupin really is. He's the "do as I do, not as I say" sort who thinks that Sirius will learn more from not being turned in to the Ministry. Very powerful.

"it's much easier to see Pettigrew in those shoes than Black."

Again, it's another wonderful section as a whole, but that closing line was just heartbreaking.

"She's okay, he supposes"

I am smiling so much that my cheeks hurt. Sirius' 'hurt her and I'll kill you' speech was just great!

You also write Tonks very well. I am starting to think you are not even human - but that's only because I'm jealous.

"He can't help but feel angry at Harry; had he not acted on impulse, Sirius might still be alive"

Very human and I'm glad you included it. His thought process after the tragedy was so in character.

His reflections on Peter's death were also lovely. It's something I think we all see him feeling and again, your last line of the section was beautiful. You have a knack for that.

"I'll give you a clue. Thunderbolts and lightning very very frightening..."


His thoughts on Teddy were just gorgeous and make me want to glomp him even more (and that's really saying something).

"It's time for him to go, and if he can, he'll take Dolohov with him."

I think it is testament to your talent that, even though I knew how it was going to end, I was on the edge of my seat with my heart in my mouth.

"It's saved the surprise."

Okay, I'll admit it. I cried. I actually cried.

You fail at endings. Oh look! There's a pig flying over the Irish sea.

As you may be able to guess, I am adding this to my favourites and it is my favourite Favourite...does that even make sense?

Just know that it was wonderful and though this review makes me look like an obsessive stalker, you deserved a really long and detailed account of your own brilliance because I could really tell how hard you worked on this. And boy, did that hard work pay off. In my opinion, of your Potter stuff, this is easily the best thing you've written.

Rainbow Dust chapter 1 . 5/31/2011

Its pwettyful!

I'm such a Sirius looser... when Remmie punched him.. yeah I was also worried about his face :$


I understand why Remmers was angers

but I lovers my Siriusers .. youknow?

Now, it is time for you, young lady to get your butt back to the cb and stop this madness, I dont wanna wait until saturday or sunday :(

hpfanduh chapter 1 . 4/9/2011
i actually nearly cried :') it was beautiful
Padfoot24601 chapter 1 . 3/1/2011
Ooh I love your stories! Why don't you get more reviews? At the moment I'm sort of reviewing all of your Harry Potter fics and I must say that they are all brilliant! Also Sirius's hair mojo-love it! Is the line about that from Cheryl Cole's hair adverts? Probably not.

Guest chapter 1 . 2/27/2011
love. love reamus, love sirius, love james. would have liked to have seensome werewolf snippets though; could you write a one shot about that?
mountain ash chapter 1 . 2/26/2011
This is incredible! You have such good emotions in here-My heart wrenched when Remus's did, I was ephoric when he was-this is amazing. Write more-you are very good at this.
IsleofAnarchy chapter 1 . 2/26/2011

I loved this. Thank you so much.

You portrayed all parts of him. This was so beautiful. I love Lupin. Thanks so much for this story.