Reviews for Cherry Bridge
LilithiaRW chapter 30 . 10h
The bad guys always want Sasuke for his body lol
LilithiaRW chapter 29 . 10h
This is giving me all kinds of ItaSaku vibes...guess I know what story I'm reading next lol
LilithiaRW chapter 28 . 10h
This chapter reminded me a song by Halsey: "They told me once, "don't trust the moon, she's always changing"
The shores bend and break for her
And she begs to be loved"
ForgetfulDaffodil chapter 35 . 9/18
I believe that feeling is the climax of a story coming to a close, well done I really enjoyed this story. *Applaudes*
NorthernLights25 chapter 35 . 9/17
What a conclusion! It was so satisfying and beautiful. Wonderful job with it.
betty69blue chapter 35 . 9/17
Ahhhh! Omg! Yaaaaasssss! Hes dead! update soon! Really really soon!
NorthernLights25 chapter 34 . 9/15
I was actually just getting ready to reread this story and then you updated! :) Hearing it's so close to the end I'll hold off till it's all together then reread it. Thanks for a wonderful chapter as is usual.
Sansa chapter 34 . 9/14
Well im just happy to see an update and have an excuse to reread everything

Great chapter
Mimi-Love-4ever chapter 34 . 9/14
Hi there!

Soo excited to see an update for this lovely story, but super sad that it's almost over! Glad to see that Team 7 is together, fighting and protecting each other. Can't wait to read what happens next! Thank you for sharing and happy writings. :)

~*~ Mimi-Love-4Ever
Guest chapter 34 . 9/14's been practically a year. This is abolsutely awesome! Thank you so much for updating! I read this story about 2 years ago, and you were updating pretty consistent back then. Jump to now, I would re-read Cherry Bridge every once in a while hoping for a new chapter. This is truly an amazing update. Take your time, no pressure. I have loved this story for the longest time. I'm so happy!
Mimi-Love-4ever chapter 33 . 7/28
Hi there!

Just wanted to say that I'm so glad I found this story and I thoroughly enjoy that it's a little more Sakura-centric, which is great because I love Sakura. I like the bloodline you've added to her character and her character development. It's a nice little twist! Not to mention that we got to see a little more of Itachi.

I do hope there's still an update coming at some point cause you still got one reader here who is eager to know what happens next! Thank you for sharing and happy writings. :)

Guest chapter 1 . 4/26
Ummmmm.? Dafaq i need a FAQ for whatever the fuck he said.
Tushya chapter 33 . 4/1
This is soo exciting! I went through all the chapters in a matter of days _ it's amazing how u managed to bring in and keep the technicalities intact
glitterypinkfangirl12 chapter 33 . 1/26
When I first started this story I was a bit worried that Sakura would become a Mary Sue. But to have done great character building and added a new dimension to her. I live the world that you have built, please continue it! Thank you for writing this story!
Sauce-kun chapter 33 . 12/1/2016
I really love how well thought out this fic is and I can't wait to see Sakura tear into Madara or for her and Sasuke to deal with their emotional baggage. HE'LL NEVER GET NARUTO, DATTEBAYO!
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