Reviews for Cherry Bridge
TKDnarutard chapter 29 . 6/11
this story is awesome. i usually only read completed stories because i hate it when authors write good stories and never finish them.. but a friend recommended your story and now im hooked, so please do keep writing at least until this story is over
PineapplexFudge Angel chapter 29 . 6/11
HOLY CRAP I JUST REALIZED! Madara is in the lake to get to the temple, with all the bones, and the reason why he's hiding out there is because that lake is THE WELL! That's why the Rokukan bones are there, because that's where they pass over into the heavens. That's why Itachi and Sakura never saw it, because it was hidden in a sealed temple, and that's how Madara is spying on the stars! Through the well, which is supposedly impossible! No wonder Sasuke had a foreboding feeling from it! But if Saura passes through it, would she go back into her body, or will she be floating around as a loose mind/spirit? I hope it's the former. And what happened to Chang'e? Did Madara somehow suck her through, or is she working together with him?

Moving on, the Uchiha interaction/reunion was amazing! I love how Fugaku realized just what he did to his sons, and now they're at partial peace. I kinda wish Sasuke would have had a chance to talk to them, even mentally through Sakura or something... Sorry for the long as hell review. Can't wait to read the next chapter!
Uchiha Misaki chapter 29 . 6/11
Good chapter
Hawkllama chapter 29 . 6/10
OMGG THE FAMILY IS ALL TOGETHER AGAIN! Except Sasuke... THE DEAD FAMILY IS ALL TOGETHER AGAIN! But just, oh god why? Why can't stupid be cured? Then we wouldn't have the issue that is Madara... *cries silently in corner*
Guest chapter 29 . 6/10
LOVE IT SO MUCH! Update soon please!?
White.Rose.Didi chapter 29 . 6/10
The reunion was wonderful! It brought me to tears!
Oh, I missed this story so much! I was actually thinking the other day how nice it would be to read a brand new chapter of it and how it's been quite some time since the last update. I mean it! You can't possibly understand how much I missed it and how much I love this story of yours! I sincerely hope that you'll keep having amazing ideas for this story until the very end! You have certainly done an amazing job up until now. So keep it going! :D
NuraHikari chapter 28 . 5/29
I am absolutly and utterly in Love with this Story. Please update as soon as possible.
NuraHikari chapter 4 . 5/27
Enter sasuke! ;)
I love this story so far. :) the plot is really good.
kornelia chapter 28 . 5/25
Dude it's so good ! Update soon please!
Mystery Day Dreamer chapter 28 . 5/20
So much fun~! I hope you update soon! _
Sakira-Hime chapter 28 . 5/2
Aaaaaah this story just gets better and better! I absolutely love the way you wrote Shisui and Itachi'Itachi's relationship, I think it was spot on! Can't wait for the next chapter!
wendy m chapter 28 . 5/1
I think that this chapter was one of your best and went is sakura going to the leaf village or the war
Guest chapter 28 . 5/1
I love it so much so far! Please update as soon as possible!
Twisted Musalih chapter 28 . 5/1
So wanted to keep on reading.
guest chapter 28 . 5/1
great chapter
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