Reviews for Highway to Hell
LavenderBlossom74 chapter 3 . 6/14/2016
This was hilarious... Probably would never happen but hey, what's the imagination for? Haha
LavenderBlossom74 chapter 1 . 6/14/2016
So funny! And I look forward to reading some Roy
Lol, batman doesn't have more than one friend.. What about agent A?
DynamicDuoFanandPhoneGuy chapter 4 . 6/1/2016
Omg! The endless roasts! I love your stories! Please update when you get a chance
RedCeleste chapter 4 . 12/31/2015
omg this is cute
Guest chapter 4 . 11/11/2014
Oh my gosh person... Finish the story, I'm dying, it's the most hilarious one yet.
stormy chapter 1 . 8/21/2014
aren't u continuing this story
anon chapter 4 . 5/19/2014
are you going to finish this story
its really good and I've been waiting for a long time
Linuxrulez chapter 4 . 4/12/2014
Oh my this is sooooo funny, i cant hold my laughter
Ninjarocker chapter 4 . 7/3/2013
This, my friend, is the stuff legends are made of.
Miss Fortune chapter 4 . 4/2/2013
i hate you so much for not updating why dont you update it would rid the world of unhappiness
V. L. Crawford chapter 4 . 12/8/2012
Oh poor Batman. he loves his kid though. Please update soon.
V. L. Crawford chapter 3 . 12/8/2012
V. L. Crawford chapter 2 . 12/8/2012
Oh Batman stop being rude.
V. L. Crawford chapter 1 . 12/8/2012
This sounds like it could be a fantastic story. i love the thought of it already.
StarStreakedSky chapter 1 . 11/13/2012
Once upon a time, my dad decided, "Hey, the oil in this car is old. Let's change it!" So he changed the oil. Thing is, this was a considerably new car, and my dad didn't know where the oil was supposed to go once he emptied it. So there he is, under the car, wondering where the hell the oil is supposed to go, and he decides, "Okay, whatever, this place looks about right, let's fill the oil there." And he did. He put the oil in a spot that was, later found, completely wrong, and when he was driving on the highway, he came to the realization that the thing he put the oil in fell off onto the road and the car was leaking oil. So he had to pull over, get the thing off the road, and he somehow managed to fix the problem and drove off with no problems.

So... yeah. That's all I got XD
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