Reviews for The Last Casualties
Charlee56 chapter 32 . 11/29
This isn't a story, so much as it is an EPIC.
Please, do keep up posting. I know how easily we can let a story just go; but this so far incredible tale, this truly epic journey deserves a finish.
And I'll be waiting.
Charlee56 chapter 15 . 11/27
Nice chapter; a statement of Hermione's need for Faith. And "her pleas were heard", eh? Are we gonna hear more about this?
Charlee56 chapter 14 . 11/27
One mistake in... spelling? A mistake with a homonym? Either grammar or syntax or both...?
In re: the "ritual... as PROSCRIBED"... This word, "PRO-scribed", is wrong.
The correct word is PRESCRIBED, and not proscribed.
PRE, not PRO.
Proscribed means 'forbidden', or also 'disallowed'. Prescribed means 'intended for use'.
Very important difference.
Charlee56 chapter 13 . 11/27
Now THIS was a BATTLE!
Hermione killing almost with abandon right through her absolute rage! Ya gotta LOVE IT!
I'm just really sorry she ran outta gas after electrocuting that snide bastard. He deserved to truly "Ride The Lightning".
Maybe yet...
Charlee56 chapter 10 . 11/26
Great Omake!
Charlee56 chapter 9 . 11/26
An incredible story! I usually dont give "Potter Parents" stories a second glance. Most tend to over-dramatize them both, Lily and James.
One is usually tragic and the other offensive to the point of comedy.
But not this story.
Oh no! This one is really believable! And not only that, but the character development is near-stupendous in FF land!
Remus and Padfoot/Sirius are both recognizably themselves and Lily is truly a good, albeit very young mother for Harry. And James?
A revelation here. He's believable in every way, truly a Pureblood Scion, now Lord of an Ancient and Moste Nobelle House.
It's taken me two days to finish 9 chapters, and I've got to say that these two days couldn't have been better spent!
Charlee56 chapter 7 . 11/25
Among the many things I've done, been or still am, a Violist is chief amongst all.
And having sat in many an orchestra, I can tell you most authoritatively that NO ONE sits in a "pit" while performing Beethoven's Fifth, or any other symphony.
A pit is where the orchestra sits when performing for an opera or a play, or a ballet performance.
And no, no seats are sold in a "pit". Front and center, yes. But the best seats in London are the boxes of the balcony. The acoustics are incomparable. Why d'you think their majesties sit there?
Charlee56 chapter 6 . 11/25
In re: the Omake:
It would've been funnier if, when Harry pissed on the egg, the mermaid started singing her song in the voice reserved for underwater!
Charlee56 chapter 3 . 11/25
Sirius and James were first cousins. Sirius' dad was James' mother's brother. That was a "first cousins" relationship. But that didn't make Sirius a "second cousin" to Harry. It made them "first cousins once removed" (by one generation). A second cousin would've been a first cousin of Sirius' on his maternal side, but no blood relation to James in the strictest sense.
Or cousin of either Sirius' dad or James' mom would've been counted as a second cousin to them, with each succeeding generation as once removed.
My family is extremely extended that way.
Charlee56 chapter 1 . 11/21
I've never liked tales where the Potters either survived or came back to life. But for a first chapter, this was actually plausible. And the author has laid the groundwork for a good tale, going forward.
All the elements are there including Lily and Hermione's beginning to bond over Harry.
I'm gonna follow this out, and I do believe I'll be thoroughly enjoying it!
LoneWolfAndCub chapter 32 . 11/14
Time for a few well placed tactical nuclear strikes
MomofPhoenix chapter 15 . 9/9
As a Roman Catholic living in the Souther United States, I completely understand why she would be seen as a minority. Where I was born and raised, the city I grew up in have 4 major Catholic churches, and 2 smaller ones. That was just in the city itself. In the county, there was a total of about 12. When we moved here I discovered that it is an hour drive just to get to a Catholic church, which is surprising considering the very large Hispanic population here.
Alwin-nl chapter 32 . 9/7
“It won’t be years before the next update”

Oh really? /s
Alwin-nl chapter 24 . 9/6
It’s not common for baby boys to be sexually mutilated in Europe. That disgusting practice is mostly american (apart from muslim states).

And even if “needed” in religion no healer would ever dream of doing it unasked. Weird that it’s written like it’s utterly common.
Alwin-nl chapter 14 . 9/4
I really like this story so far but Hermione being religious is the most OOC thing for her I’ve ever read.

She’s extremely intelligent, people like her punch trough the brainwashing easily and do away with the superstition and ignorance.

Very big miss in an otherwise good story.
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