Reviews for Digging for the Bones
Guest chapter 62 . 4/23
Just reread this again and loved it even more the second time. I think this story would be really great with a sequel...any chance?
sirfrancisdrakemay chapter 62 . 4/25
OMG! This is now head-cannon! I absolutely love this story! I would love to know what happens after that last scene! An amazing story that is so well thought out and so well written!
Guest chapter 11 . 4/20
Ok, he leido hasta aqui y vas muy bien, aunque no me gusto la verdad que muriera Neville, hubieras matado a Dean o Tomas, el desarrollo de la historia y las descriciones son muy acertadas y bastante descriptivas, te felicito

Aunque no tengo nada en contra de Snape, prefiero siempre mil veces a Sirius, porque es mas emocional y adora a Harry, aunque cometio la estupidez de ir por la rata tambien lo hizo por Harry, y pagaron con sufrimiento los dos por esa decision
aqp.gerencia chapter 62 . 4/22
Muy buena historia, te felicito
Ojalá y puedas escribir una secuela, Snape, Sirius, Lupin y Harry han sufrido mucho y merecen felicidad
Guest chapter 62 . 4/13
Awwwwwwwww, oh my godddddddd! I love this soooo much omggg. it's very beautiful. the ending is so lovely. I love this so much
markm88 chapter 37 . 4/12
I'm not crying it's just raining in my bedroom.
beccasullivanwrites1 chapter 30 . 4/10
Love this whole set of watches thing...I’d like to order a couple myself, please. Lol
sami1010220 chapter 62 . 3/30
How have I never read this before?! Fantastic job, great writing and story/character development
Guest chapter 62 . 3/23
I dont know why i read all of this. This story sucks at so many levels. If youhad edit to 1/3 of its contents it might be good. There is no editing. The story is repetitive and the angst iss incohetent. Is disapointing the way it ends.
Guest chapter 61 . 3/23
This angst sucks so repetitive
Guest chapter 54 . 3/23
This story is starting to get non sensical
Guest chapter 51 . 3/23
Again rwpetitive . second chspter in a roll that someone talk about harry losing blood in the nose in accidents...
Guest chapter 46 . 3/23
Its getting a bit repetitive. I think harry said the same thibgs for 4 or 5 chapters str8
Jenn chapter 62 . 3/19
This was an incredible read. Wow! I loved every minute of it! I’ve always adored Severus and always will. You did him such justice here. Thank you so much for sharing!
Fashionista-girl chapter 62 . 3/14
I really hope for a sequel to this story please
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