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Reader99 chapter 39 . 3/31
And that's why you don't do it on a whim. People get suspicious and you have to live with worse mistakes than you did before. I've been hospitalized and I vowed to myself it wouldn't happen again. You can see the difference in care though. My mum made me get myself released (apparently u can lie to doctors) and then yelled at me for being overdramatic and then i had to go on a family vacation. And start online college. There was no compassion.

Ironically last year I voluntary went back to actually get help. Different place different program. Decided it's not that I want to die but that i don't want to live like this anymore. That's a work in progress. I think part of the problem is i form attachments wrong. The death of people I know and love doesn't bother me. So it's hard to imagine it would really upset people that bad if something happens to me. Especially with the reaction of some of them. Whatever.

I'm sorry.
Reader99 chapter 37 . 3/31
I'm crying. You handle the dark stuff really well. No flinching from it but also addressing everything compassionately. The writing, not just the characters.
Reader99 chapter 35 . 3/31
And that's why u don't give up at just one way and knot tying is an useful skill. Also why deaths happen in rashes. I'm thinking the mortal peril watch woke snape up. Probably one of his better things. I really like your Snape. Hes not ooc either because it was more of a revealing of character than a change. Good job. I hate depression blinders. They are one heck of a trip, the way you process things and the thoughts. Harry is lucky he didn't manage to do lasting harm, that's one of the ways that might leave you paralyzed instead of dead. Poisons can burn through your stomach and make you weak the rest of your life, hanging can paralyze you, guns can ruin brain function, vein slicing can just leave nerve damage... basically lots of them death isn't the worst scenario. That is why I like combining them and also falling. It is very hard after a certain height up to do anything but die. Of course I don't think the characters would necessarily do something so certain. Would depend. Emotion seems to ironically make it easier to save someone because they forget to cover all the bases. For me I'd need at least a 30 story building, overdose/poison, tie/strangulation device, and a large knife. Get up ready to jump, take the poison, set the strangulation (helps prevent vomit response from doing any good), couple slices at arteries and veins, and fall. The number of steps and items required is why I'm actually still alive. I can't get all of the things at once and I won't do it a different way. But it's also much more passive now, being very reckless in general, that's all. I've been suicidal for 11 years (since I was 10) so something is working. Also I still swear I'm alright. The story helps actually
Reader99 chapter 25 . 3/30
I read on. This chapter was actually pretty calming to me. I do have to wonder what fresh problem Dumbledore is dealing with.

I didnt think about the dementors at all but those definitely don't help the students.
Reader99 chapter 24 . 3/30
Accidental my ass. Also not a cry for help though. Sometimes it is, but not this time.
Don't keep reading if you don't want possibly TMI
I'm not allowed to mention suicide at home because my parents think it's intended to hold them captive. As in "I'm not happy with getting chocolate ice cream instead of vanilla oh this makes me suicidal". I hate them a little. I don't actually use it like that, it was an example of how they saw it. The Times I've tried to broach the subject have actually been more like "yanno when you yell at me about my grades or whatever? I'm already suicidal and using your love as a reason to keep living so can we maybe yell at me less?" I can't I'm gonna go do something else for a bit, sorry. Great chapter I'm glad Ginny is okay.
Reader99 chapter 23 . 3/30
I knew it was coming. I'm so glad she didn't walk of the astronomy tower... that was I thought was going to happen. I would have combined that and the potion at the very least but I'm a perfectionist and I really couldn't stand to fail that too. Maybe now she's gonna be okay though, get mind healing. It helped me. Lol. Most of the time I'm okay at least. They might need general mandatory sessions to teach about the symptoms and signs of suicide and depression and stuff. If harry knew what was happening they might have saved her more easily or had more warning or something. (Tho then you have to worry about letting the students know what they're looking for. Which is the problem with the likes of me, who knows all of them and as such hides them.) I'm not actively suicidal, no worries xD. (Not like I'd be able to be saved if I set my mind to it. It passes from "emotional impulse" to "premeditated murder" then and that's lots harder to foil.) And that's why I spent a month in the loony bin getting my medication fixed and taught how to want to live. The secret is mostly focusing on the people you care about and then also caring about yourself. It's still a work in progress.
Reader99 chapter 22 . 3/30
I didn't realize how close to home this story would come with things. I'm worried for Ginny though. She seems suicidal to me and now she's given away a prized possession. I really like this Snape. All your characters are so real. I've been crying off and on. I did not expect Neville to die. It had the feeling of "author will save this character because story" not, "this character will die and it will hurt and people will miss them which hurts worse" which is real life and what happened. You write really well. I'm gonna take awhile to finish reading though, I can tell. I have to keep taking a break to remind myself they're fictional characters and get distance again. In a weird way though I'm processing my own life at the same time. Your story is like, gourmet quality. I kinda liked that harry and I share the same view on what death will hopefully be like. I wonder if that's a shared experience thing or what.

I also hope you're doing alright as, like, a person. I haven't seen people who understand these feelings and stuff so well who haven't also been through rough stuff and I just... wanna like give you a hug and i hope you're okay. I can only give virtual anonymous hug though... still, *hugs*. I feel like you're a great person and you deserve happiness.
SiriyBlack chapter 26 . 3/30
Okay, when Sev said "My child" I got goosebumps. really oh my lord. chapter 1 . 3/28
Morbid some? But good writing. And although it's my least favorite story of yours, still one of the best out there.
Lila Dunmare chapter 62 . 3/24
That was really good. It ends quite abruptly though...
queenboyle chapter 62 . 3/19
This is the fourth time I have read this story, and I never thought I could love it any more then I did before. Thanks for writing this!
Yuki-Infel chapter 62 . 3/19
This story. Perfect.
MADStar529 chapter 62 . 3/16
Very sweet ending.
Int0xicAti0n chapter 1 . 3/16
I think this fic is less about the story and more about the life experiences. This is happening (child abuse not magic obviously) in the real world too and has really woken me up to the problems we have. Thanks for writing this as i think this really went deep
Comrade'sRoza chapter 62 . 3/15
Brilliantly written!
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