Reviews for His Name
permanentlyinactive9318 chapter 1 . 3/29/2011
So, I just got home from math class, and my eyes itch from having worn contact lenses alllll day, and I'm tired and so not looking forward to history class tomorrow morning, bright and early. :P And I've just realized that I promised to review your newest fanfics . . . long ago. I'm sorry for taking so long on that; I know I need to PM you as well AND check out your Frodo/Sam/Rosie story . . . *bows head in shame*

I hate college classes & homeschool as of now. They REALLY are taking the toll on me. :P I barely can get on FF to send looong PMs to my FF friends! :P

Still, I got your latest PM and I realized how much I miss IWNKH, and, so . . . GET TO WRITING ON IT, ESTIE! Does that help? ;D I hate writer's block. :-/ If you don't write an update, I'll . . . I'll . . . I'll NEVER speak to you again! Ha! Okay, I won't do that. ;D But . . . pretty please - get inspired? :) Oh, wait, you said to HARASS you, ok . . . hey! What are you sitting around for? Get your lazy fingers to your keyboard and write! The story isn't going to finish all by itself, you know! :P ;D Haha, I hope you finally get inspired soon! :)

Okay, regarding this one-shot - I really liked it. :D I think a K-plus rating is more deserved; it isn't too "mature". :) You did a good job on being extremely subyle and yet letting the reader find out clearly what the situation was about. I can see Sam being insecure about his marriage; that's very Samwise of him. I love how Rosie was so sweet and pleading with him and alleviated Sam's fears. :) I love how you write Sam's thoughts & feelings and describe what's happening - all very in character and realistic. :) I'm surprised this has no reviews; you definitely deserve better than that! :P :) So - here's a review. :)

I decided to review rather than just crash into bed once I got into the house. Happy? :P Haha. ;)

Oh, and my mom - thank you for your prayers! She got the growth over her lip sterlized and frozen off; she'll get it checked out next month. If all is well, other surgery won't be needed. :) I'm very relieved!

I hope all is well with you & your family!