Reviews for Mates For Eternity
jk chapter 18 . 4/21
bella said in the first chapter that no two female vampires liked the same male...but heres Tanya all over Edward

oh and im pretty sure most of us understand sarcasm so the NOT isn't needed
what a fun two weeks this will be...not (that's the no im refurring to)
and do males usually go after mated females? that seems odd just sayin
jk chapter 9 . 4/21
how is she going to go shopping...SHE HAS NO MONEY
and I thought she was a vampire...but shes going into shock? LOL
also whats with the whiny oh no no no no no no its been five years but I just cant deal with becoming a vampire...I cant talk about how it happened! oh nn nononononon LOL fuck shes had years to deal with her shit what a god damn pussy shes got to be the weakest fucking vampire ever

oh and when they were doing it theyd been at it for abit but she says I can feel him inside me HAHAHA well I hope so you stupid cunt. LOL
jk chapter 8 . 4/21
she is a vampire right? but she fell out of the car
and the when they were...well you hurt? why would it hurt shes a fucking vampire!
jk chapter 4 . 4/21
how does she know theres other vampires...she didn't say that she saw any or smelled them

and mrs cope didn't ask her for any signatures or her fucking transcripts! how would they know wht to put her date of birth..nothing
god your stupid if your gonna explain every little thing you could at least do it well

and this house...that's for sale and fully stocked..and still has utilities on...doesn't have a washer and dryer? she needed to fill an entire tub to wash just one outfit? the house is stocked...but theres no clothes? she didn't even look? LOL
jk chapter 3 . 4/21
the girl that doesn't like to steal has now moved on to breaking and entering? shes gonna just make herself at home in a house that's for sale in a town of what 3000? and no ones gonna notice that huh? even though in small towns everyone knows everyone...which means everyone knows who owns that house and the realtor! and this house that has dust everywhere as you said...has a fridge full of food? oh you didn't say fridge you said fridges so im guessing theres a bunch of
and now shes gonna enroll in school. just like that. but getting a job when she was in Canada was a bad idea? im confused. why was getting a job a bad idea? doesn't she need money? why enroll in school? she has one outfit, no school shit, no lunch money. and please do tell us how you enroll in school without a parent signature, transcripts from her last school and shot records?
why not just enroll as a 18 year old so she doesn't have to fake a parent? surely if she can get into school with none of the above mentioned she can also pull a fake idea upping her age to 18 out of her ass...and school shit and clothes...and transscripts LOL
oh and im guessing this house...that's for sale...that's dusty and looks like no ones been in it for years...that is fully stocked and still has the phone on...still has electricity too? and im also guessing that no one will notice that there is watts being used on the next bill... god I cant even tell you how stupid this shit is.
you spend a lot of time writing about dancing ribbons in the middle of the forest and landscapes but you sure don't think shit through AT ALL
jk chapter 2 . 4/21
when she found a store she decided to kick the doors down instead o just prying it open and breaking just the lock and door frame hmmmm and you want us to believe she has a problem stealing? and when she found a the clothes store it told her where she was? oookkk was there a red dot that said you are here? LOL suuuree
and she learned about forks school? yaaa ok
and she used to be independent but shes not now? thought she was alone in the woods...for years...? if that's not being independent as in relying on herself I don't know what is. and she was eating a panther? as in black panther...lives in the jungle...not many of them left or do you mean a mountain lion? or some kind of cougar? im confused.
and that comment...she used to do what she could...could? whenever she could...again is could the word your looking for? wouldn't it sound better if she said I used to do whatever I wanted...or whatever whenever?
let me tell you how this story you didn't think it out, like bella is one stupid mother fucker, like you didn't proof read, like your a jackass. the idea is good maybe read back through and make some changes...this time use your brain so that your characters don't come of like idiots.
jk chapter 1 . 4/21
your kinda a fucktard huh? gods clean earth?

Gods green earth is the saying I believe your looking for. And tell me where is bella "hearing" about all these vampire mating facts? I thought she was alone?
fvck u jk chapter 2 . 4/1
I'm sorry but whoever this jk person is, is a bitch. I fucking see you everywhere and all you do is flame at people. Keep your dumbass thoughts to your dumbass self. You probably won't see this but fuck you jk
tranquilturtle chapter 5 . 2/26
Oh my goodness, Edward! Is it strange that I find that a little sexy? - Turtle
lmj chapter 1 . 2/16
You said she wiped her hands on her jeans and then when she looked in the lake she was wearing a cocktail dress
KatherineBookLover chapter 19 . 2/13
Okay, now I'm angry again. Every single vampire is sorry for Bella?! Yes, it's terrible she was abused and her sister died, but she murdered two innocent people and was completely responsible for the death of her sister!
KatherineBookLover chapter 18 . 2/13
I liked this chapter. I'm sorry about my other reviews, but I was just totally freaked out but the oddness. Anyway, I have one question. So un-mated males hit on any vampire females? Then, why isn't Peter hitting on Alice, Rosalie, or Esme? And why didn't Edward hit on Alice, Rosalie, or Esme when he was un-mated? I'm really confused...
KatherineBookLover chapter 17 . 2/13
Um... Wait I'm confused. Someone gets over their whole past of abuse and murder and says, "I got over my past!" and then their boyfriend says, 'That's fantastic news, baby!" I'm sorry, but I can't sympathize or even like Bella any more.
KatherineBookLover chapter 15 . 2/13
Okay I went on a rant about that last chapter, and I am sorry. But Bella's right. Charlie and Renée did NOT deserve to die! And what is with every Cullen feeling bad for her? She murdered her loving family! And then to get rid of those memories she had sex with Edward?! This story is sinking lower and lower... I'm really sorry, but this is so out of character that I can't stand it.
KatherineBookLover chapter 14 . 2/13
I loved your story until this chapter. Okay, the abuse from Phil was heartwrenching, and it was really sad no one believed her. I get shooting Phil, I guess. I mean, I think if she let him abuse her for all those years she can't really shoot him. It's psychological; he is her 'father' and is much stronger than her in Bella's mind, even if she has a gun. But I get it, for the sake of the story. But, seriously? She just goes wacko and shoots Charlie, the father she loves, in the head? And then, she psychotically taunts Renée! She says that Renée was 'never a real mother to her.' I'm sorry, but Renée seemed like a wonderful mother, she just loved Phil too much. She was a victim of him, even though not as much as Bella was. But Bella just ignores that and all the love she feels for her mother and shoots her too. And, you said Emily was away with a friend, right? So how did she magically get into the house to be injured by the fire? So my problems with this chapter are Bella going crazy and murdering everyone even though she is supposed to be a timid, kind girl; and Emily transporting herself into the house to get burned. I'm sorry, you're an amazing writer, but this chapter just threw me for a loop.
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