Reviews for Thanksgiving for TwoOops Make that Three
eirenical chapter 1 . 3/2/2011
You do have a feel for humor, my dear! XD

Crissy's grandmother... oh, dear G-d... I want to meet her. *snickers*

He walked through the door knowing Berger hadn't heard him yet and saw something that he never thought he would see Berger performing hairdryer sodomy on a turkey.

ROTFLMAO - that is all.

And silly Berger not realizing that you use cold/lukewarm water to defrost a turkey. *snickers*

"What? What could have possibly distracted you so much you forgot you had dinner for 7 cooking?"

"Um, we were in the bedroom for a little longer than expected." Said Claude turning as red as the glass of wine he was currently nursing.

*snerts hot chocolate out her nose* Oh dear. I sense foreshadowing... Pizza for Thanksgiving dinner, anyone? *whistles innocently*

"My hand has not been down my pants for that long since I was 13." Said Claude with a laugh.

Claaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaude... .;;;

Aw, no burnt turkey. Lots of hot sex, though. I'm amazed anyone had the energy to actually go check on dinner. *snickers*

Lucky Crissy!
Audrey Fulquard chapter 1 . 3/2/2011
Wow! Now there's a trio I didn't expect! Interesting to see a different side to Crissy, who normally seems so sweet and innocent. Totally hot stuff! Keep 'em coming. :)