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XxTaintedxDaggerxX chapter 27 . 11/16
Please please please don't give up on this story!
x-mariaa chapter 27 . 8/8
I read this story twice about a year ago cause it's the best KisaHina fic on this site. Now, I ran across it again, only to find out there's new chapters! Well, guess it's time to re-read this a third time, hehe.
Chiisai-chan97 chapter 27 . 7/16
First of all wow ! I have started reading this story like two years ago and till today I am still amazed, I just found it weird that I didn't get an email from your update like I usually get , and I only found out about the new chapters when I was browsing the kisamehinata stories :) I'm really glad I did , otherwise I'd still be in the dark . I can't wait for your next update . I really thought you forgot about this awesome story , there aren't many good kisamehinata fanfics (which is a shame) and I can honestly proclaim that this is the BEST story of them all (and Hummingbird as second)
Skyrere chapter 27 . 6/30
I love this pairing.
Another awesome chapter...
amelia-e chapter 27 . 6/19
YES! I love your story so much and when I got the alert e-mail I was so happy! I didn't get to read it before right now because of work (ugh), but I couldn't wait to. I think this might be my favourite KisaHina story ever (or at least second favourite :D). Anyways, I just thought that I'd take a few minutes to tell you that your story is the bomb. Thank you for writing this and sorry if my english is bad (i speak french).
Little Kunai chapter 27 . 6/19
i'm very intrigued as to why else madara brought hiashi there. his reasons are always so layered and numerous
Guest chapter 26 . 5/8
You can always count on Onileo not to abandon us :)
Seriously, though, the Hinata section's been almost dead lately; I know people are upset about the ending (NaruHina - ugh!, SasuSaku - double ugh!), but I didn't expect the backlash to be this severe :(

I will miss Nami and especially her dog, but I think we all expected this. The mentor usually has to die in order to let the student shine, although it feels like Hinata had more to learn. I also pity the poor villagers, but what more could they do for them.
The fight with the bear and Kisame's shark tsunami were epic. However, I fear that the shaman was referring to her father (trust Hiashi to only manage to convey praise to his oldest daughter once he's kicked the bucket!).

A great chapter, albeit sad, and thanks for not succumbing to despair over a fictional couple and abandoning us ;)

Always think of the bright side of life: "You lost your arms in battle! But you grew some nice boobs."
amelia-e chapter 1 . 5/5
Ooo, nice prologue! I'm definetly reading the whole thing now!
dumdeedum chapter 24 . 4/29
Dun! Dun! Dun! Ooh! Cliffhanger!

If I haven't posted a review before, I apologize for my negligence. But I want to let you know I love this. Hope you update again soon.
Little Kunai chapter 26 . 4/28
Holy hell! How incredible and how horrifying
RandomRamenQueen chapter 26 . 4/25
That was an amazing chapter! I am so sad now that the village is destroyed, but the fight scene was superb. I have reread this fic so many times now and even before it's finished I have to say it's still a favorite for sure!

P.s loved the men in tights reference in your note lol, update soon please i want to know where they are :D
Skyrere chapter 26 . 4/23
hehe... fantastic chapter... well done.
and Yes... I love that subtitle for the chapter...
Men in tights was one of my favorite mel brooks movies.
Kagayaku Hoshi-chan chapter 26 . 4/23
Noooo! Stupid Tobi! He killed them all! And Hiashi didn't die did he? Oh I hope he didn't! A great chapter but now I just want to cry in a corner. You did a good job with the fighting scenes too. Really captured the chaos of it all. Looks like Hinata and Kisame are on the move again though.
Sanguinary Tide chapter 26 . 4/22
Lol, I know that Robin Hood reference well! XD love that movie, love this fic! Can't wait for more! ... I'm particularly interested in more Hinata and Kisame always. XD
Coffeeflavored chapter 25 . 3/12
1) This fic is fantastic.
2) This crack ship is now my new otp and I will proudly take it to my grave.
3) Thank you for creating a story so amazing, I can't wait to see where you go with it!
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