Reviews for Second Chances
houseoftards chapter 1 . 10/8
Well, the dialagoue need to be fixed a lot, but the story so far is preatty alright.
marquis.shax chapter 4 . 10/8
yea one MAJOR problem here the Robin in the Titans and the Robin in Justice are two DIFFERENT Robins. Titans is the ORIGINAL Robin Dick Grayson who goes on to become Night Wing the one in Justice is Tim Drake or Red Robin
marquis.shax chapter 3 . 10/8
yea so far this isn't really a young justice x over as you don't actually have the young justice team. You've got an assassin in Jade/Cheshire, a ROGUE Titan, and Aqualad doing missions that the team did. Thinking if you don't actually start making this a real crossover within the next 3 chapters i'm ditching this story as I hate these types of bullshit where you could just say it's an AU or state that it's just a Naruto DC UNIVERSE crossover instead of something it isn't which is Young Justice
marquis.shax chapter 2 . 10/8
this isn't exactly a young justice crossover I'd say it's more of just a DC comics crossover with Naruto being in the same general area as the young justice team as far as I can see so far
Guest chapter 1 . 10/7
Plot bludgeonong, idiot balls, and kewl linez everywhere. I only read for about 2 minutes and was done. The ..concept in the story summary and cross over elements are doable but the execution as it is-it's too flimsy, transparent, hamfisted , full of grandstanding, and all TELL NO SHOW.
fresh prince1 chapter 25 . 10/7
if you feel you need to redo some stuff then i say go for it.
Guest chapter 4 . 8/31
we're not were
Guest chapter 3 . 8/31
saw a ton more grammar errors
Guest chapter 2 . 8/31
we'll not will to say we will we're not were to say we are tons of grammar mistakes
Guest chapter 1 . 8/31
I gotta say it bothers me that Cheshire can use chakra. Does that mean everyone can use chakra? Just the League of Shadows? Do Batman and Robin? I mean if its an attempt to power down Naruto I suggest finding a different way to accomplish that. Its almost enough to make me quit reading to be perfectly honest. I mean it doesn't exist in the DC universe and shoehorning it in should have a ton of ripple effects that would effect events prior to Naruto's arrival. Also tons of proofreading stuff like "'Will get them next time right?'" should be "'We"ll get them next time, right?'"
The Prancing Jaeger chapter 24 . 5/20
I eagerly await your return. Your story...intrigues me. I wish tosee just how far you can take it. How far you can push yourself. For some odd reason I know you won't disappoint.
Freddie chapter 8 . 5/8
Jade will kill him! Jade be pissed
Jared51 chapter 8 . 4/21
Naruto should be plowing down these villain mother fucked easily
SageModeSasuke chapter 10 . 2/21
My mind started to wander. Not enough Naruto stuff I guess. I LOVE DC, but I am losing a bit of interest. I will keep going for a few more chapters if I can though. As for Kamen Rider W... It is awesome!
SageModeSasuke chapter 7 . 2/21
I have to ask... Why the Kamen Rider and the Gokaiger references?
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