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Guest chapter 23 . 9/23
A new chapter! Yayyyyyy
CAROLED chapter 23 . 9/22
fiercepixie chapter 23 . 9/22
Still my number one! Just finished rereading this gem. You never disappoint.

Miss you and your words. Hope all is well?

Take care.
Renee Aubin chapter 23 . 9/12
Oh, Aleea, I have procrastinated all summer about reviewing the last published chapter, because I hate to run out! I love ALL your stories but this Darkward one is particularly intriguing.

Smile: ‘The air conditioner remains off per her wish. It's a concession he makes grudgingly. His gifts fail to impress.’ I’m a little surprised he makes the concession, although he probably just wants to pretend he doesn’t care.

As he traces some of her scars: ‘A frown tightens his brow. What harm befell her before he knew of her existence?’
In this story there’s something so sharp about the division between “before Edward” and “after Edward”.

An interesting possibility, re deciding not to hack her medical records: ‘Or perhaps he prefers the mystery of her unravel naturally; a novelty his mind reading ability robbed him of these last two centuries.’
You’ve made it more clear than most how seductive her mental silence must be to him.

I enjoyed this, re the news report of the butchered motorcycle gang:
‘"I heard about this," she says around a yawn. Her eyes flit back to him. "Was it you?"
Clever lamb.’

Good dialog dancing around being worried about the police vs. the Volturi. I’m glad Isabella’s intelligence continues to impress him.

Boy, early on in this story he certainly wouldn’t have cared about this:
‘But he wants more than her body. Her lust is easy. It's her trust and acceptance that's proving difficult in the extreme.’

Ooh, interesting detail: ‘Her anger smells like burnt almonds.’ Then the next line made me laugh: ‘He stares at the closed door then snaps his jaw shut when he realizes his mouth is hanging open.’

Jeez, I had to do some serious research to find the reference for Jake running into Mike Newton’s other victim at the police station. Wow, that was only a few lines, but you brought that thread back in here. Impressive.

Whoa, and when Charlie insists on pursuing his own line of questioning – of Jake – Jake’s temper frays: ‘He'd never touch Charlie, but the desk is looking like it needs a new placement in the room, maybe even through the wall and into another room altogether.’ Yikes.

Queasy conversation about Leah’s place in Jake’s life. At least Jake seems inclined to defend her.

Surprisingly mature for Jake:
“If you weren't so focused on wanting Bella locked down and looked after, you'd realize you're missing something important."
"Yeah, what's that?"
"She wasn't happy with me. I tried but I'm not who she needs."

A surprising, nasty description of the split between Charlie and Renee! For once it isn’t St. Charlie wronged by the flighty love of his life.

Hmm, an interesting look at Jake’s feelings for Bella:
‘He's there until Bella doesn't need him to be there. The rest of her life if she'll let him. He doesn't abandon the people he cares about, sure as hell not the woman he loved more than his own life.’
Strong echoes of canon Edward.

Excellent: ‘Adrenaline and desire; twin fires of her destruction.’
Yeah, she’s in trouble all right: ‘She tests the ties and finds she could easily get free. She doesn't even try and can't comprehend why that is.’

Wonderful: ‘He might not read her mind but he knows. Has anyone ever looked at her like this? Seen inside of her like this?’

A vivid and succinct summary of the problem with the Volturi:
"I left a mark. Human eyes cannot see it, but my kind can and will. They'll know I've claimed you, and your beating heart will damn us both."

Hmm, when Jake looks at his reflection in the bathroom, he sees continued physical changes. Maybe it’s not too late for him to phase? Won't he be shocked!

Oh, interesting, the scale of work being done on Bella’s house and the old Cullen house, and the generous payment to Tyler and his crew, have attracted local attention that has nothing to do with the pack. Very likely for a small town.

A nice twist that Embry wants to make sure Jake will stop “the Fork's Gazette from making the Quileute a laughing stock”. Jake gets in a good jab about picking up dry cleaning.

I’d say “poor Jake” at the end, but as usual I don’t have sympathy for him. I'm also glad Leah didn't wait around.

Well, I sure hope your health is good, and that you get both the support of the muse and enough time to write. I’d love to see where you intend to take this story! I'll be here whenever you get to it.
dormirais chapter 15 . 7/19
i think that perhaps for the first time out of the thousands of times i've read twilight fanfiction...i don't want Edward to have Bella. At least not this way. I don't want her to surrender to this. This is a textbook abusive relationship. The *~advanced~* and darker version of the canon. Fight it Bella! OR you'll never be happy with him. And Darkward needs to learn the difference between love and possessiveness/ownership. if you love something, let it go. if it comes back, it loves you too. that's where i hope this story is going!
Embarrgo chapter 23 . 7/16
I stopped reading fanfic a few years ago, but still get updates from a few authors and stories. I was so excited to see that you'd updated, years later, that I reread PftW from the beginning. One of my favorite fics, and one of the sexiest Edwards. I do hope that you'll continue to crank out a chapter here & there.
meteorizada chapter 23 . 7/12
I like darks Edwards! It's like a vampire should be. Bloody, dark, lust and a little madness.
I would like you to continue the story!
KAYKAYLYNN chapter 23 . 7/3
I hope all is well with you, I hope you continue to come back to this. This is beautifully hauntingly written.
Guest chapter 23 . 6/29
OMG. I missed this update somehow! Your writing is just beautiful and gripping and frustrating and ... so very appreciated. When is Edward going to woo Bella - tell her he loves her? He can recognize her as an equal while maintaining his dom side in the bedroom - and the kitchen, living room, bathroom, car, woods, meadow, etc. She’s got to realize she has fallen for him and that she trusts him - that it is more than just hot sex (although we’ll take that for now!).

I remain so happy you returned to this story. Thank you for sharing your talents with us.
L0ver.Of.FanF1cs chapter 23 . 6/22
Please don't forget about this story! I want to know what happens next! Please continue and post!
Renee Aubin chapter 22 . 6/13
Jake gets too busy and ‘So much for getting to Bella's and looking for that address book…’ Boy will he have a surprise waiting for him if he ever does go to Bella’s!

Interesting conversation where Quil does his best to warn Jake away from trying to locate James. Particularly scary lines:
“You do not want to go looking for him. You do not want him to know you exist."
But will Jake listen? Doubtful.

This made me chuckle re Bella: ‘She stares at the thermostat, irrationally hating the way it looks on the wall, starkly white, shiny, and modern against the uneven, beige-painted plaster.’ I did enjoy her stubbornness refusing to use the new AC.

A good summary of Bella’s whole dilemma:
‘Bella closes her eyes, her head falling forward as Edward's touch lulls her. Dangerously so. She snaps back to attention and turns around, her skin screaming for what she's denied it.’

Ooh, shiver: ‘He flattens one of his hands on the wall behind her head, wrapping the other around her throat, fingers over her pulse. It would be a threatening pose if his touch wasn't so careful, like he's cradling her neck.’
Still sounds pretty threatening to me. All he has to do is apply a tiny bit more pressure.

So now who’s the liar liar pants on fire: “There's nothing altruistic about my actions, Isabella." Especially all the good he does in the name of Mary Adele.

Nice: “I cannot read your mind. It doesn't mean I cannot read you."

Also especially good: ‘Bella moves back to her wine and the search for an artificial calm in the storm that is Edward.’

Interesting that part of why Edward chose Tyler is that “his mind is not a cesspool.”
It must be so wearying to deal with cesspools.

An excellent exchange:
‘Empathy is a human emotion. She shouldn't expect or hope to see it in someone like him. "I don't know what I want to hear."
"Ah. A fully honest answer at last, lamb."’

What an unpleasant thought: ‘…a picture taken the day she graduated Forks High. She hates the picture and what it represents, the end of one era and the beginning of nothing.’

Edward’s comments in response to seeing her high school graduation picture were a somewhat startling reminder that this guy at least began as canon Edward!

Jeez, at least Jake has come up with some simple human kindness for Leah. This was a surprising interaction:
‘"Come in with me." The second he says it, he knows he did the right thing by the way the forced smile she was wearing turns genuine. He doesn't know why it was the right thing, given his only intent was to make sure she's safe, but he's never pretended to understand women.’

‘He's in the living room, settled on her couch with his sock feet on her coffee table and both his new laptops running. …
He looks comfortable and at home. It's too weird. She can't assimilate having him here in her little house, doing something so normal.’

A deliciously vampire moment:
‘"I'm very careful," he says, reaching out to run his fingers down her cheek. His touch trails to his favourite spot, resting against her rapidly ticking pulse. "It wouldn't do to have my name popping up all over the place..."
He suddenly spins, and Bella finds herself sitting on his lap on one of her kitchen chairs. Dizzy, she gasps and grabs his shirt for balance, though his arm around her waist provides more than enough support.’

As this story progresses, I’m thinking Edward is failing at Bella’s second statement:
"I admit you make me feel things I don't understand," Bella answers. The wine, the heat, her fatigue, they conspire against her and loosen her tongue. "And you seem like you want me to think the worst of you.”
Especially when she says “It doesn't fit.”

‘She suddenly wants him to engage, to give her answers she can understand. …
“You touch me like you're afraid I'll break or disappear, like I'm something precious, even when you're trying to control everything I do. One minute you're a total vampire, and the next, you're acting like a...decent guy. You confuse the hell out of me."’
Yeah, that’s about right.

Ooh, an insight into Edward’s thoughts:
‘She cannot know the significance of the initials M.A. or understand the inadequate measures he undertakes to atone for the innocent life he stole.
He's not willing to explain it to her, either. There's an odd clenching deep in his gut at the thought, a swelling that rises into his throat, a distant memory of the sensation of nausea.’

His slow, deliberate undressing of Bella, and his frustrating delay touching her like she wants, were just delectable.

Now THIS is true: “Accept what I am. I'll never fit your mold. I doubt you'd find me anywhere near as compelling if I did, Isabella.”

Ah, so he’s not so cool and distant as he pretends: ‘He's noticed her growing discomfort, the darts of pain that make her breathing hitch. He isn't sure if it's the mating bond between them punishing her for her refusal to capitulate and accept him, but he's felt it, too—hunger and want and unresolved aching. He suffers with her.’

Quite an admission, this whole speech: "For every second of this day that you kept yourself from me, I've burned.”

Wow: “If you won't give me what I want, beg me for what you need."

Another insightful line: ‘Watching her come is delicious, igniting a thousand desires all of which pale in comparison to the simple pleasure of giving her a moment of bliss.’

Unexpected! "Bend to me, lamb, and I'll bend to you. I'll be the man you want."

Yikes: “I'll gladly move mountains to please you, but I'll just as happily commit atrocities to keep you. Never doubt it."

Hmm… ‘…since he intends to make this the last round she wins…’ Uh oh.
Guest chapter 23 . 5/29
(sigh) I'll wait and wait and wait...
Guest chapter 18 . 5/29
The car needs a BRAKE job, not a BREAK job.
Guest chapter 9 . 5/27
"You're fate was decided..." YOU'RE is the contraction for "you are." I don't think you mean "YOU ARE fate was decided..." Use the possessive form YOUR instead. (For example: "YOUR laugh means that YOU'RE amused.")
Guest chapter 8 . 5/27
"Without conscience thought..." It's CONSCIOUS thought.
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