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Guest chapter 25 . 11/28
I completely forgot this story never finished. I hope you do, it’s so fantastic! One of the best Edwards out there.
JoVersify chapter 25 . 11/30
How's it going chickadee?

I'm telling you man, I think I'm getting freaking Alzheimer's. I know for a FACT that I read the shit out of this chapter when you updated, and re-reading the entire story now, it was like I read this one for the first time. ?

And it was such an amazing freaking chapter. No WAY would I have forgotten this! I mean, there is just SO FREAKING MUCH in this chapter! Leah confronting Bella (which, well done, btw.), Edward showing back up and all the subtle monster-nature observations and references and Leah recognizing the mate bond between them (like Holy shit!), then flippin' Jake showing up?!, the too-hard push and E catching Leah? This was like a wild west showdown scene... and then, and THEN... that interaction with Preyward & Jake in the woods? Holy hell does that scene deserve a freaking CHEF'S KISS! I can't even put words to how well done I feel that interaction and entire scene was. Then B helping Leah and their tiptoeing convo... neither really saying out loud the truth of everything, yet still being honest with one another as best they can.

Lord, I am so stoked to get my hands on more of your words. I hope November's crunch went well for you (mine... eh... not so much. Got like 6k total, Blahhh), and I can't wait for you to pop into my DMs again!

Love love LOVED this chapter!
Keep up the fantastic work lovely!
JoVersify chapter 14 . 11/21
This is for Chapter 15 again, because it gets me every time...

I love how you so perfectly encapsulate the epitome of female vampire fantasy at the end of this chapter. It's so beyond fugginhott. It even manages to push that undercurrent of fear off the page and into my brain and belly. Makes it so much more delightful and visceral.

I know I skipped a bunch of chapters again. I just can't help it. This story sucks me in so hard every damn time I read it I never wanna stop. I want to read it forever. I'm so flipping excited to get more of their developing relationship... more of her fear and rebuke yet inability to deny him, more of his dominance that he is slowly losing his grip on. I'm salivating for it all!

Your words are my cherished addiction.
Guest chapter 1 . 11/15
Did I ever review every chapter? No? I think I might not have. (In which case, I suck. But it is also a compliment to any author when I do that because it means I'm to engrossed to stop.) Well, apparently I did review at least Chapter 1, which is why I'm currently all Guest-Incognito.

So, I'm re-reading... again, as of this morning. It's been a minute since my last read through, and man, it never gets old. Seriously, I can understand why you have difficulty finishing this one. If I wrote this beauty, I'd just sit an re-read my words over and over with pride and awe at my own genius and never get any more written, hahaha.

And can I just say, that even though I'm pretty sure Forks, WA doesn't have a 10-story building in sight, or even a small concert venue for that matter, you did such a fantastic job with visual imagery of this chapter that I often find myself daydreaming of our people-eating-Edward in his long black trench, on top of the building like fricken Vengeance himself? Even the venue, and their walk to her home, and her home as well... I mean, when I can read a story and it plays in my mind on a loop like a movie... that's some DAMN FINE WRITING.

Ahhhh... the darkness in this fic wraps around me like a warm blanket. I'm so happy to be reading this again, and can't wait to get your next ping! Keep on truckin' girlie! I know you've got it in you! *massive kisses!*

Onto the dark chocolate yumminess that is Chapter 2!
JoVersify chapter 6 . 11/16
This chapter has always tickled my gag reflex. I think there's nothing creepier than someone that follows, photographs, and then grossly covets when alone. Some parallels can be made, sure, but he was so clearly sadistic and psychopathic.

With that aside, I will say that this chapter is superbly written. It has its own creepy aura about it with the way Charlie shows up and questions her... calls Jake for emotional support... the whole chapter is just super well done. (But then, we're talking YOU, so... par for the course, lol).

Okay, on to the next!
JoVersify chapter 2 . 11/15
Oh for the love of all orgasms. I have the advantage of foresight having been through this story more than once, but damn, if this were my first time reading, I would be gushing in a torrent of embarrassingly excited words about how this is the finest, most delicious and decadent and pulse raising lemon ever to be written in the history of mankind.

Lord have mercy this chapter licks the reader with flames hotter than most devious pits of hell! Over and over and over again!

And then, the cherry on the orgasmic sundae that is this chapter? Our deliciously dark and twisted Edward, off to finish off the one who dared touch his newest, shiniest toy.


Reading on anyway. Can't get enough of your divine words!
yeyya1901 chapter 25 . 11/3
I always come back to this story when I need a pallete cleanser. Something familiar and well written that still keeps me on my toes even though Ive read it over so many times! Just thought I would drop some positive vibes! Always love rereading this amazing story!
26 chapter 5 . 9/21
I love your prose! Just the way your words flow! Grim and decadent.
26 chapter 4 . 9/21
I’ve just begun reading this last night and am enjoying it beyond what you can believe. I know you started this in 2009 but I feel like it has aged so well, so far. I don’t doubt that it’s only going to get better. From what I can see in other reviews, it currently stands unfinished. I’m hesitant to continue and fall further in love with the story to find that there is no conclusion to it, but I also am enjoying myself too much to stop myself from reading.

I love the way your characters are written. I have read halfway through the following chapter and Edward’s promises to take care of Bella is definitely intriguing. I appreciate your very masculine portrayal of his character… Idk, I guess I’m crushing on fiction, but I couldn’t care less. I hope you come back to us! Your talent for writing is amazing and I’m glad I came across this story.
RoYes02 chapter 25 . 8/28
I'm so happy to see you are trying your best to finish this story. Thank you and i can't wait to see how this will end.
Scarlett J. Abner chapter 25 . 7/2
Interesting story. I like the way you've redone the twilight characters, I think it's an interesting take that allows a lot more depth into the characters and even the shifter and vampire specifics are more fun. I understand how hard it is to write and post but nevertheless, I hope you update soon so I get to read more of your story :)
gotitbad chapter 25 . 6/18
I love this story I hope you finish it!
Rue1921 chapter 25 . 6/18
Oh my goodness this chapter was everything! I've loved this story just found it and I'm hooked. It's dark and twisted and I'm so hoping you find the time and energy to complete it! I've read so many stories but this one really captures pain and love and adds depth to the original characters. I'm loving the addition of Leah, by the way! Thank you!
Guest chapter 1 . 6/13
Hi Aleeab4u,
Looking forward for this story, hoping you'd finish it!
Chanahope chapter 25 . 6/10
Ok…today is June 10, 2023. It’s been a year since you’ve updated.
I read your story again..the best story on FanFiction. JMO. It’s a tragedy that you don’t complete this…it actually could be published…like Master of the Universe and Dusty.
I hope you are ok and healthy…if not, I pray for your recovery. If you are alright, I beg u to put a conclusion to this masterpiece!
I’ll wait for a reply
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