Reviews for Prey for the Wicked
lrhjan05 chapter 22 . 9/11
You always write the best vampire Edwards. No matter if it's a good guy or bad guy, it's the writing that makes the characters so great. I love this story almost as much as I love Falling Beyond Redemption. I wish this one was complete too so I could reread it over and over again like I do FBR. Hope you update and finish soon. Thank you for sharing.
moniquecullen chapter 10 . 8/4
That lemon was ...whew! You might need to have a NSFW warning on this chapter! I'm reading on my lunch break and let's just say my hubby better be glad I only get a half hour lunch! Or I'd be at his office door like -HELLO lol
tff000 chapter 22 . 8/2
Hope you are doing well.
Read your story and am hooked. Hoping you will come back to it.
tff000 chapter 21 . 8/2
Seems like e might have more heart than he shows unless it's all part of his plan... Seems kind of easy for them all to make a connection
tff000 chapter 20 . 8/2
Wonder if she is pregnant
tff000 chapter 19 . 7/31
tff000 chapter 18 . 7/30
tff000 chapter 17 . 7/29
hopefully that clears things up for her
tff000 chapter 16 . 7/29
what an answer
tff000 chapter 15 . 7/29
tff000 chapter 14 . 7/29
tff000 chapter 13 . 7/29
wonder how she'll react to him
tff000 chapter 12 . 7/28
hopefully he won't freak too badly when he discovers she's gone
tff000 chapter 11 . 7/28
wonder which vampire is coming around
tff000 chapter 10 . 7/28
yikes. jakes going to lose it
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