Reviews for Pansy's Revenge
ashir chapter 26 . 3h
Thanks for a lovely story. Reading it made my day.
voiretsavoir chapter 1 . 10/25
I'm on the verge of dropping this fic and Thank God I didn't. This fic is hilarious. Really. From the dragons to Blaise. Damn. Instead of just blowing air out of my nose, I really laughed out loud. Thank you for this!
viv-heart chapter 26 . 9/19
I LOVED the Pets. All of Them. And the unusual take on Blaise. And Cissa and Lucius.
They all Were great.
What was weird was the somehow break in Blaise characterisation. At the beginning he was as always but at some point he became weird
Rons fate was a bit OOC too.
Other than that nice story
Shaj chapter 26 . 8/15
Not read this in years, still one of my faces! (Couldn't remember my password lol)
Guest chapter 2 . 8/5
Wonderful chapter! :)
Guest chapter 1 . 8/2
Lovely chapter - I'm excited to see where this story goes! :)
uyen.dinh.90 chapter 26 . 7/7
Awwww...I seriously love Cupcake
ifeelsofree chapter 26 . 6/21
This is so cute! And they're keeping the dragons hahaha.
WiseGirlGeek chapter 8 . 6/13
I love this story so much! I don't laugh easily, but the last chapter really had me cracking up!
Guest chapter 19 . 6/9
That was oddly reminiscent of The Lion King 1 1/2... Was it supposed to be?
TheDragonFlame09 chapter 4 . 6/3
Whenever Blaise is in these Fanfics it seems like the whole thing is about to get better
Solstice16 chapter 16 . 4/22
This is adorable!
aRiddikulusRavenclaw chapter 2 . 4/7
I absolutely LOVE your depictions of Crabbe and Goyle. Most other fics I've read made them smarter or nicer or more handsome. You've kept them in character perfectly! *wild applause*
qianyan chapter 26 . 3/4
here they are
qianyan chapter 25 . 3/4
i just realised...where are crookshanks and the lions?
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