Reviews for The Crimson Badger, Book I The Warlord
Highwing chapter 1 . 3/1/2011
Thanks for the read, Kirk, and the feedback. This is just the start of a true epic, so get ready for lots more in the weeks to come! I will warn you up front that my writing style is very talky, leaning heavily on dialogue, as you can see from this opening chapter. I'm surprised you thought some of the introductions flowed too quickly; most of my past readers have criticized me for spending too much time on such things, so I guess the truth must be somewhere in the middle. A true happy medium! Or so I hope.

And yes, the original version of this story took place about half a generation after "Mattimeo," using many of BJ's published characters, and thus Maura was originally Auma. "Salamandastron" was always one of my faves in the series, and so I combined the two names to form my own. Good catch!

I hope you keep reading, and that I continue to entertain you. Because that's what this is all about!
Kirk Redd chapter 1 . 3/1/2011
First and foremost, I think it was very, very well written, almost identical to the style of Brian Jacques. I enjoyed the way you manipulated the architecture of Redwall, along with how your descriptions of clothing and appearance really stuck out. You described your characters fairly well, and left me wanting more. However, the conversations and introductions left something to be desired, it felt like it flowed to quickly. very, very good. BY the way, Maura's name a mashup of Badger Mothers Auma and Mara?
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