Reviews for The End of the Straw Hat Pirates
Kaoru likes One Piece chapter 1 . 6/9/2011
I remember how utterly shocked and sad I was when this happened. I know now that everything turns fine, but it IS the most shocking episode in all one piece, even worst that when Ace died (at least for me)

You depicted everyone's emotions just right, Luffy's feelings as he lost everyone, you made me suffer all over again!

Lovely piece, would love if you wrote about the reuinion or luffy's feelings when he woke up in Amazon Lily
VickyVicarious chapter 1 . 3/10/2011
If we're talking about heartbreakingly beautiful-!

You captured this *perfectly*. Watching that had me completely frozen, near-tears, and this had the same effect. The utter desperation is so evident and horrid even when I know full well it turns out all right in the end. That doesn't matter, because when I was readin your fic I was thinking about what they were going through RIGHT THEN - but I wasn't even thinking about it, just experiencing it.

Gorgeous. Thank you.
JuzSomeone chapter 1 . 3/3/2011
woah... this is a very powerful piece.. the emotions are all very true and strong...

I love the way you wrote out Usopp's actions. You managed to balance being a coward and being a true friend, very nicely :) (I think you misspelled Usopp's name too :O)

Brook's part was upsetting D: I mean, he was the newest member yet he bravely stood till the end...

Sanji, well, it's heartbreaking to read about him. It's almost like Kuma kept him for the last out of that small little group :O

Well, I suppose since it's centered more on Luffy.. Nami's thoughts can't really be written out.. I'm not too sure about the anime but I felt the Nami written here was kinda, cowardly :O

Chopper was juz too far gone to be helped TT I like the way that you mentioned he might be howling cuz he knew what was going on :O

Robin, poor her D: She knew what was going to happen and tried to keep her level-headness in the situation.. To no avail though D:

Luffy's emotions were very very strong.. I could almost feel it.. Great dialogue and description.. :D

Altogether, a wonderful story :D