Reviews for For Want of a War
Sethlas chapter 25 . 3/31
Nice to see you are back with this story ... its my favorite
erikalikesfire chapter 25 . 3/31
Welcome back! So great to see you writing again!
Linkonpark100 chapter 25 . 3/31
Looks like things are about to get interesting.

Oh, welcome back.
Ignis823 chapter 25 . 3/31
Woot I love this story so I'm very glad you havenhaven't given up and hope for mors soon, not enough good fft stories
Godslayer221 chapter 25 . 3/31
I had thought this was abandoned so it was good to see an update. It's probably my favorite unfinished FFT fics (not that are tons of them) but it always great read.
Jimbobob5536 chapter 25 . 3/31
Can just picture Delita's slowing growing grin as he realizes how good he actually is compared to normal people.
Lydia-Hood chapter 25 . 3/31
Well its pretty awesome to see an update to this, I didn't expect one but I kept the story in my favorites because it was great, nice to see against all expectations a new chapter added to it.
Suzululu4moe chapter 25 . 3/31
Hmm I wonder who would get to beat the minion up.

The tournament would probably be a point for rest of the Ivalic wreaking crew to meet .
Tantei1412 chapter 25 . 3/31

-kneels down in shock-


You came baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Poor Delita, he's off the market whether he knows it or not. Also Delita dominating the field was awesome.

Thank you for the chapter!
The Fool's Journey chapter 25 . 3/31
Well, damn. What a pleasant surprise.
MissGardenia chapter 25 . 3/31
Oh hey, it's back. A little glimpse into Alma's devious head is fun...I hope she gets to do something and not mostly left out in this verse.
Transcendent Oddity chapter 25 . 3/31
And here I thought this was dead. Good thing it's not - it's pretty much the most entertaining FFT story out there. Out of curiosity, roughly when is this happening, vs the canon timeline?
LycanRed chapter 24 . 3/15
This may have been updated last almost two years ago, but I'll hold on to the hope that you come back to it at some point. Very enjoyable reading. Kudos.

Suzululu4moe chapter 24 . 12/24/2016
Please update inte future it's been a great ramza story . And the fact that ovelia and agrias are like on the verge of meeting the protagonist.

Though given her proficiency in white magic I'm a bit surprised that alma doesn't detect something wrong with the demon girls .
Suzululu4moe chapter 23 . 12/24/2016
Finally Agrias and ovelia.
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