Reviews for Second Choices
AFgurl chapter 1 . 7/25/2013
I couldn't even FINISH this! It's not that I have something against homosexualality, it's the fact that YOU made two PERFECTLY GOOD characters into something they are COMPLETELY not. Sorry.
Dantelover051386 chapter 1 . 5/15/2011

Hmmm..loved the tale and yes in the end it worked out better for Edward that bella came into the picture. but, i have to say i really dislake carlisle in this tale. i mean, yea, hes a good doc and a good vampire by all rights, but the way he disgarded edward like that when esme came into the picture was awful. i do not blame edward for being so angry at both carlisle and even esme. edward was basically replaced, thrown away and i can easily see how edward felt that way. yes, esme was carlisles singer, yada, yada...yes, if carlisle wanted to end things fine, but he sure as hell could have done it better. but no instead he kept it from edward till it sliped and then when he car changed esme he threw edward way. just replaced him like that...or what a threesome. fun at times when its three people not in serious relationships...hell yes, but when theres a serious romance in there and the other one is playing second fiddle...fuck no.

i mean maybe car and esme were trying to keep there love life quiet, but hello...mind reading vampire. something was going to slip sooner or later and esme giving edward shit about hos brooding and broken heart. bitch if you ask me. she has to know that edward and car were lovers before her and she basically broke them up. im not blaming her outright and its not something car planned in running into his singer, but them two really hurt edward and should have recognized that more instead of passing him off as brooding and moody. no, it was a broken heart that was caused by the two of them getting it on. i am never one to refuse someone love and i happy all tickled esme and car are happily ever after and shit, but they way they handled it, the way car jsut cast edward aside like that. unforgivable. i mean, i know edward now has some perspective on how car felt when me met esme, his singer, cause now edward feels it with bella, but still i would like to think edward would have handled it better if the situation was reversed. losing your lover in anyway hurts like hell, but there are ways to make ending it not so bad and easing into a new relationship when your ex lover is still around as edward was. personally i would have left the moment car mentioned his intentions of being with esme. i see that as cheating. even if car hadnt slept with esme yet, he was still emotionally cheating on edward by thinking and loveing esme the way he did and if i was edward i would have packed up and left. car would have to deal with the outcome and his feelings for betrayig edward for the rest of his existence and if later edward met balla then i pray that bella is more loyal and faithful to him than carlisle was. i could not remain in a home with my ex lover and his new mate/lover. not only is it awkward, but as in edwards case proved it was agony for him. years helped, but the pain never really goes away. i would have wished car and esme well not before decking carlisle for the pain of throwing my ass away when something better came along then left and would have never returned. and yes, its sick that in later years car would introduce himself as edwards father. i mean yea, decades past since there sexual romance but its still sick and i can see why edward would NOT like that. hell, i would tell carlisle up front that i am NOY to be introduced as your son adoptive or otherwise, but then again that situation wouldnt have happened. i would have left the minute car brought esme home to be with her. in the end car betrayed edward and if i was edawrd i would have left so the happy love birds could be together. it would kill me, but i would have left. i could not reamin in the same house and pretend all is normal or nothing happened beteen me and car. that is living a lie and would cause more pain and dicomfortness for everyone by me staying. he wants her more than me. fine. i would have left. carlisle is hurt and feels guilty...he should. i dont want to take his singer or happpiness away but car has to know the damage hes done to edward and has to live with that for all eternity. Hmmm...i wonder if car would be alittle jealous now that edward has bella and moved on. a little part of him would be. any lover/ex lover would be even if you were in a current relatioship because you would be thinking of what you USED to have with edward and now was bellas and maybe alittle jealous and angry that my edward is no longer pinning and hurt over me anymore and moved on. no one would admit to feeling this way to others, there current mate or even want to admit it to themselves, but a deep down part of them would be jealous and angry alittle that there ex lover moved on and was no longer heartbroke, brooding or pinning away over what was between them once uppon a time ago. yes, car would be secretly jealous about that i think. anyone would be. that is unless you are in denial or that you never really truly loved your ex lover to begin with.

Hmmm...i loved the story. i truly did. i understood car's point of view, but i cannot help to feel and be angry at him for the way he handled it. throwing edward away and expecting him to continue to live there with him and her. i would have hoped esme would be more understanding for edward but i get the feeling she has the's my man now so get over it. coming from her. yea, i would have left the moment car betrayed me in bringing her home to be with her. at that point i would know that we were over and i would have left to move on without him or her and i certainly coouldnt play mommy and daddy in later years with them. my skin crawls with that thought and it disturbed the end i am happy it worked out for edward in finding bella. his time with carlisle doesnt mean that he is gay or his loving bella doesnt mean that he is bi, just that he's loved twice in this exsitence and one happened to be the same sex as him. there was no labels here, just love. now, its clear that esme knows of edward and car's sexual romance, but will edward tell bella that he was once in love with car and they had sex? Hmmm...that would be a mighty interesting follow up i think and one i would love to read. would bella be understanding and know that there ex romance was decades ago and edward was loyal and faithful to her or would bella overthink and make a rash decision and end it with edward. how would she take knowing that edward was in a prevviously lovers with carlisle, the said man that is now playing adoptive father. Hmmmm...i would most certainly love to read a follow up one shot on that. i truly hope that it still goes in edwards favor and bella understands, is open minded about his past sexual tryst with carlisle and i say tryst now cause thats what is was. ex lovers trysting about till carlisle moved on to his singer. i hope that bella would still truly love edward and not leave especially for something that wasnt even edwards fault to begin with.

JasperLuver48 chapter 1 . 3/19/2011
this was fabulous! I loved the descriptions of their relationship with each other, I could feel edward's pain when esme came to be, the true canon-ness of the whole thing, all leading up to Bella...

tuesdaymidnight chapter 1 . 3/19/2011
I really enjoyed this! It read like a prequel to the saga, and provided a much better explanation for Edward's "rebellious period." I love the way that this went through Edward's actual transformation. This line stood out for me: "He had no idea of the boy's temperament." Carlisle barely knew Edward when he transformed him, and for some reason I never thought before how badly it could have gone. Thank you for sharing your story!
ArcadianMaggie chapter 1 . 3/17/2011
Thank you for the story and good luck in the contest!
TKegl chapter 1 . 3/12/2011
Oh, loved this - so sad... and an interesting twist on canon. Nice job!
Melooza chapter 1 . 3/4/2011
Well done. Thanks for writing!
anonymous325y80f chapter 1 . 3/2/2011
Very nice interpretation of Edward's formative years. Well written and enjoyable.