Reviews for The Dawn Stone
Dark Tail Rabbit chapter 2 . 3/26/2011
Well i really like this chapter. Your details were great. i like the description of the alley as well as the house. i love how mew and mewtwo's conversation sounded. you can really tell that the characters are very diverse, that is really good. the plot sure is getting interesting and i like the little voice at the end it gave it a good feel.
Dark Tail Rabbit chapter 1 . 3/5/2011
as the rain went even stronger. 'as the rain fall increased'

line 3

looped on the soil 'loop in...' line 9

in school's 'in the school's ' line 13

dried out all stiffy. 'now stiff as they dried' line 21

me like that 'remove like' line 22

Eventually the school 'remove the' (after stone conversation ends, 1st paragraph)

A really well written piece of literature. I like the calm nice tone, nothing groteque. Other than the above there is nothing wrong with your piece. I loved the whole conversation with the stone. Looking forward to an update. :D