Reviews for SP: P&C2 Chauvelin and the League
Sasha Clarkson chapter 21 . 2/1/2014
A very enjoyable romp! :) Incidentally, having previously been unaware of it, I looked up Harris' List, and found a link to THIS remarkable lady and her story:

wendums chapter 21 . 5/18/2012
Well I do hope there is a follow up. This is a brilliant piece of fiction. Publishing material. Thankyou for posting it
wendums chapter 1 . 5/18/2012
Well, another history lesson. I do hope other readers realise that you do your research thoroughly. What a wonderful way of learning. This allready looks a good piece of writing. As usual I cannot find fault. Thankyou
PeachyGirl chapter 21 . 3/31/2011
As usual, a wonderful story! (would have posted a review sooner but RL got in the way) Loved how Peter came up with the idea to put Kulmstead in his (or her?) place snicker, snicker

Hope to see more of the gang in the near future!
Clio1792 chapter 21 . 3/26/2011
Kulmstead's run out of town for good? Perhaps you will bring him back for another round?

Meanwhile, glad to see all the happy couples, with the menfolk home!

Great sequel!

Clio1792 chapter 20 . 3/25/2011
Petronilla's opening, pull-yourself-together-honey conversation with Beatrice was well done in this chapter, but the centerpiece was surely the disquistion on the belief in God, and the embrace of superstition in the absence of Church influence in Revolutionary France- how interesting!

You have good, in character, observations for everyone, especially Percy, I think, in this chapter...the dialogue in this chapter was outstanding-I believe this was probably the most cerebral chapter in this piece, and very solid.

Clio1792 chapter 19 . 3/20/2011
Ah, ha!

What a GREAT way to rescue the Perrault family! Utter genius! And it would have worked...communications in Revolutionary France were notoriously spotty-I believe there were parts of France that did not know Louis XVI had been executed a good eight months later...

Percy's wink to the child is great...and we both know what one could plan for the "faithless Guillaume..." Percy's envisioning of what might be in store for him when their absence is discovered is, however, most reassuring!

Great chapter,

Clio1792 chapter 18 . 3/19/2011
To start, liked Petronilla's observation, getting different reactions from her husband and her brother...well, we marry somone who will improve on our sibling...

Nice, thumbnail explanation of the blood libel...Petronilla is idiosyncratic enough to be unfamiliar with it, but most folks in France would have known it well (as, I suspect, Orczy herself would have...) but I like Armand's analysis of why the Terror ended: the aristocrats were largely gone, there was little left but to "climb the mountain" and destroy what hovered at its peak...

Great that they all have time for a rescue detour, although my heart is with poor Marguerite, for whom every long day alone is a torment...

Great chapter,

Clio1792 chapter 17 . 3/18/2011
I love the way Marguerite is stonewalling Kulmstead in this chapter...ah, just like old times, eh? And great that Pradel is given credit for keeping up with the latest medical we've discussed, this is sorta how I see Pradel, who is really one of the more interesting of Orczy's supporting characters...

Nice, interesting way that Marguerite is seeing Chauvelin differently, too. Funny and Ironic that she would worry LESS because Chauvelin is with Percy!

And a very charming conclusion, as we swing back to Devinne...

This was very nice,

Clio1792 chapter 16 . 3/17/2011
Great opening scene, with Percy doing his "thing," and the Duc showing himself to be a superior improvisor! Excellent interplay with Desgas...

As as for Petronilla's exchange with Percy, it's sweet the way Percy recognizes how important Petronilla is to Chauvelin, but truly delightful the way Petronilla is prepared to advocate for Marguerite. And she's right, of course-Percy's post-terror exploits are particularly difficult for Marguerite-she thought it was over on the 28 July 1794...well, you know what they say: if you wanna hear God laugh, make plans...

The only thing is: if Marguerite does, indeed, accompany Percy on an expedition, who will stay with their son?

But I'm sure Percy-and the inventive author of this chapter-could find a way!

Excellent installment!

Clio1792 chapter 15 . 3/16/2011
I like Petronilla's careful (and patient) rationale for a thorough disguise...Marie-Louise is another one of these clueless and ungrateful aristocratic types and walking her through the substantive reasons she should do what she's told is an act of great generosity on the part of our fair heroine...

As to the disguise, this is actually one that Orczy uses in "Pimpernel and this plot development is a great "canon-esque" touch.

Love the banter between Petronilla and Froggie! and what a fun disguise for Chauvelin!

Great chapter,

Clio1792 chapter 14 . 3/15/2011
This whole chapter was very nicely done. But surely the best line was Froggie's charming characterization of his sister as a bluestocking and of his brother-in-law as a "good sort."

The notion that the members of the village were willing to act because of their experience in local religious plays was another superb touch.

This is a really good sequel, Slytherinsal!

I am having fun reading this,

Clio1792 chapter 13 . 3/14/2011
Yes, Chauvelin is having fun pretending to be the man he once was...

Loved the idea of knocking and nobody's home...and of course, anyone who was at home was asleep after Percy drugged 'em all...

This was a fun chapter, the references to the Revolutionary character were great.

Clio1792 chapter 12 . 3/13/2011
Loved the section on keeping the hounds and the horses-you are really at your best when writing about human care for animals...and the allusion to the soldiers being as energetic as a full, sleeping donkey was particularly humorous...

And I loved the use of the concept of "Hiding in plain sight" in this chapter-in this case, that's sort of what the folks who are being rescued have been doing all along, eh?

Chauvelin's previous experience is put to work beautifully here, and you write this whole chapter so well...great interactions, great business, great jokes (the lice...)

Neeps rock!

So does this chapter!

Clio1792 chapter 11 . 3/12/2011
"I fear the inoffensive French peasants, who should be long abed when we pass over unless engaged on nefarious purpose, will have to take their chances" said Armand."

Very Funny!

So was Froggie's admonition to his sister to avoid falling out of the balloon head first...

Great with Armand scribbling with satisfied grunts...and Percy doing the smart thing with the sandbags (duh...that's why you're the chief is equivalent to the modern American, "that's why they pay you the big bucks?"

Armand Chauvelin's perfect calculations save the day! A smooth landing!

This chapter scaled the heights in all ways!

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