Reviews for Dark as Night
Pensive25 chapter 39 . 9/20
keep up the great writing, looking forward to the next chapters. please don't make us wait too much longer. :)
mumphie chapter 39 . 9/17
Interesting that teen Harry so blithely is keeping his father in the dark about being blackmailed, but was furious when HE was kept in the dark. Ah teenagers...
I hope you can continue this story and keep your muse from hiding. Though it is really difficult for me to see how insidiously Harry has succumbed to the Dark there redemption to be had, or is he too far gone?
Kneel chapter 3 . 9/15
Amazing so far. Usually when people write Harry as a cunning character the give a child the mind of an adult. But here you manage to maintain his cunningness with his age, and you do it spectacularly
mumphie chapter 19 . 9/13
Wow - disturbing - will Harry end up killing his birth family and friends? They truly failed him.
mumphie chapter 16 . 9/13
Knowing your story's bent, it is still difficult to see Harry's descent into darkness and feeling that Sirius is truly a terrible godfather.
narakunohime chapter 39 . 9/12
continue, please?

Want to find out what happens next
Victor Black chapter 39 . 9/6
Hi, i write from poland, im huge fan of your literary creativity
I just wanna say, this story is great and I am waiting impatiently for next chapt. :D
I wish you a lot of inspiration :D
GTJninjaboy chapter 39 . 9/2
When will the next chapter come out or are you just gonna leave it like this?
Selena Nyx chapter 1 . 8/31
ಠ_ಠ Then why have you tagged HarryxTom?! *Frustrated huff*
Guest chapter 39 . 8/25
a 39 chapter story spanning over 7 years? i guess perfection does take time, your writing is simply amazing! looking forward to an update, hopefully by 2019
nessiesmith2012 chapter 39 . 8/23
I so love this story, cant wait for an update! Your voldemort stays within his evilness realm with that hint of affection for a evil in training harrison.
KiSwordsman chapter 13 . 8/20
One issue that I have. It's a thing that a lot of people seem to look over. Ron and Hermione being at all associated with each other if there is no Harry in the picture. Harry is the reason that these two became friends in the first place, and remains to be the linchpin in their relationship until they are old enough to actually be in a romantic relationship on their own.

Even without the troll incident, it's hard to believe that Ron would be able to manage a friendship with Hermione especially with her year one attitude by himself.
KiSwordsman chapter 6 . 8/20
"But they probably were never lovers."

Cough-Delphini-Cough granted this was a thing way before the cursed child but still.
Moonacre BunBun chapter 7 . 8/18
*in full "Hamilton" glory*

Harrison and his right hand man!
Moonacre BunBun chapter 6 . 8/18
Still my precious son *hugs harrison*
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