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Soap Sanderson chapter 2 . 2/11/2016
I love this story
I read it 3 years ago
I am really happy to find this story again
I appreciate your writing skills.
R3ally amazing,you just made the scene when you read it.
garfield chapter 2 . 1/2/2016
u said this fabric will be about jin and Nina but they don't end up together...waste of my time
Fabian B Shanks chapter 6 . 3/14/2013
tambahan :

udah gitu yang lebih bitchy lagi, dia udah "selingkuhin" Lee, tapi masih bisa cemburu sama Xiao Yu waktu dia deketin Jin! untuk ukuran 33 tahun, ini benar2 kelewatan!

masalah dengan Lee, tampaknya memang dari awal, si bitch tidak ditunjukkan dia menyukai Lee selain dari sex partner. tapi Lee jelas berpikir ke arah serius karena dia sudah ngomongin dream house. jadi dia tetap bitch karena membiarkan Lee berpikir demikian padahal bagi dia, Lee hanya sex partner.

Lee pun terlihat menjijikkan karena keposesifannya, tapi itu terjadi karena keserakahannya si bitch ini.

kurasa itu saja. sip!
Fabian B Shanks chapter 7 . 3/14/2013
you know what? this story disgust me. a lot.
it's about a 33 years old horny bitch with low sense of ethics and moralle, egoist, adultery, ...
ga masalah sih ttg isu aborsi dan sex dengan anak di bawah umur.

ditinjau secara etis,
di awal cerita, si bitch ini membiarkan Lee Chaolan yakin bahwa dia kekasihnya-yang dimana dia berhak cemburu-tapi dia terpikat dengan anak dibawah umur, yang notabene adalah muridnya sendiri, sex di sekolah, dan yang lebih menjijikkan .. err .. paling menjijikkan, dia suka dengan Jin dengan alasan karena kreatif dalam sex, dan karena Jin ngomong sesuatu yang sebenarnya pantas dikatakan untuk slut. DIA SUKA JIN KARENA SEX! dan MUNAFIKNYA, dia membenarkan perselingkuhannya dengan Jin karena apa yang dilakukan Lee di masa lalu! WOW! kalau kau memang gak suka dan masih inget, knp ga putus saja dengan Lee dari kemarin? revenge sake? sekarang kita bisa lihat bagaimana dedikasi si tokoh utama terhadap SEX. kesimpulannya, si bitch itu memang adalah seorang bitch se bitchy-bitchynya, dan serendah-rendahnya. no sympathy for her

kalau dia mau sama Jin, lebih baik dia stop dulu dengan Lee, biar ga ada yang sakit hati. dan kalau dia ga ngomong apa2 ke Lee, sebaiknya ga usah main api dengan Jin. dan karena dia tidak melaukan itu, maka bisa disimpulkan bahwa dia sama Jin mau, sama Lee jg mau. total bitch.

dan bahkan sampai dia punya anak, dia mau anaknya, tapi ga mau bapaknya. dia masih mikir pula MILIH mau berhubungan dengan anak 13 tahun atau dengan orang yang sudah 10 tahun bersama. benar2 diragukan sekali usianya sudah 33 tahun karena mentalnya masih 16 tahun yang baru pertama kali ngerasain cinta dan sangat, sangat haus sex.

sorry for the harsh words, saya tidak mendamprat si penulis fic ini, sekalipun si penulis misalnya memposisikan diri sebagai si tokoh utama bitch tersebut, saya tidak menganggapnya demikian karena memang saya memperlakukan tokoh seperti tokoh itu sendiri, lepas dari kejiwaan penulisnya. lagipula ... itu kan Nina. gak heran deh kalau ceritanya jadi ky begini. I don't know her, but she's kindda like that. well... you know. gitulah.

congratulation, jarang sekali ada tulisan yang bisa bikin saya merasa disgusting. rasa kagum saya terhadap si author fic meningkat setara dengan levelnya rasa kagum saya terhadap Kentaro Miura yang berhasil membuat tokoh disgusting semacam Griffith.

4 thumbs up, karena ada adegan si bitch Nina disiksa Lee dan menyuruh Jin menonton dari balik kloset. tanpa adegan itu, fic ini tidak berguna. btw, untung Lee bukan orang Amerika Latin. di Amerika Latin, istri yg selingkuh berhak dibunuh, begitu juga dengan selingkuhannya. si pembunuh, suami yang dikhianati, dibebaskan dari jeratan pidana karena dianggap benar hanya membela harga dirinya sendiri.
DaddysLiitleGirl chapter 7 . 6/10/2012
oohh... make a sequel that jin had fallen in love at stephanie :) hihihihi...
TwilightSword chapter 1 . 10/27/2011
This is so beautiful!

I've read the new one and they are so sweet!

Keep up the Good work!
Erasing Mistakes chapter 1 . 6/27/2011
You're not a Jin/Nina fan yet you decide to write the pairing. Well done for writing it in a freaky disgusting way because no matter whose name is put in this horrid storyline, you bring up illegal/immoral issues here and even claim that you raped a young boy. How sick and disgusting. Seriously, you got issues man.
Aurelia Faiza chapter 2 . 4/14/2011
weeeeird... in a [VERY] kinky way, i like it
Coolocelot chapter 7 . 3/30/2011
Was not expecting a shout out (honored) and I liked the ending. Favorite line from lee "I am NOT gay." great fic great ending (and now perhaps you wil update your other stories )
Ss-StangzStyle chapter 7 . 3/30/2011
What a beautiful ending!

Well... Eventhough it's too fast to say it but thank you so much for write and end this diary perfectly and completely ;) thank u Scarlette! I love the way u have done with the 1st person view (is it what they called? I can't remember). Wish to read some of another diary ;))))

This chap is full of happiness! well, it's not that bad as in my imagination.

I laughed Sooo hard when Lee pick a name for the baby and when he dressed like gay! looool! Steve and Stephanie are really cute names. Niceee~ I like it!

I hope to see Anna show here in the final chapter. I wanna know how she'll say to Nina (I bet it's not congratulations hehe) or she will laugh at Nina until her last breath? thats fun to think about *giggles*

And for Jin,, please DON'T fall in love with Stephanie, C'mon isn't that like an incest? And she is younger than him about 13-14 years! No~ I'm surely wanna read 'A peep to Jin's diary' but not about a relationship be Stephanie XD! (well,, if u take it consider. I think I'd like to read it XD! I love when u compose a story in diary. Soo funny, soo sad, Sooo romantic, soo happy ~! This fic is perfect!)

Keep it up with your good works ;) thank u for writing this fic} I
Wellsy71 chapter 7 . 3/29/2011
I've been following this the entire time and I would like to say you have produced a very good fic, well done. The characters had developed well and the overall events flowed smoothly. I enjoyed every single bit of it and hopefully I'll see some more stories from you in the future. So again, well done :)
Coolocelot chapter 6 . 3/28/2011
Don't know about you but to me it seems like Lee really loves her and Jins kinda a fuck buddy. The ending I think should be based off of whether she does what's best for herself or the baby. Not sure if you know this but thirteen year olds really arent mature enought to be parents. Lee is grown (aka mature) and is fabulously wealthy so he can provide for a family. But lee has some serious anger issues and is likely to repeat his abusive actions. Anyway my opinion is bais because OMG I FREAKIN LOVE LEE (and you for writing so many stories including him.) So for Nina I say take care of responsiblities first and then get yourself a slice of that delicious Lee Chaolan.
Ss-StangzStyle chapter 6 . 3/28/2011
Oh~ he*l !

If I were Nina I'd beeee sooooooo confuse! Jin & Lee? Such a complicated choices... I've been wondering.. How could that silver hair evil asked like that after what he has done to her? And Jin..! Oh~ mg! Sh*t! I was angry about Jin has made Nina hurt when he kiss that little Chinese bitch... This is getting More harder and harder...

Oh Scarlett, U got me addicted to this DIARY! {Am I the only one? Somebody please hands up XD}

oh~ u r asking about the ending? Well... Until the next chap I can't say anything... Only I have in my mind is... Why don't u separate it in 2 ways for the ending? ;D {but I prefer to know Nina and Lee ending~ wanna know wheter he's WONDERFUL about kids ? XD just think of it make me laugh so hard LOLZ!} yeah.. Kinda like that. But I love your writing ;D u r so talented! The plot is very nice I could see that u've work hard in every chap ;)) Keep it up~

Ps. This chap is nice and funny ;) the part when Nina ask for decision,, Dragunov,Julia,kuni and Dr. Lolz!
Ss-StangzStyle chapter 5 . 3/26/2011
Heehee~ ok ok. I'll tell you ;)

I love thisssss story! Indeed! Jin & Nina is such a hot couple. My favorite!

They both have their pain and have passed through the sorrowful pain ... Soooo perfect!

Bringing Lee join here made this story to be what I looking for 8D! In fact, I expected him to be gentle with Nina and be Gentleman lol~ anyway... Life is so cruel.

I love how you write Nina's emotion. It push me forward to know what will happen next. Now I feel REALLY hate him now :D

Awwww~~~~ please update! I wanna know everything! Is that really Lee's baby? He** nooooo! And if Nina told him what would he respond? And what about Jin! Poor him...

I think Nina has to choose now! Or she'll ruin everything!

Now I gave the feedback. Update plzzzzzz ()'

(( PS. sorry for my bad English. I hope u understand what I try to tell.

PSS. But that's just my personal opinion, okay? Sorry if that's not satisfy you. Really sorry :ยก ))
DevilJinNina chapter 4 . 3/20/2011
i hate Lee! Poor Jin he saw all... and Nina is pregnant...? Hope not! Lee will want the baby! I prefer a jina's baby, Jin will be a good father !
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