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SereStarOfGaea chapter 83 . 10/12/2015
Got have no idea how glad I am that you updated.. I how she doesn't really die not because of her but because of her sons. Milly is right they are not the ones to be blamed for her mistakes... Hopefully we don't have to wait long for a new update.. Just wanted you to know that your story was the first ff story I have ever read, I didn't even know ff existed so thank you for it lol.
SereStarOfGaea chapter 82 . 12/2/2014

I Loved the chapter . .. I Was wondering when are you going to update the story and Give us more of your great writting...

Ps. I tried to send you an email but I got a message Back that you didn't get it.. Hope you get to read this one.
Anya0636 chapter 82 . 11/19/2014
Hi just walking around the site to see if you had made any update and sadly there wasnt... please make a post soon!
Guest chapter 82 . 5/26/2014
Wow the wait was good. Finally the battle with this 2 women is over and like ufff at last. Please, write and update soon.
Guest chapter 81 . 3/13/2014
Just wonder when you may have this completed and if you are going to try to get this turn into anime? This would be a epic conclusion.
Anya-06 chapter 81 . 1/20/2014
Oh my god! I cant believe you made an update last year and all this time i tho6ght you had giving up this amazing story you had create. All new chapters were extremely good but for me the b3st one the conclusion on the blade /wrath battle... the amnesia cliffhanger out of this world! Love the fight of delta and scarlet! Let be a new update soooooooon :)
IronicSymphony chapter 81 . 12/10/2013
and the snapshots with Noal and Jakub/Seline.

Aki v Sayaki round 1: THIS is the chapter I’ve been desperate to read! It goes without saying that it was very satisfying (to have Aki beat the snot out of Sayaki for most of the chapter) and so well written I could visualise the fight! My man, no one can write a fight quite like you.

Expectation 1: I never expected the wench to be KOed and completely humiliated in round one despite how restless I am for it. I expected Aki to be firing on 40% (and that’s generous) because of her injuries – though Shinya gave her healing abilities a boost, we’re still being realistic about the human body and I appreciate that – which meant that she was never going to be the outright victor. Satisfying and realistic, I’m hungry for round 2.

Expectation 2: I loved how you used Aki’s rage, reasoning, and sass (egging Sayaki on which ultimately brought her down but it makes for a satisfying plot device). She has a lot to be angry about and you didn’t disappoint me. You demonstrated Aki’s abilities/skills as a fighter to the point where it’s a tantalising prospect at what she would be like at 100%. Hint hint. Hehe.

Expectation 3: You’ve showed readers that Sayaki has a rival who is skilled and powerful enough to bring her down (I wouldn’t say equal because I’m biased and I like to think of Aki as her superior mweehee…only time will tell). Sayaki has seemed almost untouchable to me and while she has had years to plan (obsess over) her revenge, it can’t continue to go her way continually because competition adapts lest they perish. I’m eager to see how a reunited Space Knight team crap all over Sayaki’s plans muwahahahahahaha.

Surprise: Sayaki’s narcissism rearing its ugly head. I began to consider the dynamic between the Aki/Sayaki in a similar light to the Takaya/Shinya dynamic – to my error. I see that Shinya’s motives are worlds apart to Sayaki’s. Shinya didn’t believe the world needed both twins whereas Sayaki somehow needs Aki alive and on her side because it proves her superiority (as an antidote for her obvious inferiority complex). See how well you’ve done? We’re psychoanalysing a fictional character that YOU created, no one else. So anyway, that was interesting – Sayaki’s determined cajoling to Aki to stop fighting and “come back”. That was an interesting surprise; I was expecting Sayaki to go for the kill because Aki had “betrayed her”. My hope, however, is that Sayaki’s narcissism will be her downfall (mostly because narcissists can’t help themselves). So thanks for that (and well done). I know I shouldn’t be surprised, you’re a master strategist when it comes to story telling!

I am in desperate need of sleep and we can talk about this when we’re both not falling asleep but well done. You’ve managed to make Aki shine and take Sayaki down a peg or two in a realistic and very satisfying way. I’m interested to see how you develop Aki from here, given that she has largely been absent from your pages. Others have gone through character development, I can’t wait to see Aki get the Ninad treatment!

The snapshots of Noal, Levin, and Jakub/Seline were fantastic. The rush of ANOTHER battle at the end was spectacular, a stroke of genius. Everyone seems to be rushing the towards the Space Knights…who will get there first, who will walk away?

P.S. I’m a big SUV fan and I LOVED the cameo from Finn.
P.P.S It goes without saying that I’m looking forward to my favourite couple on the same side again…
IronicSymphony chapter 80 . 11/16/2013
Another twisty ending, NICE! Didn't see THAT coming _ Absolutely fantastic chapter, Ninad. You always manage to give homage to the original series and it makes for a very pleasant experience. The battle between Blade and Wraith was very satisfying. Beserker rage and D-boy's personalities were very well written. Thank you. Now...onto chapter 81 pleeeeeease :D
IronicSymphony chapter 79 . 10/27/2013
OMG! NINAD! There is no curse in Elvish, Entish, or the tongues of men for this AWESOMENESS! Twisted and awesome. Well worth the wait, mate.

I've been waiting for Aki's chance to slap Sayaki silly and's here! Yay! I loved the ruse and the rising tension. Thank you for writing Aki intelligently. Prove her to be Sayaki's better, pleeeeeeease? Sayaki's ego is ridiculously out of control and I want Aki to bring her down. Yay for a Pegas cameo! As for Aki having a crystal and thrusters? Other than you did mention it, I always thought it was silly for Aki to be grounded (and to rely on Pegas without any explanation, grr) and was happy that you gave her the full ability of a tekkaman. Aki's been out of action for most of the story but have thoroughly enjoyed how you've written her and am excited to see how you keep writing her.

I'm hoping Freeman somehow survived. If Lisa Hayes can survive the destruction of Alaska base in the Zentradi attack by hiding under a console, surely Freeman can, too? Broken ribs and all?

Poor old Dead can't get a break in this chapter. Delayed karma for almost killing D-Boy, maybe? I digress. He killed off the General and opened up an interesting twist in the plot. Natasha as his successor? Curious. Very curious to see where you go with this...and her ultimatim. Akito flew off before Natasha could answer so technically, she doesn't have to honour the request. Akito is a devious little bugger, understandably, but devious nonetheless. Are you setting the stage for a little bit of history repeating?

This could be very interesting how Delta reacts to the arrival of Vortex, if indeed he does make it to the Space Knight Command Centre. Either way, I see either a grave or a straight jacket in her future. Her reaction to being used when she thought herself in control will be an interesting one.

Okita embracing his new home, that's a nice touch. Poor lil' kid has been used terribly and it'll be nice to see him embrace his own path on his own terms.

With all that said, I CAN'T WAIT FOR BLADE v WRAITH! Bring on the next chapter!
Anya chapter 78 . 4/8/2012
If one chapter wasnt enough, your followers got two... more than this is too much to ask for. I feel that you had plan 78 as part of 77 but you preffer to give it its own space, nice idea!

Like Natasha said at the end of 78, the epic battle between wraith and blade its about to begin and this is a battle that had being on hold for to long. As am imaging being blade the protagonist of these story it means that wraith wont be having a good ending, sad!

I like the cliffhanger of Aki telling Sayaki, lets go. Its so open to our interpretation, is Aki good or Aki bad... intresting... Am bitting my nails until you give us another amazing chapter like the ones you had being delivering.
IronicSymphony chapter 78 . 4/8/2012
Have just read this chapter and I'm still digesting it. Delicious dish, cook, gimmie more! So this review will still have the incoherent echos of a still squealing fangirl.

Say it ain't so! Freeman! Nice touch for D-boy's Blastor. PLEASE tell me that Sayaki's confidence is about to get a lance sliced through it :D
IronicSymphony chapter 77 . 4/8/2012
"D-boy needs to strap a watch to his knuckles and knock Noal around for a bit", was my first impression on the opening. I would've loved to see the General dragged through the mud at trial though part of me suspects he'd still weasel his way out of it. So Dead kills him? Noal shouldn't be too upset, he obliterated the remains...

I can't help but wonder if the soldiers are going to declare all out war against the Space Knights and dismiss the recording as a creative lie?

Akito's response is interesting and I'm curious to see what he's going to do next.

Berserker rage! Wraith's going Wolverine on us! Uh oh. This won't end well...
IronicSymphony chapter 76 . 4/8/2012
Yet another morsel of homage goodness! Sayaki borrowed Shinya's idea of infiltrating the Space Knight base. Delta showing a rare moment of humanity. Homage to the convoy from Io? Interesting, is there a part of her that could be saved? Hmm. I'm still unconvinced and cheering for Team B!tch-slap. Loving the flashbacks and yet another thrilling conclusion!
IronicSymphony chapter 75 . 4/8/2012
Someone revive me, I’ve fainted from fanfiction goodness! FLASHBACKS! Nice touch and such a good way to write the story! I should be able to articulate my thoughts on this chapter far more coherently but I’m too busy squealing like a dazed fangirl. So much revealed, finally! So much D-boy/Aki goodness! The tragedy of a team who became family, falling victim to circumstances and sinister motives beyond their control. The interseries goodness continues. Somebody, hand me a cigar! You’ve written some fantastic chapters, but this one really shows off your talent at twisting an existing storyline to suit your purposes. All characters are well developed and putty in your hands. It’s really clever writing and I bow to your greatness.

P.S. Aki's vegetarian? Very nice :D
IronicSymphony chapter 74 . 4/8/2012
Ah, D-boy. Still as eloquent as ever. Love it! Oh dear, Okita's in trouble. Poor Akito, I don't see a good outcome for his lifetime of lies...if the truth is ever revealed to him...and if he ever believes it. Go Wraith! Ah, but wouldn't the Noal of the first series be appalled to see himself now? I must confess that I felt thoroughly swept along by your story. What a wild ride, right up to its thrilling cliff-hanger!
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