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strongfighter chapter 1 . 9/28/2012
This is really good!
Teagsiebabe85 chapter 1 . 1/25/2012
I love how almost every person who reviewed on this story is an insomniac xD

I thought this story was just... wow. Brilliantly described. Just amazing. I'm the same as (whoever this is, I imagined it as James too) I've had this "chronic Insomnia" since I was about 10. I'm 16 now :/

I really think you captured the disorder extremely well, I don't think this was utter crap! It was beautifully portrayed! I can fully and completely relate to this story, its amazing!
hope for eternity chapter 1 . 12/20/2011
This story describes my life :/
TiffDizzle chapter 1 . 11/8/2011
WOW, let me just say that. Insomnia is a curse, i suffer it everynight...i have been prescribed medication to help me sleep, but it honestly doesn't do much to help. I am allowed to take up to 200 mg of my trazodone per night if needed, but i still find myself tossing or turning, with no relief but the "cat naps" i'm able to manage!
AbbyMasrai chapter 1 . 6/5/2011
OH MAN, I can sooo relate to this! I've never been able to sleep well in my WHOLE LIFE. And this year, I've established a new record by not sleeping for two whole days straight (well, I did have like an hour nap each day, BUT THAT'S IT!). Even at that, it's not uncommon for me to be away for nearly 24 hours at a time. It sucks to be an insomniac.

Anyways, I loved loved LOVED this, and I sooo relate! Great work! :D
Pooping chapter 1 . 4/25/2011
You described it perfectly !

I had it and its the worst thing ever... but then I learned how to play the guitar and at night I would play it in ' the music room ' and then I would get really tired but I still couldnt sleep so I watched a lot of things on TV then read then played with my dog the I'd fall asleep but only then. And 2 weeks after that I didnt have it anymore. I had it for almost a year... And its gone :)

That was cool !

purplerocks chapter 1 . 3/31/2011
dude you just EXACTLY described my nights no lie...i can never sleep for my life so i: read, listen to music, daydream, or my very very last resort, counting sheeps... lol but yeah ive suffered isomnia for like the entire past 4 years and im afraid i will have it for the rest of my life... grrr and writers block angers me deeply... when i have to write an essay or something, i draw blanks but when im rushing and dont have time to write my ideas down, i have brilliant ideas... there is so much wrong with me. lol hahaha but in reality its no laughing matter... which is another reason i love this story cuz i relate to it in every which, way, shape and or form.

i am 13 and i have suffered isomnia since 4th grade. i salute you fellow comrade in the battle for sleep! now, im going to daydream and since my iPod is dead, possibly count sheep... :( lol or maybe ill spice it up and count bunnies or dolphins... grrr

ironically as this is, it is 11:30-ish right now and im sure my insomnia's gonna be in full swing... D; WHY CANT I SLEEP!
Fish Stick Friday chapter 1 . 3/21/2011
So I liked how you opened up with a definition of the word "insomnia."

I honestly can't say that I've ever experienced insomnia per se. Like, there have been nights where I didn't get nearly as much sleep as I would have liked or that I probably SHOULD have, but I don't count THAT as insomnia.

I don't know. I find listening to music ACTUALLY helps. Like, you wouldn't think it would because if it's a song or artist you really like, then you're just going to be humming/singing along. BUT if you put it on repeat, it just MIGHT lull you to sleep EVENTUALLY. It works for me. Not to say that it will work for EVERYBODY though...

I am really digging your use of the 2nd person POV. That perspective isn't used much...

See? You said in the beginning that it was up to us to decide who the boy was, right? Well, I'm going with James. Like you said, it's most likely either James or Logan because they have insomnia. BUT Logan wouldn't procrastinate. He'd stay on top of things. He'd have papers done as soon as he knew about them. He wouldn't put it off and do it at the last minute. That's just my two cents though...

"You think of seomething somebody said to you and how much it hurt." I can totally relate. I'm analytical PLUS a dweller. I think SO much about stuff that I often OVER-think things.

See? And failing a test? DEFINITELY NOT Logan!

When you mentioned getting addicted, I immediately thought of "How To Save a Life."

It happened again. I mentioned listening to music earlier in my review, and then I get to the part where you mentioned it in your prose. (Again, I'm reviewing as I read it...)

The latest I can ever sleep in is like 11:00 or 11:30. I don't think I've ever slept in until noon.

I PREFER to get 8-10 hours of sleep myself which is more than the 7-8 you're supposedly supposed to get each night...

Having been to college, let me just say that when it rains, it pours. It would be much more manageable if you had to worry about one thing at a time, but that is hardly EVER the case...

I'm trying not to drink caffeine anymore. I actually think I'm starting to have caffeine withdrawals. I almost dozed off during my lunch break at work today. I used to get a 24-pack of pop every time I got a paycheck (bi-weekly). That gives you an idea of how much pop I USED to drink. Now I switched to caffeine free varieties...I haven't had caffeine since St. Patrick's Day.

Tortoises are slower than turtles. But sloths are slower than both. I liked how you used sloths in your metaphor.

I loved how you mentioned Writer's Block.

This didn't suck! Your stuff never does! Mine does! Based on the weird mood I'm in, I don't even know if you're reading my reviews or not anymore. Honestly, I'm expecting you to divorce me any moment now. I feel like I'm more of a fan of your work than you are of mine, and that by no means is an insult. On the contrary, it is a HUGE compliment because THAT is how much I am a fan of you and your stories and your writing. Of course, you're probably going to divorce me anyways. You probably hate my guts and won't ever review any of my stuff ever again, and I am just going to have to be okay with that because really, I brought it on myself...If only I had never fallen behind to begin with...I don't deserve to have my stories reviewed by you anyways. You are above me...I'm going to bed now to try to get the 8-10 hours of sleep I like to get each night, and to compensate for the 3 hours I got last night.
WriterMania chapter 1 . 3/12/2011
Wow. Even though I haven't really experienced insomnia like this one-shot suggests (except for a few rare occasions), I felt the pain and misery just like the person in the story did. Proof of a job well done! Great work, this was a joy to read, even if it was angst genre. I'm definitely going to go read some of your other stories. ;) Keep up the awesome work!
Countrychick67 chapter 1 . 3/12/2011
This was very nicely wriiten. And angsty! Good job!
Falling to Fly chapter 1 . 3/6/2011
I want you to know how hard I've been praying for you these past few weeks. I was at this store yesterday and I saw a bracelet that says "Prayer Changes Things" and I bought it because it does. I'm just waiting to see it happen like I know it will.

So um, review time. Insomnia. Mine started in fourth grade and has just gotten steadily worse, especially in this past year. And I hate it because I'm so tired and the few people that worry about how little sleep I get want me to take medication or something but I just can't. And then there are those who, of course, suggest that it's something that's my fault and that I need to figure out how to fix it. Can you even fix insomnia? If you can, someone needs to tell the two of us.

I didn't even imagine one of the boys while reading this. I imagined you, and me, and other normal people like us. I hate not being able to sleep, and I hate being tired and awake but not awake, and this just brought everything that I didn't know how to put into words out. And it was perfect and you continually amaze me with your ability to do this kind of thing. It takes a lot of heart and talent to write something like this, and you do it so incredibly every time.

This didn't suck at all, and I mean that from the very bottom of my heart. And the top, and the middle, and just all of it, because it was really amazing and I hope you don't doubt yourself anymore. I don't know what's up with the reviewers; a lot of them seem to have disappeared for some reason. But it's their loss, and I hope they come around to their senses and review it like they should. Okay? Because you deserve it more than anyone.

So just remember that I'm keeping you in my prayers and you can always come and talk to me, okay? Like I said (although I really just can't say it enough) this was wonderful and so are you. I LOVE YOU!
2 kool 2 spell 'kool' right chapter 1 . 3/5/2011
Im back. Again.

But at a time like this, I really needed this.

Miss Fenway, you barely know me, so this makes it easier. Im gunna just spit something out:

My biological mother ((whos better off being called 'Kesha')) who left me when I was four with an abusive father just decides to come back into my life again and want full custody of me. I want to stay living with my aunt and uncle, yet shes winning the trial. Ive heard word from her that my father is out of jail which is freaking me out, too. My cousin is in the hospital with luekimia, his life hanging by a thread. Then, can I just say high school drama? My school is reminding me of Degrassi lately. Too many problems there. And everybody expects you to just be there and have things done, but what they dont understand is that I havent slept in three days, was just put in the hospital becuase of an anxiety attack, I cant sleep, I cant eat, and my hair is falling out! I love how my friends just blow it off like 'eh, sorry'.

Which is why I needed this story badly tonight andcannot thank you enough and tell you how much it means.

I love this and thank you from the bottom of my heart. You really did a great job and I needed this tonight.

I wish I could double favorite a story.

Thank you.
2 kool 2 spell kool right chapter 1 . 3/5/2011
Im back.

Some people also dont realize how insomnia is the result of an overactive mind, or stress, or anxiety, or whatsoever. And some people cant understand how we just dont have it as easy as everyone else and even though they say it like "we're carrying the wieght of the world on our shoulders" what they dont realize is that we actually are. And how the result of our anguish becomes to much and results in insomnia and results and more stress, and it starts all over again and soon enough we just cant take it and we collapse under the pressure and its all just too freakin much!

And then when life becomes too hard its not even like anyone will understand. You tell people about it and they say to stop complaing. They say its too bad. Thats such a shame. But do they really get it? Do they really understand? The gut wrenching, stomach churning pain when it all becomes too much? Youve cried yourself dry, anti depressent pills dont do shit. So now all you wanna do is just go to sleep.

All you want, out of all the bad crap that happens, is to get some sleep.

It doesnt even seem like you can get that, though, can you?

I appreciate you writting this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

And I especailly needed this at a time like this, becuz right now I swear im about to collapse. I have barely slept in about three days. Thursday I fell asleep at 1 am, woke up at 4, and thats the last of sleep Ive gotten.

At the time, Im currently dealing with some issues and its just call it coincidental that you wrote this now.

Like, according to other people, its too bad and they are sorry that my hair is falling out and I havent slept since Thursday. They are 'sorry' that I had an anxiety attack yesterday, and wound up in the hospital. Then didnt get any sleep that night. Crap Im outta room AGAIN..
2 kool 2 spell 'kool' right chapter 1 . 3/5/2011
I have so much to say that the review box may cut me off and I'll have to start a new review.

Life; its a complex thing. Its the universal truth that states we arent going to have it heres the thing about that. There are people in the world that gunna blow off things like "insomnia" and "anxiety" like nothing. NOONE that read this story that has/used to have insomnia can fully, or barley get it.

Sure, you writting VERY GREATLY explained it, but there are still those people that will just go "eh, shes having some problems at the moment. Itll be fine"

Oh, and the ones I love the most, "Yeah she thinks shes carrying the wieght of the world on her shoulders"

Little do they know that those are the people I sit up at night pulling my hair out about, just because of a few words, that couldve easily not been said, if people could just take the time to understand.

You obviously are not joking ((not that I ever thought you were)) when you say you have insomnia. Youve got it all right. All in the right order, too.

You wrote your heart out in this, didnt you? I can tell. If I had the writting talents, I wouldve done the same.

There are people like us, that just..carry the wieght of the world on our shoulders. Things like insomnia just make it worste, too.

My insomnia usually acts up the nost when Im stressed. ((Which is often.))

And I go through these steps about two, maybe three nights a week. And on top of that, I have nightmares.

Nobody will understand that drousy feeling when Im sitting in class and I hear this annoying ring in my ears, but its only due to lack of sleep. Its hard for some people to get how my head feels heavy and I drift in and out of a conversation, or when the teacher says something I wont be listening, and then the hypocritical, pot smoking kids who sit in the back and dont even pay attention to the lesson will walk out talking shit about how I was alost sleeping in class. This is gunna cut me off I'll be riight back..
UnitedPen chapter 1 . 3/5/2011
This made me sad but I'm glad you vented and got it all out. I don't understand insomnia completely because I don't have it. I sleep in order to avoid things. I had one friend who had it in high school, still has it in fact. She used to sleep about two hours per night and then after about 2-4 weeks of doing so would crash and get really sick. I always felt so bad for her but I couldn't do much to help and she hid it quite well.

But I get the stressed out parts in the story, the breakdown parts, because I've been suffering through a bit of it this past week myself, especially since college is really starting to become hectic! And man the pressure is horrible and it drowns you and makes you sick and you put everything off and you know what I'm talking about so I don't know why I'm rambling. Thankfully, I talked to someone and was able to regroup after a week that left me emotionally drained which is kind of weird because I wasn't productive...

Anyway, I get where you are coming from, I really do besides the insomnia. And I saw your update for Miracle of the Moment and I'm glad you talked to someone. I know it sounds cliche, but I don't see this story as weak. It's great. Ya it's angsty, but your writing is an outlet of how to get through the tough stuff. Pressure gets to everyone I believe, some people just hide it better than others.

And don't worry about your writing. If your regular reviewers are anything like me, life's kicking their butt and maybe there is not much time but to skim over a chapter of your story and think about how great it is. It's not bad at all in my opinion. Keep going.
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