Reviews for The Diary of a Nobody
Guest chapter 2 . 5/25
I would very much like to read this story as an actual story. Maybe some short journal entries and then back to the present. You now write entire conversations as though they are written down. Quite impressive for someone to write like that in a diary... I'm not really buying it. Also the fluency of the story is very compromised the way it is now written, also making it difficult to read. I do really find myself wondering what will happen next. But i find myself mostly interested in hermione's break-up. It is refreshing to see it all from severus his perpective, though.
I'm going to skim through the story to see what will happen and how it ends. But i can't focus enough to read the whole thing
jensteed chapter 12 . 1/29
This was so much fun to read, I was in fits the whole way through!
jensteed chapter 8 . 1/29
I can't stop laughing throughout this, just picturing him sitting there cursing away as he writes is gas. Great story XD
artemisgirl chapter 12 . 1/19
Oh, that was fun. You did very well capturing Severus' character, and a very realistic take on how SSHG might come about. Thank you for this lovely tale. I certainly enjoyed reading it :)
artemisgirl chapter 11 . 1/19
artemisgirl chapter 10 . 1/19
artemisgirl chapter 9 . 1/19
I recognize some of the books Severus found. I've always wondered at "Women who love too much". It sounds terribly like me, and I'm not sure I'm ready to read something like that yet ;
artemisgirl chapter 8 . 1/19
artemisgirl chapter 7 . 1/19
I'm so glad he told her!
artemisgirl chapter 6 . 1/19
Ohh dear...
artemisgirl chapter 5 . 1/19
This reminds me of Bridget Jones. Much fun :)
artemisgirl chapter 4 . 1/19
Great insight into Snape character
artemisgirl chapter 3 . 1/19
I love how Snape and Harry are casual lunchmates and hassle each other. So perfect xD
artemisgirl chapter 2 . 1/19
Oooo, developments!
artemisgirl chapter 1 . 1/19
This is fun. I'm quite enjoying it so far. :D
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