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hallowedgrounds chapter 33 . 7/25/2020
Wow! This had me hooked the entire time! You guys are great writers! Thank you!
Why chapter 29 . 12/18/2017
Im listening to a song playlist while reading this and im really not sure if its the best or the worst. At first it was imagine dragons. 'Believer' came on when vlad then the collector was beating up danny, then 'Radioactive' when they were gathering after their punishments, along with 'Ready,aim,fire'. 'Immortals' when they were planning. Then 'Its time' with Vlad teaching Danny, along with 'viva la vida' and 'fix you' by cold play in the next chapter. 'Yellow' played in chapter 29. Then what made me comment all this is the opening lines of 'how to save a life' playing as they were put on the chairs.
barefootbby chapter 33 . 10/10/2017
I just spend seven hours reading this. Could've done my coursework, cleaned, or actually gone outside, but this was so worth it.

I can't even put into words how this story has made an affect on me-it's, it's just so good and it feels real with the character interactions and just-

Wow, wow. It's, it's been awhile since I read a fic this good, and I've been on a huge Danny Phatom kick this past month, but this, this takes the cake. I know this work is over three years old now, but man, it'll be one of the top fics I recommend to anyone looking for a high-quality fic-Danny Phantom or any other fandom.

Amazing work.
neeniya chapter 33 . 6/13/2017
This was, by far, one of the best fics I've read thus far. I'm absolutely in love with the character progression of all your characters. And if there ever was a fanfic that I wish was a hard cover book, it'd be this one.

I do have a couple questions too, mainly what happened to all the ghosts that were on display? And more importantly what ever happened to that ghost who could make portals? The collector said he'd deal with him, but then what?
A Vivid Reader chapter 20 . 6/8/2016
I really, really, REALLY love your character develeopment. These characters slowly change, and it feels so real. I just want to congratulate you on doing something I've never seen in another writers fanfiction, you made Vlad's character development feel real. He is slowly changing, and both half as are easing into the whole truce to friendship thing. It really does seem like an actual relationship, not just one that changes because the plot demands it. I'm still wondering about Ryder though, he seems suspicious, especially with that comment oh so similar to Vlad's early on in the story. Can't wait to find out~
Guest chapter 20 . 5/31/2016
CrayonPencil chapter 34 . 3/20/2016
Congratulations with your own book! ;-)
Ms.McClue chapter 33 . 1/2/2016
That was a great story. You have a real talent for this. Best own characters ever.
Cat123Ghost456 chapter 25 . 7/23/2015
I know concussions, they are hell. They truly befit that word. I had a "minor" one. Lights burned you, any sound from the rustle of paper to even someone breathing was like an explosion in your ear. Sleep was awful, like you wouldn't be able to get comfortable, because no matter how much pain medicine you were given, it still hurt to exist. (800 mb of ibruprofen every 6 hours-which is even still considered too high). Then, when you would wake up in the morning, you would be whimpering. Concussion's also make it nearly impossible to think. I got mine before my finals and even though the doctor said I "SHOULD" be allowed to post pone them, I wasn't. I had to take all (but 2 I used passes for) and it was painful. Poor Danny right now...
Full moon wolf chapter 34 . 7/19/2015
Okay, there are many, many, MANY fanfic writers, most who have decent grammar, and of those, ones who have a great story idea, and of THOSE, ones who bring out the best of their story, but out of all the fanfic authors that I have read works of, you are the first that I know of that has an actual, buy able book that was looked by an actual editor!
You brought writing to a whole other level. This development makes me wonder, are there other people who wrote published books who started off as fanfiction writers? You deserve cookies galore! (::)(::)(::)(::)(::)(::)(::)(::)(::)(::)(::)(::)(::)(::)(::)(::)(::)(::)(::)(::)(::)(::)(::)(::)(::)(::)(::)(::) 3
bibliophilea chapter 24 . 4/14/2015
I think the Collector may well be one of my favorite villains. His growth into this level of villainy is fascinating, especially given the fact that multiple characters with ghostly expertise have insisted that ghosts can't change. It's like through their attempts at escape, they unlocked a side to the Collector that even he wasn't aware he'd had. And through his exploration of that side to him, awoken by their blatant defiance and driven by a thirst to use his power over others, he's developed into such an insane, evil character. I'm not sure there's any way for him to go back to something like the not-so-humble, far more innocent Curator he was before. And his self-reflection on his transformation is also fascinating to see. His past self would probably balk if he could see what his current, evil self is doing.
bibliophilea chapter 15 . 4/13/2015
I love this. So much Vlad development, and the Collector now has some serious thinking to do, and I loved seeing the talk of families and origin stories, and Ryder is incredibly hilarious, and I completely nerded out at Vlad's description of how they became half-ghosts! I love seeing all the different hypotheses people create for how, biologically, becoming half-ghost works!
bibliophilea chapter 12 . 4/13/2015
"Do not call me that! Never call me that again!"
"There will be no more fighting."
"Do not so much as touch another human again."

The orders thus far that haven't expired or been countermanded, all directed at Vlad, and all but the top one directed at Danny. However, shortly after that last order, Danny was able to accept Mel's hand when he offered to pull her up. I would conclude that the spirit of the order is more important than the wording, but that doesn't fit with Vlad's experience in the infirmary when he was told to explain. Based on that, I suppose my current hypothesis is that the way the one following the order chooses to interpret that order is more important than the wording or the intentions of the Collector when giving the order. This places quite a bit of power in the hands of those who must obey the orders. Another viable hypothesis is that the intent of the Colldctor matters more when he's more emotionally charged, which is why Vlad can't interpret the first order by letter to mean that he can't call the Curator "that". It's rather fun to examine the limits of the Collector's powers, and to keep track of what limits are being placed on the halfas.

bibliophilea chapter 2 . 4/12/2015
HA! I KNEW IT! It gives me no small pleasure to know that I could correctly judge who was controlling whom! I love Ryder's character so far, I look forward to seeing more of him! And Melody's character is intriguing to me... I look forward to learning more about her! Who controls the Curator?
ElizabethBathog chapter 34 . 3/4/2015
Man what a ride this was! I so wanted to kick the Collectors ass at times! Love how it ended and i hope You and Mutantlover will do more stories like this! :D Thank you for all of the hard work you two have done writing this! :D It is a bit sad that it end there but all good storeys have to come to an end. :'( Well i will probably take a look at the other stuff you have. ;)
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