Reviews for A Snake Inside Morgenstern Manor
amabel chapter 32 . 4/19
pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase update soon!
Guest chapter 42 . 4/14
Please please pretty please update
Guest chapter 42 . 4/14
you are an incredible and intelligent writer and I wish you all the best in life because this is honestly outstanding. I sincerely hope you update soon x
Guest chapter 42 . 4/4
Please update soon, cant wait for valentine to find jace
Valentina chapter 42 . 3/20
Please, I do love the story and can not wait to know what will happen ...
Rach42 chapter 41 . 3/14
Please update soon
Guest chapter 42 . 3/13
Cant wait to read more I'm really interested
Guest chapter 42 . 3/4
come oonnnn pleaaaaaseeee you're killing me! xxx
Bella Skye chapter 1 . 2/13
Wow just great! Your chapters always deliver. I did go back and reread it or I should say listen to it while I was at work because I could not fully remember the gist of the story. The voice reader is not the best but you write so well that it worked great for your story. Please don't wait to long to update :)
Guest chapter 42 . 2/9
You finally updated! Thank you, and keep on writing:)
Guest chapter 41 . 2/9
fridavr96 chapter 42 . 2/8
thank you for the update! this fanfic is one of the best fanfics i've read on this site, i love the AU and the storyline is amazing, and i really really hope that you will continue with your writing because you are so so good at it!:)
IWannaLightsaber chapter 42 . 2/8
This is an awesome day! You have updated! YES!

Last time I read this amazing story, I was left hanging with Jace being cornered by the vampires... And now I come back, just wanting to read it again, because that's how awesome it was, and I can't believe how incredible these two new chapters are! It is so incredibly amazing to see the change in Jonathan - just makes me burn inside with excitement! And then Jace - I love how strong he is, how desperately, intensely focused he is as he fights off the clan. And yet his emotions are so raw, so fragile. And this cliff is leaves me with so much hope that it aches inside, in a wonderful way. I'll be back, girl! I'll be watching for another incredibly written part of this fix. Thank you so much!
penguincrazy chapter 42 . 2/7
really liked this, glad for the update even though it was short!
Rach42 chapter 42 . 2/7
Thanks for updating, can't wait for Valentine to find Jace :)
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