Reviews for A Child Without A Name
Baskina chapter 47 . 9/13
Love your story! I spent my whole Sunday reading itī¸Can not wait for the next chapters!
General Mac chapter 47 . 9/13
brilliant thanks love it more pretty please
LauraMarie chapter 47 . 9/6
Soooooooo...My memory is absolutely terrible. (It's a constant amusement for my husband to poke fun.) Every time you post a new chapter, I have to go back and re-read the whole story for fear that I've forgotten some important detail. Every time I read it, I fall more in love with this story. You are a fantastic writer, and I hope you never stop writing. I have my favourite happy parts (when Sev calls Hermione sweetheart for the first time, and, of course, Kingsleys proposal) but I also appreciate your willingness to confront and display how big of a fight Domestic Violence is. It's not just a fight for the victim, but for everyone around them to help get their loved one back. I met my best friend shortly after her escape from her abusive husband. I saw the struggles she faced in trying to find herself again. She still struggles, but she is enjoying life again and has remarried (in the most beautiful wedding ever, if the matron of honour/there every step of the planning helper is allowed to say so). She is also being featured in a domestic violence survivors photography project, which she never would have considered when we first met. She constantly astounds me with her strength. While she won't yet be able to handle reading this story, I thank you on her behalf for sharing this story in particular.
On a lighter note, I hope you are well and happy with where your life is headed. We've never met, but I feel like I know you, and I wish you the best. Sending healing thoughts your way - being in pain is never fun.
waterfallits chapter 47 . 8/31
I've just read this story all the way through. A really moving piece and excellent plot/ characterisation. I look forward to future instalments!
Martionmanswife chapter 34 . 8/24
between Luna and Draco, I have not laughed so much at a story in a long time.
Sassyluv chapter 47 . 8/19
Oh man... I feel sooo bad! It's been at least a month since i got this update in my inbox and i only just read it! :)
Adored it - i really enjoyed the interview. I love how you inserted small bits of Luna humour into it :)
Update soon!
Sassyluv xxx
Bookwormkat1 chapter 47 . 8/12
I'm quivering in anticipation for the next chapter! Pleasepleaseplease post soon!
The dialogue way of the chapter worked really well too, and despite the seriousness of it, Luna's wrackspurt comments definitely made my lips twitch.
Kat :)
Bookwormkat1 chapter 46 . 8/12
*beat of silence after finishing the chapter whilst it sinks in*
Oh bugger. Damn your amazing imagination and creativity! Every time, you surprise me with each chapter.
That was brilliant, and I'm continuing reading straight away. (It's why I let the chapters pile up unread for a while: the more to read at once that there is, the more I can get into a flow)
Bookwormkat1 chapter 45 . 8/12
I don't know if the name in the chapter was chosen for me, but it truly made me smile wether that was the case or not. In real life I am bisexual, but currently single rather than married.
It's a lovely chapter, I really enjoyed it! Glad you hear you're feeling better x
Auroras Jenkins chapter 47 . 8/9
I have just read your story. And hope that the Ministry will not convict her. And that they will convict Ron, and find Verity and arrest her so that Hermione and Severus are safe and that Hermione is able to move on with her life.
Guest chapter 47 . 7/30
This is the best fan fic I have ever read. There is a tremendous amount of emotion conveyed in this story. Right now, I want to hex all those dunderheads at the ministry into next week. I hope this finds you well, as your life seems to be just as chaotic as Hermione's. The wonderful tale you have woven is absolutely amazing.
bookworm661 chapter 47 . 7/24
I'm enjoying this story; it at times has made me laugh, cry, and occasionally holler at the screen when Ron is doing something stupid. I sincerely hope he gets what is coming to him as from his kids with Verity I hope she is caught before she delivers so they can be taken away. Maybe they can be adopted by George and Kingsley.
bookworm661 chapter 13 . 7/23
Yes to babies with Snape; but they don't have to be carried by Hermione they could be a surrogate's using her eggs or adopted.
ConstanceScully chapter 47 . 7/22
This is a wonderful story, have read it all over the last week. I love the emotion and general storyline, it's nice to have a villan character who is fresh and new. Looking forward to the next update. xx
deedeebug chapter 47 . 7/20
I have followed this story from the beginning and I love it! thank you for continuing it and I hope that life is good for you now. I have reread this story since you began the updates and that includes your A/N's Hope you are in school and your book is going well and that you and your kiddos are all doing well!
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