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seekerchasing chapter 1 . 10/22/2012
this was a very lovely story, enjoyable and well done!
Guest chapter 1 . 7/5/2012
This is my all-time FAVORITE Lucy-Lorcan fanfic! I completely ship them! THANK YOU!
Melodiux chapter 1 . 5/25/2011
Love this so much!
BronzeNifler168 chapter 1 . 4/6/2011
What a nice story!

I don't wan't to set this out the way I usually do.

I think not only after reading your other story but in general the plot is over used. I'm just suggesting that the likelyhood of Hogwarts putting on a play is not much.

Although, that is not what I am judging on, I am judging on wheather you have convinced me of the pairing.

gote chapter 1 . 3/13/2011
Hey, Mad!

I really enjoyed this, your characterizations, especially, are brilliant. And it's really quite well written, there's just a few little mistakes that make it a touch confusing at times that could easily be picked up by reading over it -although I can understand that that'd be hard to do, seeing as it's so long.

Some things that stand out to me where when Lily said "Well, this is a bit awkward, isn't it? How about we go exploring or something?", I laughed.

And when Louis "appeared out of the shadows" I just about squealed, I'm such a Louis fangirl, haha.

Anyway, well done on this, I'll have to check out more of your writing. :)
Julia Claire chapter 1 . 3/11/2011
So, I really liked this. ;) I loved the way you portrayed all the characters, especially Lorcan and Lucy. Your characterization of Lucy was fantastic - I love the idea of her as an actress, but I like the way you made her kind of deeper than that - quiet and intense and a Ravenclaw. And Lorcan - he was just so sweet.

I do have a few (slight) criticisms... I thought that they're having a play at Hogwarts was a little improbable (I know you sort of made a joke about that, but still), and also their mention of High School Musical. I don't know that they'd have seen that movie. Also, I thought that the second play Lucy did at Hogwarts - the one that was clearly about Lorcan - seemed a little unlikely for her. It was too bold and obvious, and seemed more like something Molly would do than Lucy. Of course, maybe Molly's influence was what made it happen, but I just couldn't see your Lucy going through with it. That said, I loved the program Molly handed Lorcan, and Lorcan's conversation with Natalie.

I also thought the tie-up with Lily was a little too... neat. They were both in love with other people, and realised it just around the same time? I'm really sorry if I'm being to harsh... I hope it's constructive, because I really did like the story!

-"I have the most messed up love life ever, Natalie."

"No," Natalie laughs, jabbing her thumb at a blonde boy with a girl on either side of him- one with dark red curly hair and one with blonde hair, both Weasleys. "That would be Scorpius. He's leading both Rose and Dominique on, not choosing either one."-

Ahaha. BEST LINE EVER. ;) Seriously. It really made me laugh - it was just pure win.

And I liked the reference to Dreamerverse, with the "Ed Pavensy" kid... that was funny, and I liked the line about Lucy's Dreamland.

I really liked this, Mad - and I hope you don't mind I reviewed this for Review Tag instead of the D/G... but I lovelovelove LucyLorcan, and DracoGinny... it's just not my ship.

Oh! I almost forgot. I loved your Molly, and her relationship with Lorcan! They were so funny together, just like siblings. ;)

Nice work!
RedCloakedMaiden chapter 1 . 3/7/2011
This was so very different from what I usually see the characters like...but I loved it nonetheless! :D
kingslayers chapter 1 . 3/7/2011

First up, thank you! I love your writing, and I got a shout out!

Second, Awwwwww. Okay. This was absolutely amazing.

I really loved your characterizations, they were awesome. Lorcan... He was the perfect oblivious teenage boy, stuck in denial. I LoveLoveLoved your Lucy, Louis and James!

Lucy.. She was just amazing. Her character was developed nicely, and I could totally imagine her being hurt by LorcLily and her Dad's howler. I hope Ginny and Molly I and Audrey yelled at him for that.

Louis - I loved the little tasters, how he got her to come out of her shell during the snowball fight ;)

Lysander - He was a great twin for Lorcan, he always understood what Lorcan didn't, and vice versa.

Molly - Lorcan didn't like her too much, but she really did love her sister.

James! Oh Merlin, he was perfect :) He had the right amount of understanding, and he realised that even though Lils was happy with Lorcan, he owed it to Lily, Lorcan and Lucy to make Lorc realise what he was doing. And for that, I love him, he's amazing.

As you know (maybe), I'm a LilyLorcan LucyLysander but I'm normally okay with alternating. But I adore your LilyLorcans, and this one was just so amazingly right!

Some don't work, but this one did :)

And I'm very disappointed in Scorpius. Stringing along two girls at once? Tut tut tut. LOL

I adored this Mad!

Jane x
over-rehearsed chapter 1 . 3/6/2011
Be prepared, I'm prone to giving long reviews. ;)

Okay, this was just brilliance. Seriously. I adored it.

At first I was confused about their ages, as you know, but I sort of figured it out as it went along. And I love how at first he and Molly got along, but then he didn't get along with her much. I'm sorry it's just these random things you insert that make it seem real. Like Louis/Natalie, even if I'm Louis/Isabelle Nott, and the Rose/Scorpius/Dominique? Just brilliant. Oh, and you should definitely write a Louis 10K, by the way. I'll help in any way you need, help, prompts, ideas, encouragement- you name it, so long as the result is just as good as this!

-this is where my internet decided to delete up to, it was incredibly long, but it went back to this, so wish me luck, darling-

Okay, one thing of critique I have for you, though, is the amount of time they were upset and how unrealistic they felt. They should learn to be upset longer, yo. I don't care that Lily and Lorcan weren't working out, he should be more upset that she was cheating on him than he was. And both Lucy and Lorcan should be cut a little more by the rejection. But it was still really good! They just need to learn to be angry...

Other than that, it just screamed perfection. I adore your characterizations by the way. All of them. Each and every one.

I loved Percy saying Lorcan should be in the ministry, just so you know. ;)

And I loved the mention of the trios, it just made me smile.

The snowball fight made me smile.

And your Lily? aogjalk I loved her. And your Lysander, eeek.

But especially your Lucy and Lorcan.

Also, was this, like, a companion piece to that one MollyLysander- with the writing, you know? 'cause it almost could have been...

Anyway, just, yay. I loved it all the same, even if my life sucks and this is amyzing review, take two.


-This had better send or else I'm going to...-
BlueEyes444 chapter 1 . 3/6/2011
Awwwww...I LOVE YOU TOO MADDY! :glomp: And not just cause you wrote the awesomest fic ever either. ;)

Second, this is honestly, the best LucyLorcan EVER. I have never read one this good. It beats all. You did all of them ohsoperfect! :D Merlin, Mad, siriusly. I don't know what to say. It's just so PERFECT! :D


/is happy

You have made my day, dear. :)

Bri being lazy chapter 1 . 3/6/2011
This was so wonderfuk, Mad! I love the idea of actress! Lucy, and I'm so happy you decided to write a whole oneshot on her! It was so wonderful!

Lucy) She was beautiful! She was getting on my nerves, though, her lack of ambition, but I guess she was supposed to be written like that, wasn't she? And, kind of random, but I've never ever seen a Lucy with brown hair, so props for originality! LOL.

Lorcan) If I were to marry a NextGen guy, it would either be him or Scorpius. I liked how he was the only person who understood Lucy, and how he encouraged her towards her dreams. More like made her realize her dreams! It was so great, and I loved him, and he was just SO CUTE.

Lily) Ehk, I just loved her. I always love her, and you did her justice.

Congrats on the 5th 10k! I don't know how you do it, but you manage. Great, great work!
renzhie chapter 1 . 3/6/2011
Where to start? Oh, of course, Congrats at finishing another 10k, dear Mad! You are so ready to join NaNoWriMo.

This was really good,I liked the dynamic between them and how it was told from Lorcan POV.

I liked how you insert LilyLorcan and James being the protective brother and Jared (ahem) being Lily's bf.

LouisNatalie! Don't give a sad ending to Louis, will ya? (if you ever want to write 10k of them) ;D

Amazing job, Mad! )