Reviews for Not What Everything Seems
suzi1811 chapter 1 . 3/7/2011
You have Travis down perfectly! I never liked Jill, she's always been the bitch everyone loves to hate! On one hand I'm glad she's getting a taste of her own medicine considering how she treats other people but on the other hand while I'm fine with her getting her ass kicked and dying, I actually feel a little sorry to see her hands as even she doesn't deserve what she'll suffer at that sadistic bastards hands! Hopefully someone will save her, either that or she'll figure out what Elena did, if she shows no fear and doesn't fight or react in the way he needs, he can't do anything to her cause he only gets off on girls who are scared of him and fighting for their freedom. Hopefully Jillian will be changed for the better from the experience and stop being such a bitch to everyone! Update soon, I really like this!