Reviews for You'll Find What You're Looking For At Walmart
maddianforever9 chapter 1 . 8/21
Fifth time reading this and its still the bomb. Keep up the good work.
MissEllen chapter 5 . 8/21
Interesting, I was just thinking about how big their little family was getting, and with so many gifted vampires plus two shifters and a couple humans... I'll bet the big V ( as in volturi) will get curious soon, come check it all out. It's gonna be fun to see what dirt they come up with on the Cullens. This just gets a little more whacky with every chapter. :)
MissEllen chapter 3 . 8/21
Hi Mama4! I somehow missed reading this one, but I'm sure enjoying it now. It's a lot lighter and more positive, much more fun than canon. I do like Garrett and Heidi, although the big change in the psychotic volturi seems sorta abrupt and out of character... oh wait, you did say the whole thing was OOC, didn't you? Hee! Jasper suddenly coming to his senses is a very good thing. I look forward to seeing him come back to himself over time. This whole "make the Cullen's miserable thing is going to be fun.

I'm really happy that you have begun writing again. How's it feel to be back in the game?
she is brighter chapter 39 . 8/20
Oh geese. I absolutely adore this story and can't wait to read more
Angel JJK chapter 39 . 8/20
Interesting. Maybe Bella will save them and still go back to them. Til next time.
SweetSouthernGal chapter 39 . 8/19
I've been working my way through this story for most of the week, and of course when I finally reach the end it's at the worst cliffhanger in the story yet! ACK! As you indicated in your warnings/disclaimers, this story is certainly OTT at some moments, but it was awesome throughout. I love the story so far, and I look forward to seeing how it ends!
tamwhit chapter 39 . 8/19
Poor Bella and poor Peter
Loved this chapter
LainaAnn1988 chapter 39 . 8/19
Loved that you updated but this is so sad. Hopefully she'll reunite with Peter and her family. Thanks for my fix.
Sassy Mami chapter 39 . 8/19
That's fucked up! She shouldn't have to choose for everyone! She should be able to speak with Peter and Charlie before making any decision. I really dislike Taha Aki right now!
Madmaxi chapter 39 . 8/19
Ummm yeah. Soooo did not see that coming!
Vivian Junior chapter 39 . 8/19
You are one lovely evil person.
kouga's older woman chapter 39 . 8/19
Only if Peter can join her there
Debbi84 chapter 39 . 8/19
That's a huge decision to make considering that some of the supernaturals may not want their humanity back.
aesir21 chapter 39 . 8/19
Wow I did not see this coming. She will probably choose to sacrifice her happiness for others to be human and probably see Peter again when he dies the natural death unless they make her human again as well.
Phenyx Helia chapter 39 . 8/19
Oh, my. That was just chock-full of plot twists and bombshells, wasn't it? And that ending - WOW. Thank you once more for updating this amazing story of yours. I can't wait for the next chapter! PH
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