Reviews for Errosion
dondena chapter 31 . 7/29
The whole Foot clan deserves to be wiped out.

Update soon!
tmntlover2013 chapter 31 . 7/19
Great job on the chapter please update soon thanks.
BubblyShell22 chapter 31 . 7/18
Awesome chapter. I though the transitions were fine, so don't worry about that. Nicely done on this. I'll be eagerly awaiting an update. I really hope they can find Leo and get him out of there.

The Bubbly One,
BubblyShell22 chapter 30 . 7/18
Whoa. What a chapter. I can see Raph doing this and wanting to help Leo any way he can. And poor Leo not knowing what has happened to them! I really hope they can get him out of this. Nicely done on this.

The Bubbly One,
BubblyShell22 chapter 29 . 7/18
Oh no! This definitely can't be good, but they can't leave Raph behind. That would just suck. Nicely done on this as always. I just hope they can rescue Leo in time.

The Bubbly One,
SleepingSeeker chapter 31 . 7/18
Ah so good! I don't know why, but it was Mikey who just snagged my attention in this chapter. The way you described him moving forward, only to scoot back, his fright and just all came out so believable. Raph's arm, though. I could almost feel the puffed, sick swelling. And Donatello wanting to wrap his hands around Karai's throat says something about the normally more passive of the group: just how furious/outraged he is by this violent intrusion.

Ah, I love your work! Thanks for updating and have a great day!
Scribe of Turesa chapter 31 . 7/18
ACK guys ackkk get out of there! D:
Keep it up I love this story.
yukio87 chapter 31 . 7/17
Is Raph ok? He was poisoned somehow? How they're gonna find and save Leo when they are in danger and in a bad shape themselves? How's Leo doing? And what about Master Splinter?

It's good to see an update of this story...I was waiting for so long since the last update...So please try to update it soon...I wanna read about Leo and what the bad guys are doing to him. I'll be waiting. Good luck and take care
Peach Wookiee chapter 31 . 7/17
Good chapter!
Turtlecrazy714 chapter 30 . 6/29
Wow I'm mean omg! Felt my own heart breaking with this story...but it's so good please update soon. I need to know what happens.
flikaroo chapter 30 . 6/21
Leo was so wickedly evil at the beginning of this tale! Especially when he taunted Raph, both at the time of challenging him to fight "it took all of you plus drugging me do you think you can take me alone" and later when Raph was pinned with his own weapon. Yowza! And it makes sense, after all Leo trains the most so it would take all of them to subdue him if he went nutso. I was so happy to get a reason for Leo's crazy behavior through, because he was really going off the deep end. And now Raph is being so stubborn. And kudos to Raph for never falling for Leo's lies, go Raph! I hope Karai gets what's coming to her in the end. And I hope Leo gets rescued soon.
SleepingSeeker chapter 30 . 4/21
Oh the tension just escalates - I'm so glad you updated! I love this story. I love your depiction of Leonardo. And Raphael was his stubborn self to a 'T'! Hope you are doing well and I look forward to reading more :D
tmntlover2013 chapter 30 . 4/20
Great job on the story please update soon thanks.
yukio87 chapter 30 . 4/20
I hope the guys can make it out alive of the lair. But Is Leo gonna be ok? What Karai is planning to do to him now? Are the guys gonna be fine? Please update soon. I'll be waiting for more. Good luck and take care
dondena chapter 30 . 4/19
Stupid Foot clan!
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