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Koga Thee Wolf Demon chapter 69 . 9/25/2013
Hey there, remember me? I'm sure you don't. I was one of the really annoying kids who commented quite a few times on your stories. This review is basically saying, I'm sincerely sorry if my reviews annoyed you any, which I'm sure they did. I was a moronic child at the time, and have since mellowed out.
Glad to see you're still going strong, by the way.
yoshi26 chapter 69 . 5/10/2013
This story was an improvement from the first one. Overall, it was great to read.
Alyssa A chapter 4 . 10/26/2012
Great! Some explanations! Though incredibly reminscent of Kingdom Hearts.
koga thee wolf demon chapter 63 . 4/27/2012
i haz a question. Was the whole " you are spreading me by going on this page" a reference to the BEN story? it sounds like it.
TheCakeisalie chapter 56 . 12/12/2011
Im a loving the portal references!
Reclusive Dork chapter 69 . 11/30/2011
Dimentio is Coron, isn't he?
nick chapter 67 . 11/28/2011






No, sorry, I don't feel like reviewing, It was an awesome chapter, good final battle, Coron was there, and Bombette...

Bombette! *Starts crying* It is so good to see you again! Yes, pax is dead so he can stay with Bombette! Who needs the rest of the story? Yes, they are having a reunion! Yes, they are having a moment! Yes, she knows he is pax! Yes, they embrace! Yes, they... Wait, what? He isn't dead?, Going back because of Goombella ( Agh! ) and the world? No, stay! No... Who cares about the world? Coron can do it himself! Heck, the partners can hold their own weight, don't you see she wants you to stay? She even called you macho idiot with capitalization! No pax, stay... Why! Again my hopes are crushed!

Yeah, seriously though, it was so awesome seeing Bombette again, I'm so sad this most likely will be her last moment we see though... ( Can always hope for more in the final story though. ) You were the best Bombette, we shall all miss you... ( I shall never stop supporting paxxBombette though!, ignoring any other relationships! )

Uh... Oh yeah, rest of the chapter. Coron is back, baby! Appearing in the nick (...) of time to save our world! ( Or the Dreamworld, whichever. )

Skipping Goombella part...

The Shadow Queen wasn't exactly all that fearsome, don't get me wrong, the final battle was great, ( The Dual Break ( whatever those things are... ) was a spectacular display. ) much better then the... Last... One... *Shakes head quickly* But she barely landed any hits, ( besides the kill hit, which I am grateful for... What? ) you could have given her a chance, she just let her nightmare pets do all the work it seemed, and even then Coron mopped the floor with them, but all well, its the symbolism of good triumphing against evil, so I liked the battle.

I shall read the first book all over again just because of the Bombette scene! ( Again! ) Yeah, I'm pathetic, but ah well.

And review done. One more to go before the next book.


Music: Ouch, I'm definitely not going to be able to finish my music job by the time its done, but I can keep going during the next story, ( Yeah, I didn't listen to any music this time, was too caught up in the Bombette scene naturally. )

(1! Yeah... Should have been 2...)

(paxxBombette!) Ok, I'll stop the review now.
Fanaticofmanythings chapter 67 . 11/27/2011


Oh my gosh, epic battle. I'm satisfied. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!

But yes, Pax/Goombella yeeeeeeeeeeeeee! MOAR SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!

Dual limit awesome bro. :3

Not much to say, cause, honestly, THIS WAS AWESOME. Can't wait to see the epilogue.


Reclusive Dork chapter 67 . 11/26/2011
Awesome. I think... that you should incorporate goombella's spirit into 'reality', so that when Pax wakes up, he still has a girlfriend. ...but give 'Ella' a protective big brother, so... pax has to talk to him first.
Riku Courtier chapter 67 . 11/25/2011
I only have two word to describe this chapter: Pure Epicness!

From getting to see Bombette again, to having Coron come out to fight (YAY! X3), To The Epic Battle With The Shadow Queen, This chapter just had EVERYTHING! :D And I loved and enjoyed every bit of it! It's too bad that the next chapter is the last. But, I'm looking forward to the next story, which I am guessing is going to take place in Super Paper Mario, am I correct?
Sir Starlll chapter 67 . 11/25/2011
Damn, Tim has some FREAKY foresight with that watch! I mean, you still have to put a bit more emphasis, but otherwise, it's great use of Chekhov's Gun!

Wait, so, how does Bombette know that Tim is the Dream Keeper? I mean, TIM doesn't even know what that IS! I mean, Merlin almost called him that, once, but that was it! We don't even know what Dreamers are! Shouldn't he find the fact that she called him a 'Dream Keeper' a little weird? Sure, she probably has some kind of ghostly knowledge, but STILL!

...Okay, that was, without a doubt, the greatest fight you've EVER written. I mean, Tim was all, 'Snark-snark-snaaaarrrk', and the Shadow Queen was all, 'MWAHAHA', and Coron was all, 'Not this time, bitch!', and then Tim was all, 'Sword of Dreams, save us!', and then George was all, 'I'm not in this chapter', then Coron and Tim were all, 'DUAL LIMIT'! Man, it was so great...

So, the next chapter is the last one? This will be sad... The next story will be the last one that you post! After that, you'll be hoarding it all to yourself like Scrooge McDuck, only letting your friends read them! *Sighs* At least I'M one of those friends...

Keep the chapters coming, buddy.

notn chapter 67 . 11/24/2011
Good chapter and story so far, keep it up.
Fanaticofmanythings chapter 66 . 11/23/2011
Okay, this would have been a good cliff-hanger if this wasn't being written from Pax's point of view.

And that there's another game already released, and ANOTHER on it's way. Pax needs to live to complete the set.

But I still got that stomach-dropping feeling whenever somebody dies, so, admittedly, it's still very good.



I swear if she dies as well I kill you. *glaaaaaaare*

Sir Starlll chapter 66 . 11/22/2011
You got your picture taken with Minecraftchick? And Mrs. Notch? HOLY CRAP, I should have gone! *Sighs* Oh well; I'm going to Pax East this year, so I guess that makes up for it.

That was a pretty emotional fight between Vivian and Beldam. It's nice seeing Vivian fight back, for a change. I mean, I LOVE the way you've done her personality so far, but it's still nice, seeing how far along she's come.

Wait, so, Beldam has had a soul the whole time? A conscious? She KNEW what she was doing, this whole time? ...Well, I suppose that makes sense. After all, you can IGNORE your conscious-*shot before finishing the portal comic reference*

Her dad was a Dreamer? Cool... ...wait, do we even KNOW what Dreamers are? ...'We' being 'The Readers/Main characters'? ...Other than that they don't like Nightmares, and have an intern named 'Tom'? Do we even know what Nightmares are, other than that they don't have souls, are evil, and... uh... are evil? Aw well, it'll all make sense, soon enough...

Oh, gee, Tim wants to fight on his own? ...Well, I guess that he's kind of traumatized by the idea of fighting the final boss with his friends. Understandable, but if that's the fact, then why didn't he refuse to let them fight ALL the main bosses? ...Save in the Glitz Pit? Just sayin'...

A double-cross? ...Or, technically, Grodus just kind of expected that she'd serve him. So, really, he should have just done a TAD more research before releasing an ancient demon. Just a smidgen more.

Final Boss coming up!

Keep the chapters coming!

Reclusive Dork chapter 66 . 11/22/2011
Awesome. Can't wait.
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