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The Happy Donut chapter 54 . 12/19/2011
Awwww! Gorgeous! I love how they talked things through. And i TOTALLY agree that its a respect issue, not an insecurities one. I'm glad eddie saw it the way she did and they worked things out.

I love how aiden keeps drawing their attention every now and then, it's so cute. it's as if he senses the tension and wants to remind them that he's around and they need to consider him before they storm out of each other's presence. LOL I love babies... have I said that already?

I can't wait to see what's going to happen next...yay Huds!
hookedonfanfics chapter 54 . 12/19/2011
Awe, how heart warming. :o)

So sweet. Leave it to our Janet to spell it all out for Jeddie. Made total sence to me. I have to admit I was struggleing a bit with why Janet reacted the way she did every time Rory came into the picture. (Of course the first time was understandable)I thought they had settled on an understanding. Now I understand completely where she was coming from.

I loved Eddie reaction. I think I said "awe" out loud as I read that he knelt down in front of her and layed his head in her lap. :')

Great chapter!
angel1002 chapter 54 . 12/18/2011
Way to go Janet. I am so proud of her for telling Eddie exactly how she felt. She has really "grown up." What she said, it needed to be said and Eddie needed to hear it and apparently he did. Like Eddie said, this trip was unplanned but it was the best possible thing for them and their relationship.

Awesoem job. Can't wait to read more.
angel1002 chapter 53 . 12/18/2011
Love the drama. I am so glad that Aiden is finally relaxing and allowing his parents to enjoy parenthood. It's amazing that babies can sense stress from their parents and their only reaction is to be fussy and stressed. I am so happy for a peaceful baby Aiden.

But how long will a peacful Aiden last since his parents are yet again...not happy. I really can't blame Janet for getting all uptight about finding Rory's phpne number in Eddie's pocket, especially after learning that Eddie was talking to his ex-girlfriend about their marriage. I would be a little upset too.

Now I wonder if it was a good thing that Eddie followed Janet or if it made him more angry.

Great job.
The Happy Donut chapter 52 . 12/18/2011
I can't believe i forgot to review this chapter.

I loved it. Plain and simple. It was so special and sweet and tender... oh my.

My favourite part was instead of him blowing his top when he saw her he went and kissed her instead. I love that. Oh and how cute are babies when they play with their toes? LOL they're so low maintenance when it comes to entertainment.

I realised i'm a faithful baby lover. I dont think any amount of cons can change the fact that I just love babies.

And after a reunion like theirs, i wonder if we can expect another child in the future...;)
hookedonfanfics chapter 53 . 12/17/2011
Ok, so I agree, they need to talk this whole Rory thing out. Enough is enough. I think Eddie needs to tell Rory to not come around again. He see's how it always has a bad outcome. However, Janet really needs to see that its her that Eddie loves. Not be insecure every time Rory does come around, if she ever does again. Maybe Janet needs to call Rory herself. After all Rory has George now. LOL (which reminds me. I heard on a talk show someone make the comment, "why doesn't George Clooney ever date anyone that is SMART and beautiful". Ha ha ha ha ha...

Anyway, I love that our couple has found their connection again, but they do need to get this whole Rory thing out in the open, over, and done with for good! :o)
The Happy Donut chapter 53 . 12/17/2011
OH NOOOO! You CANT stop THERE! How much did he hear?

"I swear the two of you are so frustrating sometimes…ahhhh, I love ya but you both drive me nuts sometimes…" that line made me smile because it sounds like something YOU'D say, Huds:P :P hahahaha.

But really, they're irritating me too now. I mean I love them together but now they're just being petty. I can understand the insecurity, but jeez louise come on, at least hash it out and talk things through. I'm glad their marriage means something to them. I reckon that this will give us a good chance to see yet another facet of Jeddie love when they FIGHT for their marriage:)

LOL you know when you're watching a ball game and you see a player make a really bad move and you comment on it like "OOOh! shouldn't have done that!" Well that was me, when i read Eddie say, "She actually offered some great advice ..." SO NOT SMART!

Eddie was always a dope on the show when it came to things like this, like there should have been a bright neon sign above his head during the show that read "NOT GETTING IT"

He needs to realise that it's inappropriate to have female friends around that aren't mutual friends of him and his wife. And the door swings both ways.

angel1002 chapter 52 . 12/16/2011
Awww...thank you for ending this chapter happily.

They both stepped up! I am so glad that they realized what had went wrong. I love the fact that they promised each other a hug and kiss matter what.

I love that he remembered the ONSTAR and he was able to track her down. I could totally picture Eddie on the beach waving like a lunatic and her utter surprise. It was great. They both needed to reconnect and the room on the shore was perfect. Thank God Aiden didn't wake up. :)

As much as I love drama I love a happy Jeddie as much.

Thank you so much for posting these chapters. You did great.
angel1002 chapter 51 . 12/16/2011
Another great chapter.

Both of them are in the wrong right now. Eddie acted like a true idiot when Janet walked in on him and Rory but Hannah is right...his brain cells seem to die whenever Rory is around.

Being parents is hard work and Eddie and Janet need to both work hard and maintaining their relationship. Just becasue they love each other it doesn't mean that their relationship is going to be a breeze. Janet needs to tell Eddie how she is feeling, her frustrations and Eddie needs to do the same. There is no excuse for no intimate anything between the two of them. They both should have stepped up.

Hopefully the next chapter we will see them step it up.

Great work.
angel1002 chapter 50 . 12/16/2011
Wow! You just jump right back into the drama don't you? Well I for one love drama and that chapter was great.

I've never had kids myself but I have heard that a colicky baby can push couples to the brink so what they are going through is not surprising to me.

Janet is so frustrating. I hate that she just ran away...again. I understand that she is scared that Eddie is going to tell her that he wants Rory and not her but she needs to stay. She can't run away every time she doubts her relationship.

Can't wait to see what goes down. Great Job and welcome back
hookedonfanfics chapter 52 . 12/16/2011
Oh see, I was right. Aiden did feel the tension. :o) What a AWESOME reunion! LOVE IT. I couldnt' have pictured it any better. I was tring to think of how he could track her down. On Star, perfect! And then Eddie just grabbing her and kissing her... ahhh, I love our happily ever after Jeddie. :o)

Thanks for writing again. Like I said before, it was so worth the wait. :o)
hookedonfanfics chapter 51 . 12/16/2011
Love having Hannah play a part in this. Eddie needs her reasoning. I feel bad for them. Both Eddie and Hannah must be so worried, especially Eddie. I know how naked i feel when I leave the house without my cell phone, but its freeing too in a strange way. So I totally see where Janet can really relax and straiten her head out without interuption. I don't blame her one bit for her reaction to Rory and Eddie being together. Really, Eddie doesn't even come home some nights? UGH,that boy has some serious explaining to do. IF, he can find Janet. Its no wonder Aiden is doing better away from the 'hidden' stress his parents were dealing with at home. Babies pick up on that. OK, more reading to do. This is SOOOOO good! :o)
hookedonfanfics chapter 50 . 12/16/2011
Merry Christmas to me! I was so excited to see not one, but three new chapters up on this story. Its been a while, is right, but its soooo worth it. This chapter was a tad scary though... I have to keep reading. More reviews later. :o) BTW, this chapter brought back some crazy memories... but it sounds like it will end much differently this time. (fingers crossed!)
The Happy Donut chapter 51 . 12/16/2011
...O.o...What? Oh please tell me they're not going to separate for even a second!

Eddie, idiot. Just look all over creation for her!

I love the fact that she prayed for help to cope and guidance. totally what I would have done.

Man these two chapters actually had me googling "Reasons not to have children"... like i have such a rosy picture of kids (because i absolutely love them) that i cant imagine what the downside would be...i didn't even think there were any.

one of the lines in one of the chapters when janet wonders about how she didn't consider all the sacrifices that came with Aiden was really

What i love about this chapter is how real it is... problems like these cannot magically disappear at the click of a delete key and you really explore those issues. really cool!

The Happy Donut chapter 50 . 12/16/2011
First of all, I was floored when I saw an Update alert in my mailbox this afternoon. Its soooo great to see you adding chapters to this awesome story! Thanks HEAPS!

I can't believe they're having such a rough time after their little boy came along. Eddie's a total dope. Who lingers around when your wife just stormed off? Egg. Anyway, glad Rory straightened him out. Who would've thunk it? The woman who broke them up is actually contributing to them getting together.

Man everytime you write about Aiden I wish i knew what he looked like. I live babies and i think he'd be so cute with eddie and janet's looks...

Those two should totally get together in real life.

I love the part at the end where "something told" eddie to check his bank acc.

Man i hope they get over this slump...:(
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