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June chapter 13 . 8/9
I am glad it didn't end like this. In a way, it is happy and they're still together as friends but it's heart wrenching. Especially for readers who expected romance stories of them together. If this really was the true ending, you'd have to put some major disclaimer for that kind of heartbreak. Your story was amazing as it was originally :(
June chapter 10 . 8/9
Seems like every chapter ... I can't ... I can't ... This made me tear up! It was so beautiful to see them talk it out :(
June chapter 7 . 8/9
I take my words back. THIS MOMENT IS EVEN MORE PERFECT. UGHHH. Please don't let anything ruin this :(
June chapter 5 . 8/8
This is so perfect so far ... I'm scared to read the rest of the chapters ... If anything horrible happens :( AGHHHHH
berniedette chapter 1 . 7/14
I'm reading this story again. Seriously, it's the best human Jakeward story.
ramnarineruth chapter 19 . 6/13
This was great.
ramnarineruth chapter 3 . 6/13
Oh Jake :(
ramnarineruth chapter 1 . 6/13
.God that was hot ...
Latoya chapter 9 . 5/29
Andromeda Cain chapter 11 . 5/8
Andromeda Cain chapter 10 . 5/8
Ah... Crying again... Just... Of course they wouldn't break up... It's just, when Edward gave Jacob that blowjob, it just, like, kinda seemed like a "goodbye" kinda thing, and I got worried. U n U But of course you're just fucking brilliant and of course so many variables I hadn't thought of are brought to light and you're right, Edwardo doesn't need a label, and yeah, I think I was mainly focused on Jake's feelings too (Just because he's my booboo doesn't mean I should discredit Edwardo's love, I know, I know), and, just, beautiful. They're such a good couple, even though at times they're an awful couple. They're just perfect for each other, and I need to realise that you know best and errything.

Plus, Edward coming just from blowing Jacob? HOLY FUCK THAT IS SO GODDAMN HOT HATS OFF TO YOU MY FRIEND, CHEERS.

I'm gonna be sad once I finish the epilogue. No more. T n T
Andromeda Cain chapter 9 . 5/8
Crying... Crying... Fuck you... No, don't take that the wrong way, I love you, I love you so much, but FUCK YOU for putting me through this... Amazing, beautiful, incredibly well-written story... But fuck you... Goddammit... Fuck... I just don't want this to end this way, I'm afraid to read the last chapter, afraid for my booboo, for Edward to choose to ignore his feelings and live a charade, for Jake to lose a a part of himself in that entire process, but maybe Jake won't, he's grown, partly due to Edward's encouragement but also because he's growing as a man and is realising he's worth knowing the truth, and he's worth being loved whole-heartedly, without a doubt, with no denials or exceptions or half-truths.

Fuck you. I love you so much. You're making me feel too much.
Andromeda Cain chapter 8 . 5/8
I promise this won't be long.


Mmmmmm but the sex, holy fuck that was good, like, ho yeah. FUCK. YES. Edward making that decision and progressing in their relationship and getting more comfortable and then GODDAMMIT STUPID FUCKING BIGOTED REDNECK. But it pushed things into light that Jake's been ignoring and Edward hasn't been addressing and we'll see how it affects our booboo and our Edwardo. ):
Andromeda Cain chapter 7 . 5/8
Oh. My. Fucking. God.
Holy fuck.
Sweet Zombie Jesus.
Just... Um... Yes? Fuck yes... GODDAMMIT FUCK YEAH BABY.

I can't even. I can't review. Can't process words into complete sentences just want more want it all I WANT IT ALL. DON'T ASK ME WHAT I WANT 'CUZ YOU KNOW. You know.

Baby Jake and his beautiful little feelings that are so goddamn poignant and special and he doesn't appreciate himself, but he loves Edward and he needs Edward and he doesn't know how to be functional around Edward knowing he feels like this and catching Edward wanking off doesn't help (By the way, holy fuck yes, holy fuck yes to that entire fucking scene) and then dancing and Paul! Hahaha I liked the random addition (Because fuck yeah Paul would be an awful boyfrund but IMAGINE THE SEX OMIGODFUCKIJUSTCAME) AND THE SEXIEST DRY HUMPING AWARD GOES TO THE TWO SMEXY BOYS HIDING THEIR FEELINGS IN THE CORNER. And then going through what Jake does, the way you write his feels and his sorrow and his torture and it all just fucking clicks in the reader's mind, like, you feel what Jake feels, you want what Jake wants, but you also want even more than what Jake wants because he doesn't feel he deserves to want what he wants so he doesn't allow himself to want it and JUST NO BABY IT'S OKAY JAKEY YOU CAN LOVE WHOM YOU WANT I'LL LOVE YOU NO MATTER WHAT C'MERE BOOBOO. AND THEN. AND THEN.

Just, no, honey. You don't do things like that with your roommate (Let him watch you masturbate, get off on letting him watch you masturbate, FUCKING PUT YOUR CUM ON HIS GODDAMN LIPS YOU SEXY LITTLE MINX) and then just ignore the entire fucking thing. Because, awkward. And, selfishness. And, sexual tension that needs to be released with your dick in Jake's ass. But mostly SELFISHNESS YOU FUCKING PRICK. I mean, I love Edward, and I love your Edward, holy fuck goddamn I love your Edward, but you took that selfish nature of his in the books and used it in a way THAT MAKES ME WANT TO CURB-STOMP THE IDIOCY OUT OF THAT BOY. But then he's also not just this two-dimensional, "I'm gonna fuck hoes and use my buddies for voyeuristic sexual exploits and ignore anything that's happened and pretend it's all hunky-dory like a totally normal, healthy, sane person would do" kinda guy... He's a person. Hahaha I mean, like, I can't hate him for this because I can see where he's coming from. That awkward feeling that creeps up on you, makes you notice your friend for the first time, makes you think about that friend, makes you wonder about compromising positions your friend could be put into... We all know about that. Plus, I mean, Jake. I mean, who wouldn't. Seriously. He's just, he's... He's my boo. My booboo. Nah, he's OUR booboo. (Pause for a minute and think about Jake, and his sexiness, and his adorableness, and his EVERYTHING) But moving back to Edward I see him doing these experimental things with Jake, and testing the waters, and okay baby you can try out gay things all you'd like BUT WHY WITH YOUR BEST FRIEND AND ROOMMATE I MEAN COME ON IF YOU'RE GONNA DO THAT YOU'RE GONNA HAVE TO FUCKING TALK IT OUT WITH JAKE I MEAN SERIOUSLY DUDE HE'S FUCKING PERFECT AND YOU'RE DOING NOTHING FOR HIS SELF-WORTH. And then. He fucking CRAWLS into Jake's BED with him DRUNK and Jake's had a fucking SEX DREAM about EDWARD and this can't be doing anything good for his thought-process or his self-worth AND THEN HE FUCKING DRY-HUMPS HIM AND JAKE THINKS HE'S ASLEEP BUT UH-UH HUNEY, HE WANTS YOU AND YOU'RE WORTH IT AND YOU DESERVE IT THE WAY YOU WORK IT (Oh, fuck, I just started singing in my review...) BUT RLLY THO DAT ASS WORK, BOOBOO, IT'S FUCKING PERFECT and then OMIGOD THE FUCKIN' REACH-AROUND AND EDWARD FUCKING ASKING IF HE CAN AND JAKE'S JUST LIKE, "UM, I DON'T REALLY THINK MY DICK WOULD COMPLAIN, WHY DON'T YOU GO AHEAD" AND THEN UNTZ-UNTZ-UNTZ YEAH.
And then feels and a possible relationship and fuck yes you guys are FINALLY talking things out and Jake you know you deserve this and Edward you know Jake deserves truth and so you try it out and it fucking WORKS because Edward wants to be exclusive and then the whole goddamn scene with Emmet and Jasper was just fucking adorbs-balls (emphasis on all the balls).

Jesus christ.
You left me speechless, up there for a while 'cuz FUCK YES HONEY.
I mean, the entire thing, the ENTIRE GODDAMN THING, was so loving and accepting and not-pushing and just going at whatever pace Edward's comfortable ('Cuz I really don't think Jake would be averse to anything involving Edward... Like, seriously, wracking my brains here and I can't come up with a thing but it's okay we love our booboo, perverted little wolfie that he is) and the conversation at just the right moments and the kind of dirty talk (FUCK YES I LOVE ME THE DIRTY TALK) and just how Edward wants it all to be as good for Jake as possible, and it's kind of a game, 'Find-the-Prostate', and the "FUCK YES EDWARD THERE"s are totally worth the search, and then wanting to come together and then all of that crescendos into this amazing, beautiful orgasm between them that rocks the bed and shakes the entire earth to the core, and Edward SCREAMING JAKE'S NAME WAS FUCKING HOT I WON'T LIE and I really want to know what Jake said while he was coming, prolly something embarrassing and melty and just FUCK YEAH EDWARD YOUR **** IS SO *** AND YOU'RE ******* ** ** AND **** *** ******* **"
And then... Just, like, Edward laying down and Jake immediately curling up to him, needing him, and Edward accepting it, that's, just, like, what Jake's needed this entire fucking story, for his feelings to be known by Edward and accepted and just to be fucking HELD in his ARMS and COMFORTED and it fucking HAPPENS. Oh, my god, I jafoiejf forgot to mention Edward saying he FUCKING LOVES JAKE. HOLY FUCK. WAS NOT EXPECTING THAT. CIRCUITS OVERRIDING WITH LOVE AND SHIPPING AND BEGGING FORGIVENESS FOR EVER HATING YOU EDWARDO. And then Jake realising he never said it back, but it's just such a part of him, loving Edward, that he doesn't even think it has to be said because it's just so fucking obvious to him and such a comfortable feeling for him to feel but OF COURSE YOU HAVE TO SAY IT YOU ADORABLE DUMB FUCK and then he does and then Edward has to get the last word in, of course, the cheeky little bastard.

Phew. That was just, like, a kind of word-of-mouth review. I don't usually do those but FUCK YOU'RE JUST THE BEE'S KNEE'S, YOU LITTLE AMAZING LITTLE LOVELY PERSON YOU. Like, I tried to touch on the feel that your story gave me up there in that ranting nonsense, about how obvious and beautiful their love for each other is, and you don't normally get such love-filled things here, especially not with Jakie and Edwardo, and it's just so fucking magical and beautiful and can a person use the adjective "beautiful" too much? I don't think so. It's a special word saved for special things and this goddamn piece of fiction right here deserves a fucking stamp all over marking it "Beautiful".

Alright, I think I've written enough (Jesus Christ this is really goddamn long sorry if you're reading this and are just like, "Holy fuck, how high is this chick?" 'Cuz I swear I'm not high right now I just really got very deeply passionate about this fic, like, I don't even know how to describe it, just, can I make THIS version of Edward and Jacob my OTP?) and I need to read the next chapter anyway. I guess, just, like, thank you, for writing this, and leaving it up for me to discover. You're seriously an amazing writer and you need to make this an occupation, if you're not already profiting off of your genius. (:
Satan's Mother chapter 13 . 4/18
Ok I've read this entire damn fanfic in a couple of hours and it's been beautiful. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS ENTIRE THING IT'S EFFING FANTASTIC. I especially enjoyed original ending, but this... This ending broke my soul. I'm having a love-hate relationship woth a chapter.
But it's cool. I mean, what's fanfiction without feels, right?
So, anyway, this is AMAZING! Thank you so much for writing this work of art! :-D
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