Reviews for Denny
ASuDC chapter 1 . 3/12/2011
What a wonderful and warmhearted story. ;-)))

I like the insight in Dennys past – his early childhood and his family...even though it’s a little bit sad. (It never occurred to me, that Denny could have siblings, but your tale is very reliable _ )

You captured Alans and Dennys deep closeness so well’s fantastic. :-) And that Denny keeps a photo album with him and Alan, because Alan is his family now, is just...sweet. :-)))

LOVE IT...thanks a lot for sharing this story...please keep going ;-)))
Alan wannabe chapter 1 . 3/9/2011
Alynawa: Just got the notice for this story today, And I do love hearing about the young Denny Crane. I can understand Alan being so pleased to be part of his family! My own parents are gone now, and my own brother disapproves so much of my S.O., that I do not feel that we are even related now. BTW, I read on the internet the other day, I think that it was in wikipedia that William Shatner raises horses on her own farm. Must have made him feel right at home when he made the episode where he and Alan were on a dude ranch. I noticed that James Spader, for whatever reason, spent the entire episode clinging to his horse's neck. I guess his teacher parents are not really horse people. Another example of Boston Legal copying life! Very enjoyable!
memej chapter 1 . 3/8/2011
How absolutely wonderful. I love the fact that Denny had a photo album made just for him and Alan. I need many, many more stories like this. PLEASE keep writing. memej