Reviews for America and his United States
Vanilla-Tsun chapter 20 . 11/30
alissalee453 chapter 20 . 11/22
Keylars chapter 17 . 11/12
I have laughed so much while reading this
Guest chapter 20 . 11/4
The next state could be Minnesota! I find this state to be interesting; almost all of America's iron cones from there, and the immigration background is fun- just look it up. Oh, and he could have a pickaxe that he carries around, as well as snow goggles, and maybe be the big brother of Alaska!
BookWarrior23 chapter 19 . 11/5
This is actually really accurate. I live in Michigan and while I'm not an avid football fan, I do understand the tension between us and Ohio. Nice job writing this. I was wondering if you could do another one of these except full out awesome with a football or fishing competion between the two states. That would be awesome!
detangling chapter 20 . 10/31
YOUR STORIES ARE AMAZING. I don't even know how old these are but either way they are still funny, relevant, and beautifully written. None of the characters are out of character (I think you captured them perfectly) and I loved the concept of the states. You really did your research! I LOVED how you incorporated history and pairings to make it a memorable, loving series. I wish you would continue! Each story made me laugh out loud- they're so damn good! Anyways, just wanted to thank you for this wonderful series. Keep up your writing- I loved it! Love Skylar xoxo
Emerald Sage chapter 20 . 9/25
I think this is my favorite chapter...if it isn't, it is definitely in the top 3
Love it!
~Em :)
Carl chapter 20 . 9/8
Please continue the story. It's hilarious! Thanks for writing this story!
Guest chapter 20 . 8/28
Is there another state coming? Like Washington?
Whovain101 chapter 15 . 7/31
West may get virgin jokes but I think his sister may have it worse seeing as Virginia sounds a hell of a lot like Vagina.
Whovain101 chapter 2 . 7/31
England and America's love child Virginia? Oh gd, you just made me wan to piss myself in laughter.
Guest chapter 19 . 7/19
Michigan has so many damn football teams I don't even know what one you're talking about.
Elricgurl chapter 20 . 7/9
my god this made me wanna burst out laughing but stifle it because it's late.
Random Fan chapter 20 . 6/13
I love this story so much! I can't wait till you introduce Florida, considering Spain had a heavy influence on its culture. Wonder what Romano would think...
Random Fan chapter 8 . 6/13
America has many "love children"...
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