Reviews for North VS South
CarminaxBuranax chapter 1 . 6/30/2011
Again, sorry it took me so long to review. I haven't read all the stories in the Glory section, so that is currently what I'm trying to do.

Great job on this; I really do hope you continue. I love Scarlett and Mammy, you got them spot-on. I also like that you included Scarlett's frequent exclamation of "fiddledeedee!"


Carmina :)
moony1981 chapter 1 . 4/15/2011
Um yo, you should update this story.

I think it would be cute(:

Annnnnd Robert & Scarlet 3

or maybe Forbes & Scarlet.

I think i like Robert&Scarlett betterr.
smartyjonescrzy chapter 1 . 3/25/2011
Actually, I'm rather intrigued by this idea of yours that came in the shower. I'd really like to see what directions you take with this story!

One thing that sticks out right away, though, is you need to decide where in the GWTW fanfiction timeline this story takes place. When Mammy is reprimanding Scarlett, she tells her that Miss Ellen would be rolling in her grave, and yet, two paragraphs later, you tell how it was Ellen who worried about Scarlett and helped her get packed for this excursion to the north in the first place! Simple enough mistake, your Windie instincts must've shut off for a second. ;) Ellen did not die until the summer of 1864, when Sherman's troops came down out of Atlanta and made their march for the sea (it was a Yankee doctor traveling with Sherman's army that saved Suellen and Carreen and eased Ellen's comfort in her final days, remember?) So, if you're in keeping with the Glory timeline as well, then Ellen would surely still be alive when this story takes place. Robert, after all, met his Creator in July 1863, nearly a year before Ellen would've died.

I know Scarlett mentioned something during the Wilkes' barbecue about visiting Saratoga, NY, but I don't think she ever makes an excursion to the north during the course of the novel. This will be really interesting to see her impressions of it! It takes a while, I can tell you were a little timid when you wrote this, to get comfortable enough to feed Scarlett dialogue of your own. She's a very difficult character to write dialogue for, but I bet you can get the hang of her pretty soon! ;D

I really want to see how this idea of yours plays out. What will women-shy Robert think of Scarlett's bold flirtations, and will the plain, humble, amiable Annie be able to triumph in the end and win her man? I'm anxious to know!

Here's another Windie encouraging you on! Have some confidence in yourself! I think this idea is terrific!