Reviews for Coming Home
Baxaronn chapter 2 . 5/24/2011
Okay so, you have a bunch of html tags you forgot to remove, and the random transition between them being in the car and Kotomi coming home laden with groceries was probably meant to have a divider of some kind, and it does not.

Aside from formatting issues, this is totally fuckawesome and I expect you to keep writing it, lest you invoke the wrath of TRIANGULOR. Which you will, I swear.

Yukie is fun! The consequences of existing in a world where seeing Duel Monster spirits would probably get you labeled as insane are mentioned but not actually explored in any kind of depth in canon. Which is not something I particularly mind; in some ways I like that it wasn't given MAIN PLOT POINT status, but was still mentioned, better. But I totally want you to explore this more. It's nice that her parents know she's not hallucinating, but no one else will and she wouldn't if not for Judai's appearance. Besides her potential psychological issues, though, she's all jumpy and whatnot and I like her.

I also like your constant use of similes. I loves me some good similes.
WindowChild chapter 1 . 3/26/2011
I swore I would never log into fanfiction again, but this story seriously deserves a signed review. Amazing job. You have me hooked, and this is a fandom where it's always hard for fanfiction to convince me. I did a Ten Years Later story too, but you've pulled it off so much better than I did. Anyway, I love this. I think you've nailed their characters, how they would be later, and your writing's excellent. I'm really excited for the next bit.
Digital Love chapter 1 . 3/26/2011
On a whim, I decided to check the YGO GX section of after being out of the fandom for the longest time. I'm so glad for checking this section, because this is absolutely gorgeous. I love your portrayal of Shou, it feels very in character in my opinion.

I hope you update this soon :]
ravel queen chapter 1 . 3/21/2011
this is very nice!

I really am looking forward to more of this because 1) this is something I always thought would be fascinating especially the issue with Yubel, which I think wasn't done justice in 4th season even though its so interesting meh and 2) this fandom has not enough good!fic! its mostly really, really bad mary sue/gary stu fic so I tend to embrace anything of good quality

so thanks, i hope to see more
Baxaronn chapter 1 . 3/17/2011
I approve. Judai doesn't seem like he's trying to be imposing or to make Sho uncomfortable, but it's obvious that he is and you did a swell job of distinguishing between Judai's intentions and Sho's reactions. Both of them have good reason to have not wanted to talk to each other after the Dark World fiasco, AND good reason to have wanted the other to talk to them...they basically have the same problem from different perspectives. And you, my friend, captured that. Also you used the word 'warble' and I love you for it.
Legitiment human being chapter 1 . 3/10/2011
I know weird name and I think I spelt legitiment wrong but such as life!:) anywho to the point! I LOVE THIS there aren't enough shoxjudai fics everytime I go on to the archive it's just spiritshipping and don't get me wrong I like spritshipping and I have nothing against it I just like anikishipping better but nobody writes about them anymore and I think it's ashame cuz there soooooo good together! I read your other fic love love hate love I thought it was great because some sho fics I've read are bit more lovey dovey than natural but this showed the ups and downs of there relation ship and I loved it.

And then you came out with this I've never been so exited about a fic before! thank you so much:) it made my day and I can't wait for you to up date!
Huasen-Butter chapter 1 . 3/9/2011
...Man, this is so fucking EPIC.

I don't have any complaints regarding this: personalities, prose, facts, RL situations are all perfect!

It's interesting seeing this from Shou's Third Person POV, usually it's Judai/Johan.

You've done an amazing job (And it's great that it isn't even sappy or overly sugary).

Can't wait for Chapter 2.