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James Birdsong chapter 16 . 1/8/2012
Oh the three chapters are excellent.
Mystra32 chapter 16 . 12/12/2011
I liked the way you had Jadeite cursing Mars for people kissing him around her. Also, since you said earlier that English isn't your first language and you occasionally have problems with it, I'm going to point out that "Noone" is actually two words, not one. Its supposed to be "No one." Keep using "no one" when you've been using it, but unless you are trying to make it seem like the "O" is being emphasized by the speaker its better not to write it "Noone". It ends up reading like you were trying to write "Nooo one." Looking forward to the next chapter.
sailor-ice chapter 14 . 7/30/2011
Sorry I took so long I definitely regret it! Haha this chapter was really great. I saw that convo on tumblr so I sort of knew the answer to kunzitea question but I didn't know how much he wanted out of it! But it made sense especially when he compared the reactions to ami turning evil (which I agree there had to be something there for ami to turn evil which is why it probably would not have worked on mars or venus or Jupiter) but also to how they reacted to neph no one ever did look at jadeite as a kid that needed to Be saved although as much as kunzite was saying I didn't see any indications of jadeite wanting to be saved which he does make clear to ami his view on things is kinda sad though I wonder how things will progress now! Haha looking forward to the next one
Khmyh chapter 14 . 7/28/2011
Wow. Didn't see that coming. Considered the perspective from Kunzite and Ami long ago, but never thought about how Jadeite's situation can be tied to it as well, and how there's a similarity between him and Ami. Creative but very reasonable connections to be brought up. Like it. :D

look forward to see how all those conflicts and tension will be solved. Wonering if there will be a Ami and Rei bond later, since it relates to Jadeite.
Khmyh chapter 13 . 7/3/2011
Phew! Finally got a chance to catch up some PGSM reading, and boy! Did I not enjoyed reading those new chapters! You're right about me liking the conversation that involved Minako, because indeed I enjoyed it immensely! :D Rei and Minako arguing with each other using Jadeite and Zoisite as bait was fantastic, and like I always do, I love Minako's protective side of Rei. Nice touch though, with Jadeite mentioning how Minako once broke Rei's heart. It shows that Jadeite know more about Rei than Minako think he does. I really like this version of Jadeite you portray in this story, more naive and simple minded, yet highlights more of his growth through the story.

I love your Kunzite too, with his wry sense of humor, claiming to be Rei's ex-boyfriend. Poor Rei though, LOL. Looking forward to more of this, esp some Minako and Zoisite scenes. ;)
James Birdsong chapter 13 . 6/24/2011
sailor-ice chapter 13 . 6/4/2011
Haha rei has some great classmates "you're going to hell anyways" haha I died Also making jadeite her "cousin" was a nice touch haha add on an ex boyfriend who should be too old for her Rei is gonna have a fun time fending of those rumors haha and that's a pretty clever cover the guys use to keep off the fangirls I wonder what rei is gonna have jadeite do to earn his kiss looking forward to the next one!
FluffaWumpkins chapter 13 . 6/2/2011
SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE! I love how embarrassed everyone is! And Kunzite is *cough cough* sweet to do that for Rei. I always pictured those two being closer then all the sen/gen friendship pairings. When he mentioned being Rei's overprotective ex-boyfriend, I just died! :) and Jadeite is such a perv job, a cute and adorable perv job, but a perv job nonetheless.

Okay ) ummm Rei's classmates, I think, were right on point! Bugging Rei about kissing her 'cousin' and blaming her for the sudden lectures on virtue by the sister..that made me laugh!

Ugh this the most unorganized review I've ever wrote...sorry about that. I'm constantly putting off reviewing for the sake of writing one clear and cohesive, but with my hectic schedule, doesn't seem like it's happening anytime soon. Just trying to explain my lack of reviews and the jumpiness of the ones I do happen to write.

But back to the fic...I think, in my opinion, you've improved a great deal in your writing. You've been adding more descriptions, the dialogue is more detailed and your chapters are...longer? or is that just my imagination. If I have to offer any criticism, I'd have to just mention the grammar. Not so much the spelling, but you've made a few minor mistakes like you called Rei the 'Senshi if Passion'. and when talking about senshi flashing their panties (that had me giggling), Rei said "Sailor Senshi don't flash panties. That are leotards." it should be "Sailor Senshi don't flash their panties. They're leotard." It's minor and a bit petty, but just some constructive criticism...yeah that's it..constructive.

By the way, did I mention how much I adore Rei's constant mantra "Not enemies anymore"? I like how her and the other senshis don't automatically accept them as friends, if not allies and they have to work towards even tolerating them. But after reading this chapter I'm kinda secretly wishing that you'd make a Kunzite/Rei fic...Night Jade doesn't count!

Speaking of Night Jade, when are we going to get an update? No rush...just wondering...cuz I really want an update. But I have to go now *sad face*

Keep up the good work, update and more Jade/Rei/Kunz convos! those 3 together makes my heart swell with joy. BYE!
sailor-ice chapter 12 . 5/29/2011
I finally got to reading/reviewing this and it's awesome really again I waited till the end to review it all

That was a pretty intense run in with zoisite at the cemetery who would of thought jadeite could handle zoisite like that andvhe got him to apologize but I liked seeing him being protective of rei

Rei is a liar she says she doesn't like to gossip but deep down she definetly likes it haha too bad the generals don't approve of nephxami and you know about what jadeite said about one of the outers taking kunzite I instantly thought of Pluto just saying but it works in my head and wow a kunzite kitty...haha

All I can say about the Harry potter chapter is I felt as confused as jadeite -never read or seen the movies- but I guess rei now converted a new fan haha and I'm with rei on the no buying of pink shirts haha

Narus mom remembers jadeite and she liked him you know at first I thought the woman was going to be beryl... I wonder how the gossip would of gone then haha minako was funny and bad haha and poor rei trying to play off her jealousy all the back and forth was great and funny makoto was great but it's nice how this helped rei get over her fight with jadeite who would of thought there was a way to suggestively sweep or I guess for rei to do it haha

Jadeites and minakos meeting was great too it seemed to me that they are similar atleast jadeite sounded like minako did whn she was talking with the other girls he wasnt really to into the idea of love but did see it as somewhat necessary and now minako who was against it was trying to get him to see how important it is also like jadeites mention of rei and minas old feelings also their talk of death I think it just shows how much in common they have even if they don't see it

So thats everything I think I'm looking forward to more especially the protection duties and the gossip afterwards haha
Mystra32 chapter 12 . 5/17/2011
Nice interaction between Jadite and Minako, but depressingly short. I also feel I was left with more questions than answers reading this chapter, so please update soon so I can get more answers. :)
Mystra32 chapter 6 . 4/24/2011
Oddly enough, I think I like this Jadeite better than the "Night Jade" one. Overall the interaction between the two seems healthier. Interesting story so far, I don't mind reading updates for this instead of the other every now and then.
FluffaWumpkins chapter 1 . 4/20/2011
So! Ummm Let me first start off by saying I love how protective (sort of...kind my opinion) Rei is of Jadeite. Even though in Chapter 6 you see Jadeite being the big manly man instead of Rei )::Grrrr:: I have to keep reminding myself that this is PGS and the characterizations aren't what I'm used to, I'm still completely sold on the idea. Usually it's Jadeite who's loud and boisterous and trying his best to initiate conversation with Rei, but the fact that you have him as this shy, sickeningly sweet, doe eye man-child!... ::SIGH:: I just love his dark innocence.

I think you can probably go into more details with descriptions though. Maybe you can write more about the surrounding area or maybe dive deeper into what the characters are thinking. Other than that, you've got a good thing going...dialogue is excellent, however there's an awful lot of sneering going around. But I guess being former enemies, that can't be helped!

Anyways! This little ficcy is dark, sweet and funny. Love the interaction between everyone, especially Rei and the boys! I think I'm actually more fond of the situations you've written with Rei and Zoi being the main focus, your other stories included. But alas I'm a die hard Rei/Jade fan and you've provided me with a different take on Sen/Gen that I absolutely adore. I guess maybe I'll start reading more PGS fics.

Don't forget! Update soon and don't be surprised if my reviews are really sporadic...I'm usually reading on my phone and the model I have doesn't make for lengthy review...or short reviews for that matter.
Khmyh chapter 6 . 4/20/2011
Wow. Meeting Zoisite at the cemmetary? Not to mention seeing him angry, but then also making Jadeite angry and could actually make Zoisite apologize? That was very unexpected!

While this chapter is short, I think it really does some key development, or at least, shows some important aspect of the relationship between Rei and Jadeite, which would also extend to involving the other Shitennou as well. Wondering if this will be brought up later between the Shitennou, or between the girls, or maybe even between Zoisite and Minako? That would be nice to see. :D
FluffaWumpkins chapter 6 . 4/16/2011
I heart you for this. I just had to write that, before I signed off. I'll be back to review properly...eventually...I hope.
Khmyh chapter 5 . 3/13/2011
Yup. Totally love this story. The sweetness and thoughtfulness of it. I always like how you make Rei connect to people through sharing and understanding similar situations and experiences. While Rei isn't a very socialable person, she's definitely compassionate, especially given by her training as a miko. What I think was also VERY entertaining to read was the conversation Rei had with the girls, with Usagi receiving partial news from Mamoru, Makoto laughing so much and Minako still fussing about the Senshi and Shitennou working business. I guess you would include some Zoisite and Minako later? I hope you do. And not needing to guess, Ami and Nephrite. I had a blast reading how Rei said she could sneakily help Ami with connecting to Nephrite. It's always fun to see the two most quiet girls of the group pairing up together. Lastly, I don't know what it strike me with such deep impression, but it's very cool with how you wrote Kunzite raising a hand up to reply Rei's wave without having really looked at her and make eye contact. There's also the contrast between how Jadeite had responded with waving his hand and Kunzite just raising his hand once. It's a subtle body language, but loud enough to amplify the different in personality between them. I love that the most.
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